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8 Pretty Houseplants Add Greenery to Your Interiors without the Worry

8 Pretty Houseplants
Add Greenery to Your Interiors without the Worry
By Anastasia Chapman

TP 201910 INTERIOR 15With increasing deforestation and also the fact that a lot of us barely spend time outdoors, it makes sense to grow plants at home. Plus, bringing greenery inside is an ingenious way to purify the indoor air and are great decorating tools, too. It's also one way to combat stress and anxiety. Besides, growing plants inside your living space, whether you believe or not, indoor plants can add a lot to your home.


Studies have shown that keeping plants indoors can boost overall well-being. Certain types of houseplants even have a positive impact on children that have been shown to be more attentive in rooms with greenery. All this and more, there are loads of genuine reasons to fill your interior with plants. That being said, there are many toxic houseplants that can even pose a risk, if you have kids or pets wandering around the household.


But that should not stop you from incorporating some lush goodness to your living space. All you need to ensure is that your home gets just the right amount of sun for the plants to thrive and a couple of free nook and crannies for these beauties to boot. There are so many ways to have a blossoming indoor garden.


You can hang the plants from the ceiling, install a vertical wall planter, put-together a striking ensemble of flowers and plants on the wall or place them in colourful pots right in the middle of the living room. So, if you wish to try this urban jungle trend, go ahead as growing plants indoor has become quite popular in the past few years and for good. No matter how and where you want to set it up, count on these pretty flora selections that are absolutely safe for your entire family and that includes your furry fam, too!




Aloe Vera


TP 201910 INTERIOR 03Aloe Vera are probably the most popular plant kept in a household surrounding not just for its sleek appearance, but this succulent with long, pointed leaves brims with medicinal properties. Your ideal beauty elixir, this plant comes in both long and smaller varieties that work great in tiny and sunny indoor spaces. The most important thing to remember while planting Aloe Vera? Avoid frequent watering!




African Violet


TP 201910 INTERIOR 04African Violets are attractive options for families with kids and pets in tow. Their compact structure, beautifully shaped fuzzy leaves and vibrant blooms create the kind of charm that cheers up any home space, spreading happiness within the family. If you are new to growing African violets at home, you need to learn more about keeping them healthy and flourishing. African Violets are strictly meant to be grown indoors throughout the year.


They grow the best when kept away from direct sun exposure, and they are also prone to insect damage. They should be kept in comfortable indoor temperatures that range from around 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and make sure to keep the soil moist to the touch, but never sodden or soaked. They are perfect windowsill plants as long as there is lots of indirect sunlight for them to absorb.




Christmas Cactus


TP 201910 INTERIOR 07If your luck with indoor houseplants has not been too well, consider succulents. Add these easy-to-please members to your family without a second thought for they survive indoor conditions with minimal effort. The Christmas Cactus with its pink and red flowers is one such variety of coastal flora that gets its name from the fact that it blooms just in time around the holidays. It鈥檚 best grown in moist and fertile soil, but should be left occasionally to allow for partially drying out between watering. With the brightest light possible and east-facing window placement, Christmas Cactus is a cheery plant that adds colour to your home, especially in winters.




Air Plants


TP 201910 INTERIOR 08Air plants or Tillandsia are some of the easiest plants to keep alive, indoors. For starters, they don鈥檛 even need soil as they absorb nutrients and water through scales on their leaves. All you need to do is soak them in water for a few hours, air-dry them fully and put them in a bright spot for at least 4 hours for healthy growth. Tillandsia varieties are modern, sleek, and best of all, non-toxic houseplants that are great for families with toddlers and pets.




Chocolate Soldier or Lace Flower Vine

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TP 201910 INTERIOR 10Plush and velvety lace flower vine is an easy houseplant safe for both kids and pets that grows best in hanging baskets, out of reach of curious souls. Even if an extra-persistent pet makes their way into the pot, trust that they will be safe!


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Lipstick Plant


TP 201910 INTERIOR 13This quirky, tropical plant with silky blooms resemble tubes of lipstick and is an absolute safe option for your living space. A member of the Peperomia family, the pet-friendly Lipstick Plant thrives in bright light and grows healthily outside during the warmer months.




Spider Plant


TP 201910 INTERIOR 17The Spider Plant is an indoor garden staple for many reasons. A classic addition to your interiors, the eclectic-looking flora super-safe to keep indoors. A fan of both hanging baskets and pots, this happy-go-lucky plant will thrive anywhere inside your home.






TP 201910 INTERIOR 16A gem amongst the indoor plants' variety, Pothos has an air-purifying quality that can absorb and strip toxins like formaldehyde from items like curtains, carpets and rugs at home. How clever is that? It's trailing stems works well in a hanging basket, or you can also keep it as a climber with some training onto a trellis or any container that can support its growth.



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