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The Best of China's Natural Beauty (Part II)

The Best of China's Natural Beauty (Part II) 
By Nikita Jaeger


Watching the unparalleled natural beauty of China is an enticing experience. China is a country famous for its cultural uniqueness and festivals. We can find exotic travel references about China, dating back to 700 years, even written by adventurer Marco Polo. The mysterious and striking natural beauty of China has been continued to remain intact despite the rapid economic growth.


Though mostly known for The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, The Imperial Palace or the Terracotta Army, China has a lot more to offer when it comes to natural beauty. Here are some of the best natural wonders of China.


Mount Wuyi


TP 201910 CHINA 02A mountain with "Nine Bend River"


Located between Fujian and Jiangxi province, Mount Wuyi is famous for nine bend river. A river stream that changes its course nine times throughout its journey of 62.8km. Renowned as a natural landscape garden and a summer resort in China, this mountain offers scenic views than several other natural rivers and gorges.


Mount Wuyi offers a breath-taking view of its scenery along with adventurous activities like bamboo rafting. The place is famous among the visitors for 鈥楧ahongpao Tea.'


How to reach
To visit Mount Wuyi, you need to reach Wuyishan city, from there, you will find bus and train options to visit Mount Wuyi.

TP 201910 CHINA 03姝﹀し灞辨湁涓夊崄鍏嘲锛屼節鍗佷節宀┿傚嘲宀╀氦閿欙紝婧祦绾垫í锛屼節鏇叉邯璐┛鍏朵腑锛岃溈铚掑崄浜斿崕閲屻傚張鍥犲畠鏈変笁寮節鏇蹭箣鑳滐紝鏁呭悕涓轰節鏇叉邯銆傜敱浜庝節鏇叉邯寮集鏇叉洸锛屾繁娣卞湴鍒囧壊鐫姝﹀し缇ゅ嘲锛屽舰鎴愪節鏇叉竻娴佺粫闈掑嘲鐨勭編濡欐櫙瑙傦紝涔樺潗绔圭瓘娉涙邯瑙傝祻灞辨櫙锛屾垚涓烘澶峰北娓歌鐨勪竴澶х壒鑹层




Echoing Sand Mountain


TP 201910 CHINA 05Where sands can sing


Echoing sand mountain is one of the unique magical creations of nature. An exciting phenomenon takes place here in this mountain when the wind blows. While the wind blows, it produces a sound as if you are rolling down from the mountain slopes.


People resonate the natural phenomenon as 鈥榮inging sands.' Some people call it as 鈥榚choing mountain鈥. Whatever be the name, this is worth one-time visit to experience nature鈥檚 play.


How to reach
Echoing sand mountain is 5km from the city of Dunhuang, you can find many local travel options from Dunhuang to Echoing mountain.

TP 201910 CHINA 06鏁︾厡楦f矙灞辨槸鍥藉绾ч噸鐐规梾娓搁鏅悕鑳滃尯锛屼綅浜庢暒鐓屽煄鍗5鍏噷 锛屾槸涓濈桓涔嬭矾涓婄濂囩懓涓界殑鐢樿們鏃呮父鏅偣銆傚湴澶勭敇鑲冪渷鏁︾厡甯傚崡閮婁竷鍏噷锛屽湪宸翠腹鍚夋灄娌欐紶鍜屽鍏嬫媺鐜涘共娌欐紶鐨勮繃娓″湴甯︼紝闈㈢Н绾200骞虫柟鍏噷銆傞福娌欏北鏈変袱涓鐗逛箣澶勶細浜鸿嫢浠庡北椤朵笅婊戯紝鑴氫笅鐨勬矙瀛愪細鍛滃憸浣滃搷锛涚櫧澶╀汉浠埇娌欏北鐣欎笅鐨勮剼鍗帮紝绗簩澶╃珶浼氱棔杩瑰叏鏃犮 楦f矙灞便佹矙宄拌捣浼忥紝灞扁滃铏緳铚胯湌鈥濓紝閲戝厜鐏跨伩锛屽疀濡備竴搴ч噾灞便傞福娌欏北鏇捐绉颁负鈥滄矙瑙掑北鈥濄


Detian Waterfall, Guangxi


TP 201910 CHINA 07The Twin Waterfall on China and Vietnam border


Located between the borders of China and Vietnam, Detian waterfall is also known as the world's second-largest transnational waterfall. The waterfall has 3 layers of fall, which all end up in a pool. The pool is 200 metres wide and 30 metres deep. Due to the depth and width of this pool, you can find many aquatic species here.


The waterfall changes its tone upon the progression of time. It offers a different outlook in noon than what you can see in the morning, and again by night, you will see entirely different scenery. During full moonlight, the waterfall may resemble like a silver curtain. June to November is the best time to visit the waterfall.


How to reach: Daily Bus services are available from Nanning Langdong to Detian waterfall. The service starts at 8 am and returns at 3 pm.

TP 201910 CHINA 08骞胯タ鏃呮父锛屾渶涓嶅彲閿欒繃鐨勭湅鐐逛究鏄痉澶╃戝竷銆傚緢澶氫汉闂紝寰峰ぉ鐎戝竷鍦ㄥ摢銆傚痉澶╃戝竷浣嶄簬涓秺杈瑰骞胯タ澶ф柊鍘跨榫欓晣锛屾í璺ㄤ腑鍥借秺鍗椾袱涓浗瀹讹紝鎵浠ヤ篃绉颁负寰峰ぉ璺ㄥ浗澶х戝竷銆傚痉澶╃戝竷鏄浗瀹剁壒绾ф櫙鐐广傛帓鍦ㄥ反瑗-闃挎牴寤蜂箣闂寸殑浼婄摐鑻忓ぇ鐎戝竷銆佽禐姣斾簹- 娲ュ反甯冮煢涔嬮棿鐨勭淮澶氬埄浜氱戝竷浠ュ強缇庡浗-鍔犳嬁澶х殑灏间簹鍔犳媺鐎戝竷涔嬪悗锛屾槸涓栫晫绗洓澶с佷簹娲茬涓澶ц法鍥界戝竷銆




Fenghuang, Hunan


TP 201910 CHINA 10A town with 300-years of history


Fenghuang in Hunan also called as the 鈥楶hoenix Ancient Town鈥 derives this name because of the present appearance, which is still kept intact even after 300 years. The town was built during the Qing Dynasty and remained intact despite the modernization and you can enjoy a serene and peaceful environment.


You will have an enticing experience for the whole year. The simplicity of natural beauty will rule your emotions. From wooden houses to stone roads, you can experience the ancient richness of the village. The designs of the houses are different from the rest of China, as it was built on stilts to protect it from the floods. No wonder if you confuse it with a traditional Chinese painting. The best season to visit Fenghuang is from July to September.


How to reach
Located in the south-west of Hunan province, tourist can reach Fenghuang from many nearby cities. The nearest town is Jishou City, which is 37 km from Fenghuang and can quickly reach in an hour's drive. You can also reach Fenghuang from Changsha, which is at 430km and from Zhangjiajie, which is 250km.

TP 201910 CHINA 09鍑ゅ嚢鍙ゅ煄鏄竴涓厖婊℃氮婕富涔夊拰姘戞棌椋庢儏鐨勫皬鍩庛傚ス鏄浗瀹跺巻鍙叉枃鍖栧悕鍩庯紝鑹插彜棣欑殑鐭虫澘琛楅亾200澶氭潯锛涘ス鏄矆浠庢枃鏁呭眳鎵鍦ㄥ湴锛屾祦浼犵潃鍏充簬銆婅竟鍩庛嬬殑鍑勭編鐖辨儏鏁呬簨锛涘ス鏄鍥戒綔瀹惰矾鏄撀疯壘榛庣溂涓殑鈥滀腑鍥芥渶缇庝附鐨勫皬鍩庘濄傚厜鏄惉鍒拌繖浜涘凡缁忚冻澶熷惛寮曚汉锛屾洿浣曞喌杩樻湁娌辨睙鐣旂粷缇庣殑澶滄櫙銆


The Majestic Huangguoshu Waterfall


TP 201910 CHINA 11Tallest waterfall in Asia


With a height of 255ft and a width of 331ft Huangguoshu waterfall located in the province of Anshun is the tallest waterfall in Asia. The entire area, including the waterfalls, is known as the Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park, which is the highest graded natural beauty area. The falling water produces a breath-taking view of foam, which goes up to 300m in the air.


The glam of the waterfall gets a spike during sunny days with the formation of a rainbow. Tourists get a rare opportunity to watch the waterfall from different angles. You can view from the top, bottom, and even from front and back because of a 440ft natural cave. The cave appears like a water curtain and naturally formed halfway behind the waterfall. Tourists can negotiate through the cave and have a close look at the waterfall and even touch it.


How to Reach: Huangguoshu waterfall is located at 45km from Anshun town and 128km from Guiyan, which is also the capital of Guizhou province. Tourists can reach it by train alighting at Anshun Railway Station and from there take a taxi or bus service. Alternatively, visitors can take bus service from Jinyang Bus Station, which will be a 2-hour journey.

TP 201910 CHINA 12榛勬灉鏍戠戝竷锛 浣嶄簬涓浗璐靛窞鐪佸畨椤哄競闀囧畞甯冧緷鏃忚嫍鏃忚嚜娌诲幙锛屼负榛勬灉鏍戠戝竷缇や腑瑙勬ā鏈澶х殑涓绾х戝竷锛屾槸涓浗鐨勭涓澶х戝竷銆傞粍鏋滄爲椋庢櫙鍖鸿澶т笘鐣屽熀灏兼柉鎬婚儴璇勪负涓栫晫涓婃渶澶х殑鐎戝竷缇わ紝鍒楀叆涓栫晫鍩哄凹鏂褰曘




Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu


TP 201910 CHINA 13No. 1 Water Town in China


With a flavour of 1000 years' history, the city offers some of the best natural beauty locations in China. Zhouzhaung is not only the best water town in China, but also one of the top 10 places in China known for its natural beauty. Built during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasty, Zhouzhaung has about 14 stone bridges, which connect different parts of the town. The beauty of the bridges gets an exciting appeal, especially in the evening with sunset in the backdrop.


The water town is sprawling over half a square kilometre, and the majority of the structures what you can see are part of Ming and Qing Dynasties.


How to Reach
You can reach here from Suzhou city, which is approximately 30km away. Frequent bus services are available.

TP 201910 CHINA 14涓婃湁澶╁爞锛屼笅鏈夎嫃鏉紝涓棿鏈変釜鍛ㄥ簞鈥濄傚懆搴勶紝鏈夌潃澶╀笅绗竴姘翠埂鐨勭編瑾夈傝嫃宸炴槅灞卞競鐨勫懆搴勫洜姘存垚琛楋紝鍥犳按鎴愯矾锛屾按婊嬫鼎鐫鍛ㄥ簞锛屾按涓板瘜鐫鍛ㄥ簞锛屾按鏄懆搴勭殑鐏甸瓊锛屸滄按涔″皬宸峰锛屼汉瀹跺敖鏋曟渤鈥濄




Longtan Valley


TP 201910 CHINA 16The No. 1 Valley of Narrow Gorges in China


Covered with rosy clouds and splashing torrents, Longtan Valley in Henan has not only earned the badge of 鈥楾he No.1 Valley of Narrow Gorges in China鈥, but also it has acquired other titles too, including 鈥淣ational Geopark鈥, 鈥淪cenic Spot with Biggest Potential for Development in China鈥, 鈥淲orld Geopark鈥, etc.


Longtan Valley is strikingly abuzz with purple-red quartz sandstone and decorated with a kind of natural red rock. The Longtan Grand Canyon shows 1.2 billion years of sedimentations. These sedimentations, along with the erosion of water led to crustal displacements and is a reason for the formation of purple quartz sandstone. Due to this peculiar phenomenon, it is famous as the "natural Museum of Paleoceanography."


How to Reach
It is 60 kilometres far from Luoyang city, and there is excellent air, rail and road connectivity to Luoyang city from all major cities in China. You can find bus service from Luoyang Bus station.





The List can go on and on, the natural beauty in China has always caught the world鈥檚 attention since ages. These places are still intact with their original and unique touch and give the visitors a feeling of euphoria and a deep sense of calmness.

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