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By Romee C.

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Music is something that everyone enjoys. And when it comes to Rock music, it comes with so much emotion which makes you move with countless feelings. If you want to listen to good Rock music the best place to be is at Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin.


Seeing the large numbers of rock music fans coming each day to Hard Rock, Luneng CC plaza decided to do something special along with Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin for the lovers of Rock Music. That was none other than the amazingly successful OPEN MIC 2019 - Your Chance To Win, competition.


A total of 37 bands entered the competition showing much enthusiasm. By the choice of the judges the number was brought down to 16 bands.

openmickv 01 2The 16 bands competed with each other in four rounds, 4 bands per week for a period of four weeks during the month of August adding that extra heat to the summer. From these 16 bands, 8 bands were selected to compete at the finals of the OPEN MIC 2019 - Your Chance To Win, which was successfully held on the 7th of September at the Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin with a house full of Rock and Roll fans sipping on their favorite Hard Rock Cocktails and enjoying their favorite meals.


The top Four bands were elected by the super fans voting along with the judges.

webwxgetmsgimg 2Luneng CC Plaza was the sponsor of the OPEN MIC 2019 project, as Luneng CC Plaza focuses mainly on entertainment and leisure. It is located in Tianjin city landmark building between the water park and the Tianjin tower, and was launched on 2018 January.


Constituting more than 200 diverse styles and distinctive brand stores, the global chain of rock music-themed dining Hard Rock Cafe, combines experience, entertainment, education, retail, and related industries.

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闊充箰鏄瘡涓汉閮藉枩娆㈢殑涓滆タ锛屽鏋滀綘鎯冲惉濂藉惉鐨勬憞婊氶煶涔愶紝鏈濂界殑鍦版柟灏辨槸澶╂触纭煶椁愬巺銆傜敤闊充箰鐨勫姏閲忚繛鎺ヤ綘鎴, 灞曠幇瀹冪殑娲诲姏锛屽畠鐨勫巻鍙诧紝瀹冪殑鎬佸害锛侀瞾鑳藉煄璐墿涓績鑱旀墜澶╂触纭煶椁愬巺鎺ㄥ嚭浜嗕粖澶忔渶寮洪煶涔愮洓鍏糕淥PEN MIC闊充负澶忓ぉ鈥濋煶涔愪富棰樻椿鍔紝鈥滀腑鍥界涓鎽囨粴濂冲0鈥濈綏鐞﹀コ澹┖闄嶉瞾鑳斤紝鐜板満鍔╅樀锛屽欢缁‖鐭崇殑浼犵粺缁忓吀锛屽湪鍚変粬鐮哥鐨勯偅涓鍒伙紝娲诲姩鎴愬姛鍚箷锛




閫氳繃鐜板満澶т紬涔愯糠鍥笌璇勫鎶曠エ璇勯夛紝鏈缁8缁勪箰闃熻儨鍑鸿繘鍏9鏈7鏃ョ粓鏋佸喅璧涖傚喅璧涘綋鏅氾紝纭煶鐨勬憞婊氫箰杩蜂滑鎸ょ垎浜嗙幇鍦猴紝姝岃糠浠暅楗潃浠栦滑鏈鍠滄鐨勯浮灏鹃厭锛屼韩鍙楃潃鏈鍠滄鐨勭編椋燂紝鐤媯鍦板枈鐫浠栦滑鍠滄鐨勪箰闃熺殑鍚嶅瓧锛岀洿鑷冲噷鏅ㄣ傛渶缁堣湧铚村厛鐢 涔愰槦浠ヤ箰杩峰姞璇勫鎶曠エ鍙岄珮鍒嗚耽寰楁湰娆℃瘮璧涘啝鍐涳紝浠栦滑灏嗕細鐧讳笂Hard Rock 纭煶鍥介檯鐨勯煶涔愯垶鍙般傛垜浠噰璁夸簡杩涘叆浜4寮烘窐姹拌禌鐨勫洓缁勪箰闃燂紝姝e铚ヨ湸鍏堢敓涔愰槦璋﹁櫄鐨勫洖绛旓細鈥滆耽寰楁娆OT 1涓嶇畻浠涔堬紝鍥犱负杩欏彧鏄竴涓紑濮..."


椴佽兘鍩庤喘鐗╀腑蹇冩槸杩欐娲诲姩鐨勪富鍔炴柟涔嬩竴锛屽畾浣嶄互濞变箰浼戦棽浣撻獙涓轰富棰橈紝闆嗛楗佸ū涔愩佽喘鐗╁姛鑳戒负涓浣撶殑閮藉競瀹跺涵鏃跺皻浼戦棽浣撻獙涓績銆傞潰绉揪12涓囧钩鏂圭背锛屽紩鍏200浣欏椋庢牸澶氭牱鐗硅壊椴滄槑鐨勫簵閾猴紝娑电洊鍏ㄧ悆杩為攣鎽囨粴闊充箰涓婚椁愰ギHard Rock Cafe, 娌冪編鍥介檯褰卞煄绛夈

webwxgetmsgimg 3Getting to know the top 4 bands


Mr. Lizard


21. What made you interested in joining the Open Mic 2019 competition?


OPEN MIC is a music competition for Rock and Roll lovers, we are a pure Rock and Roll ( Hard Rock) band, we would have an opportunity to go to an international stage through this competition, this is why we decided to join the OPEN MIC.


2. How do you feel as being the OPEN MIC HOT 1?


We are thankful to everyone , a big thank you to all who dedicated themselves to make the OPEN MIC a success , and thank you for all our fans who were always supportive, finally a big thank you to the leaders of Luneng and Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin who contributed to this event. For us, winning HOT 1 is nothing to be proud of , because it is just the beginning.

mmexport1569331870120 23. Upon winning the OPEN MIC you have received the opportunity to go and perform in Hard Rock International Stage, Are you ready to perform on an International platform?


First of all, thank Luneng for arranging this event, it definitely gave us a greater stage to perform. We are ready to perform in Hard Rock International Stage. Six years ago, I told my classmates that Chinese can play Jazz well, this year I 'm going to tell the world that Chinese can play the purest and the Top Rock and Roll.


4. What's the ultimate direction for your band? I am sure the fans are excited to know.


Our attitude is that we never bow to the market, even if the environment is not good, we still have to perform the purest Rock music.


David duff


Davidoff Band 澶у崼娓″か涔愰槦 21. A lot of practice is needed in order to perform in front of a big crowd. How did you prepare for the OPEN MIC 2019?


We did a lot of preparation in order to let everyone hear the best of our music. We did a lot of rehearsals before every performance.


2. What songs do you like to perform more frequently? Any favorite artists?


We are an original music band, we sing our own songs. there are many favorite artists, not one in particular.




Hangover Band 瀹块唹涔愰槦1. When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?


We got together as a band in 2010 and almost everything in life inspired us.


2. In your journey through the competition, what are the craziest memories you鈥檝e made?


The craziest thing is to have a lot of fans supporting us, especially even at midnight they were still screaming our name and cheering for us on the day of the Final competition. Thanks again for supporting us.


Xiao Lin


mmexport15693320466551. What do you enjoy the most about being musicians?


The most enjoyable thing about being a musician is creating songs together. The fact that our music was accepted by the audience, and of course the pleasure of performing on stage.


2. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?


Have your own ideas and follow your heart, if you have difficulties think about music. Don't change your style based on other peoples comments. Fans can communicate with us through Weibo at any time.


Wishing the best to all the Bands and Music fans of the OPEN MIC 2019 with their musical careers and that they cherish their talent of entertaining people. Let鈥檚 look forward to the second season of OPEN MIC in Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin and Luneng CC Plaza. Keep your trips to Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin a must in your schedule so you don鈥檛 miss out anything from the Rock music world!


绁濇効2019 OPEN MIC闊充负澶忓ぉ鎵鏈夐煶涔愪汉鍦ㄩ煶涔愪簨涓氫笂涓甯嗛椤恒傝鎴戜滑鍏卞悓鏈熷緟2020骞寸‖鐭冲拰椴佽兘鍩庣殑OPEN MIC绗簩灞婄殑绮惧僵姣旇禌!


For more information or reservations please contact +86 22 2351 7625.

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