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How to Make Oversized Fashion Work For You

How to Make Oversized Fashion Work For You
By Barbara Ross

TP 201910 FASHION 12Oversized clothes are always the much needed saving grace on days when you鈥檙e too lazy or too tired or just not in the mood to dress up. For the same reason, they are often thought of as not stylish, at least, not as much as your regular clothes.


It is always easy to hide under a cute sweatshirt and boyfriend fit jeans, if you鈥檙e not really feeling yourself in the morning.

TP 201910 FASHION 13But then, what if your whole gang just decides to hang out and take pictures that same day?


You鈥檙e not dressed. You鈥檙e sad and baggy, while the rest of them look bangin鈥.


That鈥檚 what happens to most people when they wear baggy clothes. But there are ways to turn the tables and make your baggy clothes look good on you.


All you have to do is style it the right way. So here are a few tips on how to make oversized clothes work for you.

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Flaunt your waist

TP 201910 FASHION 06When you wear super loose fitting clothes, obviously none of the curves of your body are visible. And that鈥檚 precisely why you run the risk of looking like a potato. But the idea is to highlight one good part of your body and let the rest be laid back. And most often, the best part to highlight is your waist.


When you鈥檙e wearing say an oversized long sweatshirt for example, you can wear a cute belt to cinch the waist. This will enhance your feminine shape and pull the look together.


Even when you鈥檙e wearing a loose sweater and a skirt, wearing a nice belt will make you look like you鈥檝e got that swagger as a birth right, no matter what you do.

TP 201910 FASHION 10姝g‘澶勭悊鑵扮嚎闂锛屽悎鐞嗚繍鐢ㄨ叞甯




Match with fitted co-ordinates

TP 201910 FASHION 02Ever since fashion came into being, the rule of thumb, even in nature, was to keep it proportional. If you look at Art Deco or Art Nouveau, there鈥檚 always been a proportion to follow. In fashion, if you鈥檙e wearing a crop top, the ideal way to go is to balance it out with long pants. And if you鈥檙e wearing micro shorts, then you ought to be wearing boots to complete the look.


In the same way, if you鈥檙e wearing one super loose outfit, then you need to balance it out with one fitted outfit, as well. For example, if you鈥檙e wearing a loose hoodie, then you could pair it with a slim pair of jeans or leggings to balance it out. Oversized crop tops are also high on street style these days. You can always wear them with a good fitting pair of distressed jeans to look like a pro.

TP 201910 FASHION 03淇濇寔韬潗姣斾緥鐨勫钩琛


濡傛灉绌跨潃瓒呭鏉炬湇楗帮紝涔熼渶瑕佺敤鍏朵粬鐨勬湇楗版潵杩涜骞宠 銆傛瘮濡傝秴澶у昂瀵稿壀瑁佷笂琛f惌閰嶅悎韬殑鐮存棫鐗涗粩瑁わ紝鏄潪甯告祦琛岀殑琛楀ご椋庢牸銆


Flaunt some skin

TP 201910 FASHION 05Another good way to make a loose shirt look flattering and feminine on you is to show some skin. Not too much though. You could perhaps wear an oversized shirt with one sleeve down to show off your gorgeous shoulders. Or you could wear a sweatshirt with super cute and fitted micro shorts to show off your sexy legs. Either way, the idea is to bring focus to your skin and make the look appear put together, even though it is really not.

TP 201910 FASHION 11閫傚綋鐨勯湶鑲




Go for intelligent oversize

TP 201910 FASHION 09Last, but not the least, one thing to be remembered when dressing oversize is to always play within a line. That is, if you鈥檙e a size Small, a flattering oversize for you would be a Medium or a Large. An XL or anything bigger than that may end up looking too sloppy on you. Because the sleeves and shoulders of bigger sizes may be way off of your fit. And there鈥檚 not much you can do if the sleeves look too sloppy. So the idea is to size up only as far as the shoulders and sleeves look good.

TP 201910 FASHION 07閫夋嫨鍚堥傜殑瓒呭ぇ灏哄鏈嶈




Next time you wear baggy clothes, keep this guide in mind and alter your look to feel good.

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