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Living from Hand to Mouth

Living from Hand to Mouth
By May Clay

TP 201909 SLANG 07Moving across the world alone is not easy. Ming believes in hard work and his diligence has provided him a decent life in this foreign land. His inspirational story roots from his grandfather, who came from a family of farmers depending on agriculture in a rural area in China.




Living in poverty, his grandfather, however, refused to live from hand to mouth and took his wife to the city. They made dumplings day and night to make ends meet. They wanted to give their children a brighter future and endured great difficulty.


It was a small business and they only saved so little from it. Nevertheless, his grandfather did not give up and kept going. In 15 years, he established his popularity in the town and opened his own restaurant. Now, Ming鈥檚 father manages the third location, while his uncles are in charge of the other two. It was because of his grandfather that Ming had opportunities to study abroad.



TP 201909 SLANG 02鈥淢y grandfather was very poor. Indeed, they were living from hand to mouth, but he didn鈥檛 let his circumstances beat him. He saw the possibilities for his family, and he built a future through diligence,鈥 the director starts the night for the annual dinner of his company with his speech.




What an inspiration! When you hear someone say they are living from hand to mouth, they are probably barely saving any money and are earning just enough to provide themselves the next meal. The Chinese saying, 绯婂彛搴︽棩 h煤 k菕u d霉 r矛, means exactly so. Literally, 绯婂彛 means to eat porridge and 搴︽棩 means to get by. Eating porridge to get by each day. This is definitely not a situation we want to find ourselves in. But when we unfortunately do, let鈥檚 be encouraged to push through our circumstances and overcome it with perseverance.



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