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Tips for Your Interiors To Celebrate Your Birthday Lunch/Dinner

Tips for Your Interiors To Celebrate Your Birthday Lunch/Dinner
By Anastasia Chapman

TP 201909 INTERIOR 19 2Birthdays are just like seasons - some are greeted with open arms, while others may take a little warming up to. No matter how you want to celebrate your birthdays, remember to keep it fun for every milestone you hit. Because, in the end, what better way is there to grow old by sharing the best moments with your loved ones, reminiscing about the times you鈥檝e spent together!


As a kid, it was so easy for someone to pick a venue to host a birthday party or a cool theme for the bash. There was the circus theme party, dress like prince/princess party, dance studio party and so on. With growing age, choosing a theme for birthdays tends to dwindle, and it becomes 鈥榣et's meet at that bar we love!' or 'let鈥檚 all have dinner together.'


So, the next time you celebrate another trip around the sun - aka, the 'major milestones', don't forget to make it extra special. There鈥檚 nothing wrong with celebrating birthdays like kids do - in sending out birthday invitations to friends and family, breaking out the confetti before cutting the cake, or just going all out 'like kids do' to celebrate another blessed year!


No matter how you plan to celebrate your special day, good food and decoration go a long way to jazz up the overall success of the party itself. Taking cues from the good ol鈥 days, we鈥檝e rounded up the best adult party decoration tips to celebrate a fun birthday lunch/dinner. Scroll through, pick your favourite ideas, and then get planning!

TP 201909 INTERIOR 20鏃犺浣犳兂濡備綍搴嗙浣犵殑鐢熸棩锛岃浣忚淇濇寔搴嗙鐨勪箰瓒c備笌浜蹭汉鍒嗕韩鏈缇庡ソ鐨勬椂鍒伙紝鍥炲繂浣犱滑鏇剧粡鍏卞害鐨勬椂鍏夛紒涓哄瀛愬簡绁濆緢瀹规槗閫夋嫨鍦哄湴鎴栦富棰橈紝鏈夐┈鎴忓洟涓婚娲惧锛屾湁鐜嬪瓙鍏富娲惧锛岃垶韫堟淳瀵圭瓑銆備絾闅忕潃骞撮緞鐨勫闀匡紝涓虹敓鏃ュ彲渚涢夋嫨鐨勪富棰樺線寰浼氬噺灏戯紝瀹冨彉鎴愪簡 鈥 鈥滆鎴戜滑鍦ㄦ垜浠枩娆㈢殑閰掑惂瑙侀潰鈥 鎴栬呪滆鎴戜滑涓璧峰叡杩涙櫄椁愨濄傚洜姝わ紝涓嬫鎮ㄥ啀搴嗙 鈥滀富瑕侀噷绋嬬鈥濇椂锛屼笉瑕佸繕璁拌瀹冩洿鍔犵壒鍒傚儚瀛╁瓙浠竴鏍峰簡绁濈敓鏃ワ紝鍚戞湅鍙嬪拰瀹朵汉鍙戦佺敓鏃ラ個璇凤紝鍦ㄥ垏铔嬬硶鍓嶆墦鐮翠簲褰╃焊灞戯紝鎴栬呭儚瀛╁瓙涓鏍峰叏鍔涗互璧村簡绁濆彟涓涓垢绂忕殑涓骞达紝娌℃湁浠涔堜笉瀵癸紒






TP 201909 INTERIOR 02For birthdays, more is more when it comes to festivity and sparkle. If you like lavish birthday decorations at a pocket-friendly budget, get planning to craft a disco ball pi帽ata that will have your guests ahhing and oohing throughout the celebration. Hang it over your birthday cake table and let it radiate that retro vibe. Sparkly disco pi帽atas will work great if you're throwing a disco theme party and it also goes well for a '70s baby birthday celebration.

TP 201909 INTERIOR 03濡傛灉鎮ㄥ枩娆㈠湪鍚堢悊棰勭畻涓韩鍙楀ア鍗庣殑鐢熸棩瑁呴グ锛岄偅涔堣绛栧垝涓涓开鏂鑸炰細锛岃鎮ㄧ殑瀹惧鍦ㄦ暣涓簡绁濇椿鍔ㄦ湡闂撮兘鑳藉敖鎯呬韩鍙椼傛妸瀹冩寕鍦ㄤ綘鐨勭敓鏃ヨ泲绯曟涓婏紝璁╁畠鏁e彂鍑哄鍙ゆ皵鎭傚鏋滄偍姝e湪涓惧姙涓鍦鸿开鏂涓婚娲惧锛岄偅涔堥棯浜殑杩柉绉戣垶鏇插皢浼氬緢妫掞紝鑰屼笖70骞翠唬鍑虹敓鐨勪汉鏉ヨ杩欐牱鐨勭敓鏃ユ淳瀵归潪甯搁傚悎銆




TP 201909 INTERIOR 06Deem your birthday party incomplete if there are no balloon decorations. Balloons are the best birthday decoration items that can be used in different ways. So you might as well figure out a creative and unique way to set them up. Need some inspiration? Here are some of the most impressively creative balloon decoration ideas that we鈥檝e rounded up for your birthday lunch/dinner party. Let a bunch of helium-filled globes float like a chandelier over the dining table with memorable photos hanging at the end of the strings. Another neat idea for your birthday lunch/dinner is to have favour bags tied with balloons. It鈥檒l add to the festive party d茅cor, plus everyone will get to take a balloon home. If you鈥檙e hosting an outdoor dinner party on your birthday, here鈥檚 a great balloon decoration idea. Grab a bunch of colourful balloons and put glow sticks in them before inflating. Apart from being a cool decoration addition, the glowing balloons will also provide a great lighting for your outdoor party.

TP 201909 INTERIOR 05濡傛灉娌℃湁姘旂悆瑁呴グ锛屾偍鐨勭敓鏃ユ淳瀵规槸涓嶅畬鏁寸殑銆傛皵鐞冩槸鏈濂界殑鐢熸棩瑁呴グ鍝侊紝鍙互浠ヤ笉鍚岀殑鏂瑰紡浣跨敤銆傝繖閲屾湁涓浜涙渶浠や汉鍗拌薄娣卞埢鐨勫垱鎰忔皵鐞冭楗帮紝璁╀竴鍫嗗厖婊℃唉姘旂殑鐞冧綋鍍忛妗屼笂鐨勬灊褰㈠悐鐏竴鏍烽娴紝鍦ㄦ湯绔偓鎸傜潃浠や汉闅惧繕鐨勭収鐗囥傚彟涓涓ソ涓绘剰灏辨槸鐢ㄦ皵鐞冩墦鍖呫傚畠灏嗗娣昏妭鏃ユ淳瀵圭殑姘旀皼锛岃屼笖姘旂悆姣忎釜浜洪兘鍙互甯﹀洖瀹躲傚鏋滄偍鍦ㄧ敓鏃ラ偅澶╀妇鍔炴埛澶栨櫄瀹达紝杩欓噷鏈変竴涓緢妫掔殑姘旂悆瑁呴グ鍒涙剰銆傚湪鍏呮皵涔嬪墠锛屽皢鍙戝厜妫掓斁鍏ユ皵鐞冧箣涓傞櫎浜嗘槸涓涓緢閰风殑瑁呴グ澶栵紝鑽у厜鐨勬皵鐞冧篃灏嗕负鎮ㄧ殑鎴峰娲惧鎻愪緵鑹ソ鐨勭収鏄庛




TP 201909 INTERIOR 10If you think birthday celebrations are just for kids and off-limits for grown-ups, and that they should stay a low-key affair, you are highly mistaken! We think there is no limit when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Besides, birthday lunch/dinner parties are great to reconnect with friends and family over food, drinks and conversations. So, you better look for a unique food table theme to surprise your guests and to also spark great conversations around it. You can consider decorating your interiors based on the theme. Something like an English tea party table or a rainbow-themed luncheon or an Asian dessert table are ideas to go with, according to your style and preferences.

TP 201909 INTERIOR 09濡傛灉浣犺涓虹敓鏃ュ簡绁濇椿鍔ㄥ彧閫傚悎瀛╁瓙锛岃屼笖瀹冨簲璇ヤ繚鎸佷綆璋冿紝閭d綘灏遍敊浜嗐傜敓鏃ュ崍椁/鏅氶娲惧闈炲父閫傚悎涓庢湅鍙嬪拰瀹朵汉涓璧蜂韩鐢ㄧ編椋燂紝楗枡鍜岃亰澶┿傚鎵句竴涓嫭鐗圭殑涓婚锛屼互缁欐偍鐨勫浜哄甫鏉ユ儕鍠滐紝鏍规嵁鎮ㄧ殑椋庢牸鍜屽枩濂斤紝鍙互閫夋嫨鑻卞紡鑼舵锛屽僵铏逛富棰樺崍椁愭鎴栦簹娲茬敎鐐规銆




TP 201909 INTERIOR 12Turn your lavish birthday lunch/dinner spread party-ready in five minutes flat! Crystal clear or painted glass bottles can create a wow-worthy table arrangement if you fill them up with fresh florals, a bit of water and food colouring. This modern display adds an easy pop to any unsuspecting spot, and your guests are surely going to adore it! You can mix and match vessels to attain this easy decoration idea. In case, you don鈥檛 have enough vases, old set of glasses, jam containers and even cake tins can make surprisingly pretty decorative accents.

TP 201909 INTERIOR 13浜斿垎閽熷唴瀹屾垚鎮ㄧ殑璞崕鐢熸棩娲惧瑁呴グ锛屾按鏅惰埇娓呮緢鐨勫僵缁樼幓鐠冪摱鐢ㄦ柊椴滅殑鑺遍锛屼竴鐐规按鍜岄鐢ㄨ壊绱犲~鍏咃紝鍙互鍒涢犱竴涓护浜烘儕鍙圭殑椁愭甯冪疆銆備竾涓浣犳病鏈夎冻澶熺殑鑺辩摱锛屾棫鐪奸暅锛屾灉閰卞鍣ㄧ敋鑷宠泲绯曠綈閮藉彲浠ュ埗浣滃嚭浠や汉鎯婅鐨勬紓浜楗般




TP 201909 INTERIOR 18An exciting backdrop can be attained without much fuss by spending just a few bucks! Check out these tissue paper confetti that make for a punch-packing backdrop. Choose any message you like for the backdrop, and hang it on one of the empty walls. You can place it behind the snack counter or as a fun photo option complete with a basket of festive props. Grab some streamers and balloons to create similar decoration accents and hang it near your birthday cake table to add charm to the birthday lunch/dinner party decor.

TP 201909 INTERIOR 15鍙姳鍑犵編鍏冨氨鍙互姣笉璐瑰姏鍦拌幏寰椾护浜哄叴濂嬬殑鑳屾櫙澧欍傞夋嫨鎮ㄥ枩娆㈢殑浠讳綍鑳屾櫙锛屽苟灏嗗叾鎸傚湪鍏朵腑涓涓┖澧欎笂銆傛偍鍙互灏嗗畠鏀惧湪灏忓悆鏌滃彴鍚庨潰鍋氳儗鏅紝閰嶄竴绡瓙鑺傛棩閬撳叿銆傛嬁涓浜涢甯﹀拰姘旂悆鍒涢犵被浼肩殑瑁呴グ鐐圭紑锛屽苟灏嗗畠鎸傚湪鎮ㄧ殑鐢熸棩铔嬬硶妗岄檮杩戯紝涓虹敓鏃ラ浼氭淳瀵瑰娣婚瓍鍔涖

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