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Tommy X Zendaya

Tommy X Zendaya
A Message of Inclusion and Body Positivity
By Barbara Ross

TP 201909 FASHION 02鈥淚f women in my family can鈥檛 all wear it, I don鈥檛 want to make it.鈥 - Zendaya


This was, perhaps, the most refreshingly positive and inclusive message that we may have ever heard in the fashion world.

TP 201909 FASHION 03This was what Zendaya kept in mind, when she designed her collection with the high fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger.


We can鈥檛 help, but feel overwhelmed with joy when we see the collection; even more so with the fashion show that she put up.

TP 201909 FASHION 04For years on end, our world has been struggling with unfair and undue standards in beauty. Women have been fat shamed, thin shamed and colour shamed for the longest time. Hence, when someone in the 21st century actually steps up and does something about, well, we need a standing ovation for that.


Of course, we鈥檝e been having a number of powerful influencers and the whole fashion community at large rooting for more size inclusive brands. Everyone talks about promoting such a healthy industry, but seldom do we see any real change.


This time though, Zendaya really went all out at the Spring 2019 fashion show for Tommy X Zendaya exclusive collection at the Paris Fashion Week.

TP 201909 FASHION 11鑷2016骞寸瀛d互鏉ワ紝TOMMY NOW宸插湪鍖楃編銆佹娲插拰浜氭床鐨勫涓煄甯傚贰鍥炰笂婕旓紝杩欎竴娆★紝TOMMY NOW鏉ュ埌浜嗛姒附鑸嶅ぇ閬撳墽闄紝甯︽潵浜2019骞存槬瀛ommy X Zendaya鍚堜綔绯诲垪銆傚鏋滀綘瀵筞endaya杩樹笉澶啛鎮夛紝閭d箞鐢靛奖銆婅湗铔涗緺锛氳嫳闆勮繙寰併嬮噷棰戦鍑虹幇鍦ㄧ儹鎼滀笂鐨勨滆湗铔涗緺鐨勫コ鏈嬪弸鈥濆氨鏄ス浜嗐傜幇瀹炵敓娲讳腑鐨勫ス鍦ㄦ紨鑹虹晫闂崱澶氬勾銆佽兘姝屽杽鑸烇紝浠ュ紑鏈楁悶绗戠殑涓ф繁鍙楀枩鐖便備富婕斾綔鍝侀櫎浜嗐婅湗铔涗緺銆嬪锛岃繕鏈夋瓕鑸炵數褰便婇┈鎴忎箣鐜嬨嬨丠BO 鑷埗褰遍泦銆婁孩濂嬨嬬瓑銆備粖骞达紝鍦ㄤ笌Gigi Hadid鍚堜綔涓ゅ勾涔嬪悗锛孴ommy Hilfiger閫夋嫨浜哯endaya浣滀负鏂板悎浣滃璞℃帹鍑哄悎浣滅郴鍒楋紝Tommy脳Zendaya绯诲垪鍏呮枼鐫disco鍏冪礌銆佹捣榄傝~绛夛紝璁╀竷鍗佸勾浠g殑榛勯噾宀佹湀浠胯嫢閲嶇敓銆傝繖鍦虹閫夋嫨Zendaya骞朵笉鏄偅涔堢畝鍗曘1996骞村嚭鐢熺殑Zendaya锛屽紑鎸傝埇鐨勬垚闀匡紝婕旀垙銆佸敱姝屻佽璁″悇绉嶄笉鑰借锛屾槸浣嶉潪甯哥嫭绔嬬殑濂宠壓浜恒


The Show

TP 201909 FASHION 09It was a groovy and lively show, to put it in the simplest of terms. There was a retro throwback soundtrack and the pieces included everything from tailored and dressy outfits to funky zodiac prints and disco inspired silhouettes. The highlight of course was the all-black and cross-generational cast of models, which included the likes of Veronica Webb, Winnie Harlow, Dilone and Marquita Ping, all busting a move or two on a fun filled runway. In the grand finale, it was Grace Jones, the 70-year old Jamaican American singer and model who strutted down and grooved to the 1981 hit number 鈥淧ull up the Bumper鈥.

TP 201909 FASHION 10The inspiration came from a legendary show held back in 1973, when some of the best French and American designers of the time had a face off in Paris at what was called 鈥淭he Battle of Versailles鈥. It was essentially a challenge to see whether America would be able to get rid of its reputation as the 鈥減oor country cousin to French couture鈥.

TP 201909 FASHION 15With all the amazing modern designs, and most importantly an all-Black cast of models at the show introduced by talented designer Stephen Burrows, the Americans emerged the winners in the challenge. Apparently that particular show was filled with fun and easy attitudes and moves as opposed to regular shows, which became one of the most iconic ones in the history of fashion.

TP 201909 FASHION 13This was pretty much what Zendaya had in mind when she and her stylist, Law Roach, planned their Spring 2019 show. It also marked the first time Tommy Hilfiger ever used plus sized models in the brand鈥檚 show.

TP 201909 FASHION 14She says that it was thanks to those women who walked the runway then, that she herself and many others like her are able to find ground in the fashion world today.

TP 201909 FASHION 17




鐏垫劅鏉ユ簮浜1973骞11鏈28鏃ョ殑涓鍦轰紶濂囪〃婕旓紝涓轰簡绛瑰鍑″皵璧涘缈讳慨璧勯噾锛屽湪棣嗛暱Gerald Van der Kemp鐨勭粍缁囦笅锛屽喅瀹氫粠缇庛佹硶涓ゅ浗鍚勬壘5浣嶉《绾ц璁″笀鏉ュ姙鍦烘椂瑁呯銆傚綋鏃剁殑澧冨喌瀵圭編鏂规樉鐒舵槸涓嶅埄鐨勶紝杩欎簺鍒汉鐪间腑鐨勯潚娑╄璁″笀鍜岄檶鐢熼潰瀛旂殑妯$壒浠嵈閫氳繃鑷繁鐨勫姫鍔涙剰澶栨壄杞簡灞闈紝宸撮粠鐨勭殗瀹ゅ拰璐垫棌浠縺鍔ㄥ湴鍠婄潃Bravo锛屽苟灏嗗叆鍦哄埜闆嗕綋鎶涘悜浜嗙┖涓傚湪鍑″皵璧涗箣鎴樹笂锛岀涓娆″嚭鐜颁簡榛戜汉妯$壒锛岃嚜姝わ紝T鍙颁笂鐨勫彴姝ラ鏍笺佹ā鐗硅偆鑹查兘涓嶅啀鍙楅檺锛岀編鍥借璁″笀浠篃浠庢鍦ㄤ笘鐣岃寖鍥村唴鍙楀埌鐬╃洰銆傚摢鎬曟槸鍦40骞村鍚庣殑浠婂ぉ锛屸滃嚒灏旇禌涔嬫垬鈥濅粛鐒舵槸缇庡浗鐨勪竴涓獎鍌诧紝涔熸槸榛戜汉妯$壒鐨勮浆鎶樼偣銆傛娆★紝缇庡紡鑰佺墝Tommy Hilfiger杩欎竴娆$壍鎵媄endaya涓璧疯嚧鏁簡杩欏満鏀瑰彉缇庡浗鏃跺皻鏍煎眬鐨勨滃嚒灏旇禌涔嬫垬鈥濄


The Collection

640 2The collection too, just like the show, draws inspiration from the 70s and 80s and features sizes from 2 to 22. Hence, it is all inclusive in terms of body size, as well.


Most of the retro designs, including the zodiac prints and checkered prints, were designed by Zendaya herself. The entire collection features everything, from sexy crop tops to skinny fit jeans, to flared pants and minimalist necklaces.


There were also a number of striped ensembles, mostly in the form of wardrobe staples that made the collection a huge hit in every way.

640 3

璇ョ郴鍒椾富鎵撳潥寮哄拰鑷俊锛屽寘鎷悇寮忕粨鏋勬劅寤撳瀷琛f湇锛屼粠楂樿叞鐗涗粩瑁ゅ拰瑗胯锛堝ザ娌硅壊锛屾捣鍐涜摑锛屽媰鑹閰掔孩鍜岃丹闇炵彔绾紝瀛楁瘝鈥淶鈥 鍜屸淭鈥濆埡缁o級锛屽埌鏁e彂濂虫ч瓍鍔涚殑瑁硅韩闀胯鍜屽ア鍗庣紟闈㈣‖琛o紱鍚屾椂锛屼娇鐢ㄥ僵铏规潯绾瑰拰鏄熷骇鍗佷簩瀹浘妗堬紝澧炴坊鏇村瓒e懗鍏冪礌銆傝鍒惰タ瑁呭湪浣撶幇缁忓吀鐨勫悓鏃朵笉蹇樼幇浠g壒鑹诧紝渚嬪锛岄様鑵胯¥锛岃丹闇炵彔绾㈠拰濂舵补鑹叉牸绾规敹鑵拌タ瑁呫俆OMMYXZENDAYA鍚堜綔绯诲垪鍖呮嫭琛f湇锛岄厤楗帮紝娉宠。锛屽唴琛o紝鍦ㄧ户鎵夸紶缁熺殑鍚屾椂锛屽鏈潵杩涜澶ц儐璁炬兂锛屽畬缇庡湴铻嶅悎浜哯endaya鐙壒鍜岃嚜淇$殑椋庢牸鍙婂搧鐗岀殑缇庡紡缁忓吀鈥滆嚦閰封濆熀鍥犮

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