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The Best of China's Natural Beauty

The Best of China's Natural Beauty

longsheng 02China is a country grasped with the beauty of nature in both its hands. At the point when a large portion of us think about traveling around China, the rundown of must-sees, in general, will be the Great Wall, Nature Parks, Paddy Fields, Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City, Gardens and many other mesmerizing locations. China is just the place for those who are looking for a deep touch of nature to make their travel time full of oxygen and life.


In this article, we have brought together some of the must-visit places in China which have grasped nature and alluring beauty altogether.






jiuzhaigou 01Seeing Five Flower Lake in Jiuzhaigou National Park is an intriguing one. Due to the presence of algae and minerals, the lake appears to change colours all year round. Harvest time is the best time to enjoy the striking orange and red tones of the mountainsides. Fan Yun Hotel is 15-minutes' drive from the Jiuzhaigou National Park.

jiuzhaigou 02Major Attraction: The major attraction at Jiuzhaigou is Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve, which is situated at the height of almost 3,000 metres above sea level and is also a World Natural Heritage, known for Emerald lakes, Twofold cascades, Vivid woods, Snow-topped pinnacles, Icy mass sights and Tibetan people and National Geopark. Waters in Jiuzhaigou Valley will take you in the fantasy world, with its mesmerizing springs, cascades, streams, and shores.

jiuzhaigou 04jiuzhaigou 06You can see here 74 protected endangered plant species, 18 valuable species of creatures and fossils, and frosty landform. This place is also known for Giant Pandas, Golden Monkeys, and many other animals.


Best time to visit: Between October to November


Travel guide: Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve in Sichuan is about 8-hour drive from Chengdu City.

Huanglong Nature Reserve鍦ㄤ節瀵ㄦ矡鍥藉鍏洯蹇呯湅浜旇姳娴枫備節瀵ㄦ矡浜旇姳娴凤紝鍦板鍥涘窛鐪侀樋鍧濊棌鏃忕緦鏃忚嚜娌诲窞涔濆娌熸梾娓告櫙鍖轰腑蹇冧綅缃傛湁"涔濆娌熶竴缁"鍜"涔濆绮惧崕"涔嬭獕锛屾槸涔濆娌熺殑楠勫偛銆傚悓涓姘村煙锛屼簲鑺辨捣鍙互鍛堢幇鍑洪箙榛勩佸ⅷ缁裤佹繁钃濄佽棌闈掔瓑鑹诧紝鏂戦┏杩风锛岃壊褰╃激绾凤紝鏄節瀵ㄦ矡鍚勪釜鏅偣涓渶涓虹簿褰╃殑鏅偣涔嬩竴銆傜珯鍦ㄥ瓟闆妗ヤ笂寰涓嬫湜锛屼竴鐪煎氨鍙互鐪嬪埌娴峰簳鐨勫悇绉嶆鐗╋紝鍙娴锋按涔嬫竻锛屼护浜哄悜寰銆

jiuzhaigou 03涓昏鏅偣锛氫節瀵ㄦ矡鐨勪富瑕佹櫙鐐规槸涔濆娌熻嚜鐒朵繚鎶ゅ尯锛屼綅浜庢捣鎷旇繎3000绫崇殑楂樺害锛屼篃鏄笘鐣岃嚜鐒堕仐浜с備節瀵ㄦ矡鐨勬按鍩熷皢甯︽偍杩涘叆姊﹀够涓栫晫锛屾嫢鏈変护浜虹潃杩风殑娉夋按锛岀戝竷锛屾邯娴佸拰娴峰哺銆傝繖涓湴鏂逛篃浠ュぇ鐔婄尗锛岄噾涓濈尨鍜岃澶氬叾浠栫弽绋鍔ㄧ墿鑰岄椈鍚嶃








zhangjiajie 01Not a long way from Zhangjiajie city, lies the Wulingyuan Scenic Area. At the point when fog shows up and shrouds the base of the columns, it appears as though they are skimming. Wulingyuan is additionally home to cascades, buckles and imperiled plants and creatures. Remain at Zhangjiajie, Walishanfang Guest House, the most very appraised settlement in Zhangjiajie.

zhangjiajie 04Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan: Do you remember the magical waterfall scene from the movie Avatar? Obviously, no one can forget such beauty, and that place belongs to the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan. Park is a Pandora shaped structure and impossible to miss landforms. One step to reach the sky in the endured found Yangjiajie with thick woods, contracting fairyland to watch the unique regular scene in Tianzi Mountain, an ideal site to watch dawn in lion-like Huangshi Village.

zhangjiajie 05Best time to visit: Between March to May, and between September to November.


Travel guide: Zhangjiajie provides short-distance buses to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It takes about 40 minutes, start every 15 minutes.

Glass WalkwayGlass Walkway in Tianmen Mountain










huangshan 01Are you fascinated with visiting a city carved within a mountain extend? Then visit Eastern China to see the fabulous city developed by the 鈥楾he Yellow Emperor- Hu谩ngsh膩n.' It's charming magnificence, and indefinable Easter supernatural quality is one of the reasons, it got veneration across China. It's a particular spot, with contorted trees and strangely formed rocks. Watch the yellow sun ascend over a layer of fog or submerge yourself in a natural aquifer.

huangshan 02The Sea of Cloud on Yellow Mountain: If you love those fairylands then you cannot give a miss to The Sea of Cloud on Yellow Mountain. The lofty peaks, the rolling clouds, the old pines, the mist and the surging whitecaps on Mt. Huangshan seem to be extremely magnificent. This beautiful place makes people walk upon air and become intoxicated. Cautiously tuning in, we can dubiously hear sweet, brilliant singing which resonates around the entire mountain. All these make individuals contemplate to wonderland.

huangshan 03Best time to visit: Between November to May


Travel guide: The sea of clouds is located in Zhangjiajie City in northern Hunan Province in China, about 32km away from downtown Zhangjiajie City. From there you have to climb the Yellow mountain.

huangshan 05榛勫北浠ュ叾鈥滀簲缁濃濈殑濂囨櫙铚氬0娴峰唴澶栵紝琚獕涓衡滃ぉ涓嬬涓濂囧北鈥濄傚埌榛勫北锛岀湅鐨勬槸濂囩粷鍙樺够鐨勪簯娴凤紝杩界殑鏄皵鍔跨绀寸殑鏃ュ嚭銆傞粍灞辨槸浜戦浘涔嬩埂锛屼互宄颁负浣擄紝浠ヤ簯涓鸿。锛屼竴骞村洓瀛g殕鍙銆傛鎵璋撲簲宀冲綊鏉ヤ笉鐪嬪北锛岄粍灞卞綊鏉ヤ笉鐪嬪渤銆






yangshuo 02Yangshuo itself is no magnificence, having capitulated to the vacationer exchange years back. Be that as it may, this hiker town is the best beginning stage for a journey down the Li River, where the karst scene stays as dazzling as ever. Boarding a bamboo pontoon and float through the shallow crystal-clear green water and rough pinnacles of every location will be beyond your imagination. Shaped somewhere about 200 million years back, the monster spiked rocks here consistently top arrangements of the world's most prominent characteristic miracles. Nana Hotel in downtown Y谩ngshu貌 has baths where you can douse with perspectives on the Karst mountains.

yangshuo 01yangshuo 04Karst Landscape of Mountains & Rivers in Guilin: Karst Landscape of Mountains & Rivers in Guilin has been formally recorded as World Natural Heritage in 2014. With copious eye-catching attractions, this place also has four extraordinary miracles of Guilin, odd caverns, green slopes, lovely streams, and astonishing stones. Milestone of Guilin goes to the Elephant Trunk Hill in the juncture of Peach Blossom River and Li River, which resembles a monster elephant drinking by the Li River.

yangshuo 03Best time to visit: Between April to October.

Travel guide: Karst Landscape of Mountains & Rivers is about 20 minutes' drive from the downtown of Guilin city.

yangshuo 05鈥滄鏋楀北姘寸敳澶╀笅锛岄槼鏈斿北姘寸敳妗傛灄鈥濊繖鍙ヨ瘽杩欐槸浜轰滑瀵规鏋楀北姘撮珮搴﹁禐瑾夛紝闃虫湐灏辨槸杩欎箞涓涓鍏夎郡閫︾殑鍦版柟銆傛紦姹熸槸闃虫湐鐨勫繀鍘绘櫙鐐逛箣涓锛屾紦姹熷叏闀164鍏噷锛岄鍏夋湁灞遍潚銆佹按绉銆佹礊濂囥佺煶缇庘滃洓鑳溾濅箣瑾夛紝鑰屽叾绮惧崕椋庢櫙鍖哄熀鏈綅浜庡叴鍧爜澶撮偅涓娈碉紝妗傛灄灞辨按鐢插ぉ涓嬶紝灏辨槸鍦ㄤ節椹敾灞遍檮杩戙傛部閫斿彲鐪嬪埌鏂扮増20鍏冧汉姘戝竵鑳屾櫙鍦帮紝榛勫竷鍊掑奖锛屼節椹敾灞辩瓑钁楀悕鏅偣銆










shangri lla 01The fertile wetland plateau is home for more than 20 percent of China's total plant species and also habitant for one-third of mammals and birds. The entire landscapes of coniferous forests, marshes, lakes, and pastures colourfully illuminated by green and golden shades will be a spectacular treat for your eyes. One of the significant attractions of the lake is the presence of Bita Double Lip Fish, a rare species, found in this part of the area since the Fourth Glacial Age.

shangri la 03Meili Snow Mountain: The Crown Prince of Snow Mountains or Meili Snow Mountain, located in the western side of Deqin County (Shangri-La) in Yunnan Province. It is known as the most beautiful snow pile in the world. Kawagebo Peak, the principle pinnacle of its own, is the most noteworthy top in Yunnan Province and one of the terrific four holly piles of Tibetan Buddhism.

shangri la 04Best time to visit: Between Match to October

shangri la 05Travel guide: From the Shangri-La airport, you have to travel 4 km to reach Meili Snow Mountain.



shangri la 06姊呴噷闆北锛屽張绉扳滈洩灞卞お瀛愨濓紝浣嶄簬浜戝崡杩簡钘忔棌鑷不宸炲痉閽﹀幙锛岄噾娌欐睙銆佹緶娌ф睙銆佹掓睙鍦ㄩ偅閲屾眹娴併傚畠寤剁坏璧蜂紡鐨勬捣鎷旇秴杩6000绫崇殑鍗佷笁宄伴泟濂囧.缇庛傚叾涓富宄板崱鏍煎崥锛堝張绉板崱鐡︽牸鍗氾級琚獕涓衡滀笘鐣屾渶缇庝箣灞扁濓紝娴锋嫈6740锛岃瑾変负鈥滈洩灞变箣绁炩濄








longsheng 01Even though it is a human-made terrace, the Longsheng Rice Terraces is a natural miracle. The formations are dating to 650 years before, their name signifies 鈥楳ythical Serpent's Backbone,' speaking to the skyline. It covers the undulating slopes of the valleys, and these Terrace porches are delightful in each season.

longsheng 04In winter, it will cover with a light layer of snow, and in spring, the waterlogged rice paddies shimmer as they get the sun. In summer, they are a verdant green and the rice moves with the breeze. What's more, in harvest time, they gleam gold.

longsheng 07Yunnan Stone Forest Geological Park: Here you can find the most magnificent and diverse Karst forms in the world, known as the Kunming Store Forest, which is also the largest Geopark reserve in the world. It is also known as one of the Top Wonders in China and the Stone Forest Museum for various kinds of hills.


Best time to visit: Year-Round


Travel Guide: Yunnan Stone Forest Geological Park is about 78km of Kunming City.

longsheng 06榫欒儨姊敯鏄竴涓嚜鐒剁殑濂囪抗銆傚巻鍙插彲浠ヨ拷婧埌650骞村墠锛屽畠瑕嗙洊浜嗗北璋疯捣浼忕殑灞卞潯锛屽湪姣忎釜瀛h妭閮戒护浜烘剦鎮︺傚湪鍐锛屽畠灏嗚鐩栦竴灞傝杽钖勭殑绉洩锛屽湪鏄ュぉ锛屾蹈姘寸殑绋荤敯鍦ㄦ檼澶槼鏃朵細闂儊銆傚湪澶忓ぉ锛屽畠浠槸闈掔繝鐨勭豢鑹诧紝绋昏胺闅忕潃寰绉诲姩銆傛洿閲嶈鐨勬槸锛屽湪鏀惰幏瀛h妭锛屼粬浠棯鐑佺潃閲戣壊鐨勫厜鑺掋










Planning a travel to China; of course, it would be one of the most excellent decisions as it won't disappoint you in terms of historical locations, beautiful landmarks, and various cultural engagements. A tour to China can plan as per your travel requirements. Since China has language barriers, as most of the locals would find it is challenging to communicate other than in the Chinese language, you can make the travel a memorable experience by engaging a reliable travel agent, who can offer bilingual travel guide and tour packages.



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