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Best Recommended Meals in Schools

Best Recommended Meals in Schools
By Nina Mitchell

tp 201909 education 05 2China is one of the countries that are rich in biodiversity, it has its own specific cuisine that includes plants and vegetables available around.


Food served in schools generally follows the prototype defined by WHO, school meal is a pedagogical tool that is used to teach table manners, eating habits and their food culture. Thus, most of the schools follow it in a very stringent manner, there are many recommendations given by trustees, students, etc. regarding the type of food served in schools.



tp 201909 education 03What Should Be The Ideal Meals In Schools?


鈥 A warm main course, vegetables, bread, table spread, and milk.


鈥 Freshly cooked vegetables including rice or pasta.


鈥 Milk skimmed (0.5%, 1% or 2%) or un-skimmed, white or chocolate ones and some dairy products. Dairy products contain riboflavin, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, and D, and casein protein. Dairy products are an important constituent of a children diet, very important for the growth and development of bones, thus highly recommended meal for school children.


鈥 Grain products, these are rich in fibre and include some of the major nutrients and vitamins such as zinc, magnesium, vitamins of B group, etc. A diet that contains grains reduces the risk of heart disease and is important for the growth of children.


鈥 Seasonal fruits are also an important recommendation, because they too contain fibre, vitamin A, folate, iron and some of the vitamins of B group. Fruit juice is recommended if fruits are not available. It is also recommended to use juices which are free from preservatives, sugar, and salt.

tp 201909 education 04鈥㈢儹鐨勪富鑿滐紝闈㈠寘鍜岀墰濂躲









tp 201909 education 07Other than these, some things that should be included in small amounts include:


鈥 Whipped toppings.
鈥 Jam, jelly, and honey.
鈥 Butter, ketchup, sour cream, cream cheese, etc.
鈥 Salad dressings.





tp 201909 education 08Avoid these eatables or use their alternatives:


鈥 Avoid ice-cream or supply it in small amounts or use frozen yogurt.

鈥 Avoid chips or other fried and high salt containing snacks, instead, use low salt items.

鈥 Avoid using canned foods, vegetables and juices, instead use the fresh ones.

鈥 Avoid donuts, instead provide low fat and sugar content muffins.

鈥 Avoid French fries, instead, use the baked items.









tp 201909 education 09Recommendations Regarding the Serving Size


Food guides are provided to the schools regarding the amount of food served to each child. The servings that should be provided to each child depend on age, body size, activity level and gender of the child. However, this is not applicable while providing fruits and snacks. Generally, it is recommended to keep the serving size handy.

tp 201909 education 02Tips for Healthy Meals


Meals should be made tasty without disturbing their nutrition value, according to the most of the child specialists. Read the nutritional values before purchasing anything from the market mentioned at the back side. The nutritional facts and numbers located behind food and beverage packs can help you make smart and a healthy choice for your child鈥檚 meal. Healthy foods have the required calories and nutrition鈥檚 in them, compare various products before buying and buy only the recommended and healthy products.


Most of the child specialists recommend using the 鈥渟erve most and serve moderately鈥 pattern to determine whether the food or beverage chosen for your school children is actually your right choice or not.



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