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Top Decorating Ideas for your Next House Party!

Top Decorating Ideas for your Next House Party!
By Anastasia Chapman

TP 201908 INTERIOR 13 12Who doesn鈥檛 love a well-organised party, but throwing a fun bash can be stressful! Especially, if it鈥檚 a house party where you鈥檙e required to manage everything singlehandedly - right from decorating the house to inviting guests, to arranging food. Plus, the chances of exceeding a set budget are also likely in a house party, if you don鈥檛 pay attention to the cost of entertainment options being included in the event.


Here, planning goes a long way in transforming your home into a party-ready space and also in saving those extra bucks. Fret not, party freaks! There are numerous elements that can be easily incorporated in your interiors to make it look great and welcoming for your guests. Check out these cool party decor ideas for a fabulous shindig that you can host without breaking the bank!


Just ensure that the house is clean and tidy with enough space for your guests to move around, before decking it up for the bash. No matter what you're celebrating, a birthday dinner or a cocktail gathering, add these interior design ideas to your home for a rocking party! Even if you're in a pinch, these cheap and fun DIY party decoration ideas are surprisingly easy to arrange and stage. Go ahead, have a look!



 TP 201908 INTERIOR 07

Paper Decorative Items to Jazz Up your Party



Let's talk about creating inexpensive decorations out of paper. Yes, crafty much! Paper decorations are the simplest and the cheapest way to add magic to any party. Think DIY paper flower bouquet in bright colours, paper lanterns and fairy-bulb garlands, sparkly streamers, festive tassels, fancy paper fans - there鈥檚 a ton of creative decorations that you can do with paper cuttings. They are versatile to fit any celebration. Use these decorative items to jazz up the walls or doorway, frame a mantel or dress up the dining table. There are endless ways to incorporate paper decorations into your next fun party d茅cor.



TP 201908 INTERIOR 11Play with Glass and String Lights to create a Dreamlike Ambiance



Twinkling and sparkling lights can make anyone think 'Party'! Particularly crafts made from string lights filled wine bottles or mason jars always look exclusively aesthetic. The best part is these gorgeous home accents can be assembled in just a few minutes without spending a fortune. Get all the empty glass containers lying in your storeroom, fill them up with fairy bulb strings and there you have them, refurbished into beautiful home d茅cor lights for your next party night. No drilling or cutting of the glass involved! You can further decorate the glass containers with fancy stickers or spray paint with different glitter or acrylic colours to let them dazzle into brilliant hues.



TP 201908 INTERIOR 16Set a magical tone with Candles on those unplanned Dinner Parties



Friends coming over for dinner in two hours and your house is in a mess? In such situations, there鈥檚 barely any way you can think of overhauling your home space from drab to fab. No worries, we got your back here! Trust on the smart and soft candle lighting to create that instant intimate and fun party vibe. Candles are great decorative options for randomly planned dinner parties. Plus, it also hides the messy interiors and the lack of other decorations, if there鈥檚 any. Scatter candle decorations of various sizes and heights throughout the interiors, using more lighting around the dining table and food areas.



TP 201908 INTERIOR 17Build a makeshift Photo Booth



Want to fancy up a regular party? Then a photo booth is a perfect addition to your parties. From office parties, celebrity events to baby showers and wedding receptions, photo booths are all the rage now. So, why not include it in your next bash? It is justified to have one for pretty much every occasion, coz hello, no party is complete without epic photos. Photo booths are not only a fun addition to any shindig, but they are also a great way to capture memories. Plus, they create the most meaningful party favours in the world. Hold on, don't think we are advising you to rent an old-timey photo booth splurging all your savings on it. Simply create an insta-worthy wall in your home by using colourful, festive paper decorations, string lights, balloons or other fun DIY background of your choice. This is cheap, fast and it will last the whole party. Then sit back and watch all your guests snap 鈥榗andids鈥 and selfies for their 鈥榞rams鈥.



TP 201908 INTERIOR 20Out in the Open



Summer鈥檚 around the corner and how we love to have some outdoor fun! Parties arranged in the house鈥檚 garden, terrace or rooftop are definitely a welcome change where nature plays as the perfect backdrop. The beauty of such parties is that natural beauty is decorative already, so you would not need many decorations to make the party pop. All you need is some seating and a place for guests to set up a mini bar and the food corner. Depending on the outdoor space, any additional party decor is up to you. Like you can play around with lighting if there isn't ample light in the party area. String up lanterns and fairy bulbs around to add an ethereal effect to the garden party. The soft glow will create a lingering atmosphere, inviting guests to stay outside in the night-time summer air. Hang smaller string lights on the edge of the seating area, and line a few off tree branches for a touch of ambience.



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