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By Nikita Jaeger

TP 201908 China 20 2Lichuan Tenglong Cave


Finding off-beat locations in China is quite a difficult task, but, during our visit to Lichuan, we got to explore loads of such beautiful places with tons of activities to do. Lichuan, located within the Hubei province is famous for its two major attractions, the first of it is the metasequoia trees and the second is the karst limestone caves.

TP 201908 China 17The above mentioned two are the primary attractions for any tourists, but we took a tangent approach to find out something else, which is less popular, yet attractive. Being one among the local people, I found the following hidden places are quite impressive, and provide rich travel experience; one can cherish for their entire life.

TP 201908 China 19鍒╁窛甯備綅浜庢箹鍖楃渷鏈瑗块儴锛屽崡閭绘絿婀樸佽タ闈犺渶娓濄佸寳渚濅笁宄°傛竻姹熻嚜瑗垮悜涓滄í璐鍐咃紝骞冲窛澶у潩涓庡北鍦颁笜闄甸暥宓屼袱宀革紝涓烘湁鍒╀箣宸濓紝鏁呭悕鈥滃埄宸濃濄傝繖閲屾棦鏄帆灞辨祦鑴夊拰姝﹂櫟灞卞寳涓婁綑鏀氦浼氶儴锛屽張鏄竻姹熴侀儊姹熷彂婧愬湴锛屼竾灞遍噸鍙狅紝娌熷绾垫í锛岄亾璺磶宀栵紝鍏抽殬鍥涘锛屽巻涓烘铚灞忛殰銆佸啗浜嬮噸鍦般

TP 201908 China 24Reaching Lichuan from Beijing & Tianjin


TP 201908 China 26Lichuan has excellent road and rail network connectivity, making commuting between the cities an easy affair. If you love to travel by train, then you can board a train from Beijing West that can take you to Lichuan in ten hours covering a distance of 1500kms. The train travel will indeed be a memorable one, as you will get an opportunity to travel through the forests and start sight-seeing various landscapes even before reaching Lichuan.



TP 201908 China 27Driving on your own is yet another beautiful way to explore more hidden locations in and around Lichuan. You can either rent a car or drive your vehicle to Lichuan from Tianjin or Beijing. As the roads are well connected, driving shall never be a hurdle. It takes approximately fifteen hours to reach Lichuan by road.


Trekking through the Qing Jiang River


TP 201908 China 03The Qing Jiang river is indeed a hidden spot as many people are unaware of its location, as Qing Jiang forests surround the river. Take the road that connects Tuanpuzhen from Lichuan, and you can reach the Qing Jiang river by roughly two and a half hours.

TP 201908 China 04We cruised through the river and got spell bounded with the beauty of the mother nature. The mountains surrounding the river are entirely covered with trees and made us breathe some pure air with the chillness being felt all through the day.


The mountains located very close to the river are an ideal location for trekking. The trekking will be relatively hassle-free, as you can use the trekking steps created by the locals. At first, we were quite scared about trekking around the mountains, but after we found stairs, the trekking journey turned into a memorable one.

TP 201908 China 06娓呮睙鍙ゆ渤搴婁綅浜庢箹鍖楃渷鍒╁窛甯傦紝鎬婚暱8鍏噷銆傝繖閲屾柟鍦嗗崄閲屾棤浜虹儫锛屽叾椋庡厜鍗佸垎绉缇庛傝繖閲屾湁鐧鹃噷缁濆銆佺戝竷銆佸偛鍟哥嫭宄般佸師濮嬫.鏋椼佽繙鍙ゆ潙瀵ㄧ瓑鏅偣缇庝笉鑳滄敹锛屽牚绉板埄宸濇渶缇庣殑鎴峰寰掓绾胯矾銆


Walking through the Yulong Cavern


TP 201908 China 07Yulong Cavern can reach by cruising through the Qing Jang river. It takes about two to three hours to reach the destination, and the ride will be full of fun and frolic activities.

TP 201908 China 08The Yulong Cavern in Lichuan has some of the exotic locations, which you can explore to its full potential walking in and around. You need to prepare yourself mentally to walk through the caves, as you are about to pass through a river, a bridge and tons and tons of lights to witness the real serene beauty of nature. As the cave is cold in most parts of the year, I would advise tourists to carry proper protection gears. The steps shall be slippery at times due to the snowy weather, so make sure to wear boots that are tough enough to withstand at any odd climate.


We decided to stroll throughout trekking, once we started witnessing the hidden treasures of nature. I would also advise anyone visiting the Yulong cave to take a good camera, and you will never get bored of clicking pictures all through the day.

TP 201908 China 09鐜夐緳娲炲彲閫氳繃娓呮睙娌冲贰娓稿埌杈撅紝娌块斿厖婊′簡涔愯叮鍜屽瑝鎴忔椿鍔ㄣ傜帀榫欐礊鐙叿寮傚煙椋庢儏锛屽湪鍏朵腑鍙洰鐫归殣钘忕殑瀹濊棌锛屼韩鍙楃湡姝e畞闈欑殑澶ц嚜鐒朵箣缇庛


Fishing around the Lichuan Fish Market


TP 201908 China 12The Lichuan fish market is not just an ordinary market where you can purchase your favourite fish. Other than kindling the shopping spree in us, this fish market made us pick our choice of clams, as well. The most thrilling experience you can enjoy from the fish market is that you will be allowed to do a fish catch of your choice from the nearby pond.

TP 201908 China 13As we had the opportunity to pick our choice of clams, we decided to step into the pond and started searching for the plumpest clams that run hidden under the water. We even started digging deep in the mud, and continued efforts, we got a big fleshed clam.


It was a unique experience to wet our pants and dig into the water to take our lunch out of the pond. Although we had an option to take away the clam to our home, we have decided to cook them by the nearest restaurant, as we wanted to taste the freshness of the fish. It did taste delicious, and I would recommend anyone visiting Lichuan to get their hands and legs dirty to taste the delicious clams, which is a rare experience you can enjoy only at Lichuan.




Final comments


Tea farmers pick tea leaves to make Lichuan black tea in Lichuan cityTea farmers pick tea leaves to make Lichuan black tea in Lichuan city


There are still many hidden and unexplored natural beauties in Lichuan, but for exploring the entire location, you need to have an extended plan to stay there and explore.


The Qique mountains, the Sanyuan Taoist temple, and the Ganxi Forest Park are some of the places we had in our plan, but for sure we will explore more of these hidden places in our upcoming visit to Lichuan. It's not just the places you tend to visit that makes it unique; it's the things that you can tour around and explore with your inner vibes that make your travel a leisure one.



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