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Beijing鈥檚 Best Spas and Wellness Centers

Beijing鈥檚 Best Spas and Wellness Centers
By Jordan Snyder

TP 201908 BEIJING 11If you are curious to know where to go for the best massage and spa treatment in Beijing, then read on. Locals in Beijing use the massage centres for the health preserving qualities gained through the different techniques used in massage, as well as treatments that derived from this branch of Chinese medicine and its treatments.



TP 201908 BEIJING 01The Bvlgari Spa

The Bvlgari Spa located at the Hotel of the same name on Xinyuan South Road in Chaoyang District is reputed to be among the best spas and wellness centres in Beijing. It is open daily from 10am until midnight, and occupies a space of 1,500 square metres across two floors. The centre uses modern treatments blended with traditional Chinese techniques. The Bvlgari鈥檚 Spa has a harmonious atmosphere featuring a technogym and Kinesis equipment. The attention to detail from the staff is excellent, if you have a celebration, such as a birthday/anniversary, they will go the extra mile to ensure you have a memorable experience.


On your arrival there is a very large changing room, a pool area that has a Roman Baths inspiration about it and a sauna. Onwards and into the palatial treatment room that has been exquisitely decorated throughout and includes your own private mini-sauna. One of the highlights about the wellness experience is cold sticks that are used to apply the La Mer products during the facial, leaving each guest feeling they have had a special experience. The expected time for a visit here is about 1-2 hours.




TP 201908 BEIJING 05Bodhi Sense Spa

The Bodhi Sense Spa is located at 17 Gongtibeilu in Beijing. It can be a little difficult to find this spa as the entrance is at the back of the building. At the front is a restaurant with the Bodhi sign, use the side street to locate the spa entrance on the 2nd floor. They offer fantastic massages with a menu written in English. The 60-minute head to toe massage comes highly recommended and features two masseuses working simultaneously, one on your head and shoulders, the other on your feet. If you go on a weeknight before 5pm they offer discounts. However, even without the discounts, the prices are much more competitive than those charged in western hotels across Beijing.


The spa is a beautiful and clean venue and their vitality treatments include a salt scrub massage, aromatherapy baths and an aromatherapy massage for a little more than 600RMB. One word of warning if you are not used to attending a Chinese spa, the massage technique includes massaging female breasts and male buttocks. If you are not comfortable with this, discuss it beforehand. You are issued with disposable underwear to be worn during the massage, if you feel uncomfortable wearing these items they will listen to your request to not wear these odd looking garments.



BODHI 鑿╂彁鎻愪緵闈炲父涓撲笟鐨勬寜鎽┿傝繖閲岀殑浜偣鏄60鍒嗛挓鍐咃紝涓や釜鎸夋懇甯堣礋璐g殑浠庡ご鍒拌剼鐨勬寜鎽┿傝繖閲岀殑姘寸枟涓績缇庝附鑰屽共鍑锛屼环鏍间笌鍏朵粬姘寸枟涓績鐩告瘮涔熼鍏风珵浜夊姏銆

TP 201908 BEIJING 06Liangzi (Lee Garden Service)

This spa is located in Wangfujing on the 2nd floor of Lee Garden Service Apartments, Jinyu Hutong. The spa is clean and very professional with the foot, head and neck massage being great value. It is a little more expensive than some Chinese massage centres, but it is very clean and still cheaper than the services offered at hotels. It is easy to find, as it is across from the Waldorf Hotel and next to the Peninsula. It remains open each evening until midnight. A 60-minute oil and body massage costs about 600RMB, which is a very good price for such a quality establishment in the heart of Beijing. Drinks are provided as are clothes to be worn during the massage.




TP 201908 BEIJING 07Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat (Beijing - Kerry Centre)

The Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat is located beneath the Kerry Hotel on Guanghua Road in Chaoyang district of Beijing. It opens daily from 10am until 11pm. The spacious spa includes a VIP suite, private rooms and a very stylish nail salon. The beautiful setting includes dim lights, where you can expect to receive a very good level of massage. You are given tea on arrival and clothes to wear during the massage itself. A good advantage of this spa is the level of English spoken among the staff, making your experience a lot easier if you are unable to communicate in Chinese. It is a must visit place to relax after a stressful day in Beijing.



鎮犲涵淇濆仴浼氭墍瀹芥暈鐨勬按鐤椾腑蹇冨寘鎷琕IP濂楁埧銆佺浜哄鎴垮拰鏃跺皻鐨勭編鐢叉矙榫欙紝鍙互鍦ㄧ編涓界殑鐜涓韩鍙楅珮姘村钩鐨勬寜鎽┿傝涓績鐨勪紭鍔垮湪浜庡憳宸ュ叿澶囪緝楂樼殑鑻辫姘村钩锛 鍙互杞绘澗杩涜浜ゆ祦銆

TP 201908 BEIJING 03No.8 Hot Springs Club

The Hot Springs Club located at number 8 Chaoyang Gongyuan West Road has been described as being the best place to make your first stop in Beijing, as it is a great cure for any jet lag you may be suffering from. This spa is open round the clock, so if you are unable to sleep why not head here. One little tip, take your passport, as they require ID before allowing anyone onto the premises.


It is laid out in the style of a traditional spa at a hot spring, gorgeously furnished as you go from hot to cold. A word of warning, do not stay in the hot tub too long, as it is very hot. All the tubs are positioned into the floor and all are very clean with no smell of chemicals or other odours present in the water. You are given an electronic wristband, which acts as your locker key and accounts for the services you have paid for. There is very little English spoken here and communication tends to be by hand signals and gesturing.




TP 201908 BEIJING 09Kocoon spa (Taiyue Suites)

Located on the east side of building 16 on Sanlitun South Road in Beijing the Kocoon Spa opens every day, except Monday, from 10.30am until 8.30pm with an extra hour on Thursdays until 9.30pm. The Kocoon is a joint French and Japanese boutique spa that has been in existence since 2008. Here you can enjoy facials, massages, body care and waxing services. They have a mission to help you enjoy your balanced lifestyle around good health and well-being. In addition to the treatments and rituals, they run workshops to inspire well-being through healthy lifestyles. Each treatment is applied with love and care, attention to detail within a peaceful, clean and friendly environment.




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