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Best ways to keep kids engaged while studying

Best ways to keep kids engaged while studying
By Nina Mitchell

TP 201908 EDUCATION 07 2At times, it can be a difficult task to keep the kids busy and involved in different activities, especially when they are studying, it is very important to keep them engaged by opting for various recreational ways, too. There are chances that they might get distracted or lose interest while studying, in those times it is very crucial to encourage them to keep going.


For this, one can find ways to keep them happily involved while they are studying. The key to this process is to make study time a fun learning experience for the kids rather than a compulsion. This way kids not only learn things faster, but they also develop interest in all the subject areas, as well. Following are some of the best ways to keep the kids engaged while studying (either at school or at home):



TP 201908 EDUCATION 02The start has to be on point


Getting started with a positive and a good mind is very important. A little mind warm-up helps to have a good base for learning or studying for the rest of the day. There are a lot of activities you can do for mind warm-up.


In schools, teachers can write a small classwork on board (about 5 questions) and ask the kids to do it in a limited time frame. One can also keep little rewards for the kids, who finish the work first. This motivates them to do well and have a good kick start to their day.


At home, parents can play mental games with the kids for 5-10 minutes in the morning. This can involve counting backwards, or solving a few sums mentally or even reciting a poem or tables, as well.





TP 201908 EDUCATION 04Take help of some physical activities to get the kids to focus


There are chances that due to the back to back classes, kids may get a little low and lose focus on what they are studying. Well, there are some great ways to get them on their toes again. You may ask them to sit and stand and then couple it with some other fun physical activity, like clapping. Remember to have this physical activity thing in an organized fashion. This helps their mind to wake up again and gain focus.


This also gets their blood flowing. A good blood flow in the body and mind ensures better, as well as effective learning experience.





TP 201908 EDUCATION 03Give them exciting projects to work on


Learning new things with the help of a project work proves to be advantageous for kids. They not only learn about various topics/subjects in a more practical, as well as innovative way, but they also learn to work in a team. They get to learn that team collaboration is important and it stands above competition.


Once they finish their project work, you can ask their feedback about other kids in the group on the basis of their work in the team activity. Constructive criticism can help the kids to learn about themselves a lot.





TP 201908 EDUCATION 05Make sure every kid is involved in the process of learning and thinking


It is very important to make every kid comfortable and free from the fear of failure, while they are learning or studying. The fear of failure or being wrong/put down often keeps them from speaking, asking questions and actively participating in the classroom. They need to have a supportive environment in the classroom, as well as at home.


At school, teachers can try an activity to involve everyone and help them to think innovatively. For this, you can make slips of names of all the students present in a classroom and keep it in a bowl or a box. At the end of a chapter or a topic, you can randomly pick one slip, and then ask the respective student a question related to the topic. Do this with at least 10-15 kids in a day. Make sure the questions are such that the kids are able to answer. This boosts their confidence, all the students get involved and above all, they get rid of the fear of being put down.





TP 201908 EDUCATION 06The teachers should try to opt for innovative teaching style

(by mixing one or two teaching styles)


Along with simple, traditional teaching style, try to adopt various digital medium to teach kids. They find presentations and video learning exciting. You can also arrange for small quizzes in between or after the digital classes in order to make sure that students understood the topics thoroughly. You can also arrange some group learning activity after the presentation.





So, try to take ideas from the above mentioned points and you will surely find it easier to keep the kids engaged while studying.

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