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Top 5 Self-care Tips To Help You De-stress On Weekends!

Top 5 Self-care Tips To Help You De-stress On Weekends!
By Anastasia Chapman

BT 201908 BEAUTY 06 2Self-care is a necessity and not a privilege, as some of us may think of it as a fancy ritual limited only to the rich and elitists! Loving yourself should be included in everything that you do in your daily lives. It's a tough world! We all have our struggles to fight and dreams to fulfil that often leads us to complain about our brains working way too much, juggling and shuttling between complex tasks to meet ends.


While it's great to portray oneself as the 'tough nut', one needs to take some time out to de-stress, from time to time. This is where self-care steps in that help to calm, restore and relax our minds and bodies. And, what better time than the weekend to pamper oneself, when you can use the daylight hours away from your desk to your advantage.


From trying out a new workout plan to indulging in some sinful treats, to soaking in relaxing spa therapy, these self-care practices will help you unwind and rejuvenate, filling you with energy to take on the upcoming challenges of life.




Have A Rejuvenating Spa Day

Spa days are not an all-the-time kind of ritual for most of us, but it's an obvious one and a great indulgence if you want to have a relaxing time on the weekends. Nothing can be more comforting than a revitalising spa therapy, if you have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. A spa day is just the perfect way to pamper your senses if your mental state has not been awesome, and you have been looking for some extra TLC (Tender Loving Care, we mean)! Frugal beauty enthusiasts, fret not, you too can set up your very own spa session at home to get that spa glow at home (and for half the price). Invest in a nice, warm and long bath to achieve a calming effect on your mind, body and spirit! Light a candle, soak in some salts, get yourself some fragrant bath bombs, maybe even pour a glass of wine for that ultimate relaxing experience. We can guarantee spa days will soon become your definite bath-time repertoire, and you will love it!

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Try a New Workout

We have to agree unanimously about the many benefits of exercise. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of a solid workout! Research says that exercise is one of the best ways to improve mental health. Regular exercise has a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and more. So if you are already into fitness, why not try a new workout plan every weekend! These days there are so many physical activities to choose from - strength training, aerobics, aerial yoga, kick boxing, just to name a few. Brace yourself and say hello to those happy hormones!

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Aromatherapy at Home

Set up the ultimate relaxing ambience by filling your room with essential oils and scented candles. Take advantage of the extra hours by trying this thrifty aromatherapy at home. Unwind by grabbing your favourite scented candles, perfume your house with relaxing lavender, soothing eucalyptus or energising citrus and see how all your worries vaporise instantly.

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Go for a Full-Body Massage

Whether you get an inexpensive express massage or opt for a swanky spa, taking care of your muscles is great for your health and well-being, especially if you have been slogging for months now! In fact, research shows that an hour-long massage session has a positive impact on heart rate and blood pressure. Besides, it relaxes the muscles and increases the production of endorphins, which is your body's natural "feel good" chemical.

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Sip On Some Herbal Infusions

Slow down this weekend and ditch your good old cuppa coffee for some herbal infusions. Try adding herbs like lemon balm, basil and turmeric to your tea and drink your way to calmness and relaxation. You can also try herbal concoctions like peppermint, chamomile, passion flower, green and rose teas, for further stress relief.

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