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Gurm's Art

Gurm鈥檚 Art

Young artist鈥檚 unique art style set to create ripples in art world
By Rose Salas





Untitled 2Art was her solace, art was her passion and for her art was her dream. However, the practical rational of getting an education that would help in having a comfortable future life interfered. The commonly held image of a 鈥渟truggling artist鈥 did not help either. But what was to be was to be. And here she is, after her journeys and travails 鈥 Gurmehar or Gurm as she is affectionately known has come into her own as an artist, and we have great pleasure to introduce this young talent (who lives right here in Tianjin at the moment) to our readers.

webwxgetmsgimg3webwxgetmsgimg6webwxgetmsgimg7WeChat Image 20190729173419Gurm has been living in China since 1999 when she was 5 and moved here with her family. She finished her elementary, middle and high school at IST (International School of Tianjin 鈥 11 years) and BCIS (Beijing City International School 鈥 2 years). During those years, Gurmehar developed her love for art, when she was in middle school and high school. She took to drawing patterns in sketchbooks whenever she got a free moment or two, and over time the drawing evolved into eye-catching artworks that consisted of a myriad of lines and bright colours. Encouraged by all the positive responses and comments that she got admiring her creations, in the IB Diploma Programme (Grade 11 & 12), Gurm chose Art as one of her High Level subjects.

WeChat Image 20190729173435WeChat Image 20190729173440WeChat Image 20190729173447WeChat Image 20190729173452After graduating from high school with the IB Diploma, Gurm studied at the Beijing campus of the University of Colorado, Denver for her Bachelors degree, majoring in Communications. During that time as well she kept up her passion for her art and filled sketchbook after sketchbook with her creations in her free time.

WeChat Image 20190729173509After she finished her Bachelors, she took a gap year to make her passion for art as a career and started a small artistic venture, 鈥淕鈥檚 Patterns鈥 in 2016. It was an insightful and immensely valuable learning experience for her. During this time, she used her art patterns to design and sell various small products while gaining experience of the business world and tested the waters of life as an artist entrepreneur. The products that she designed (coffee mugs, coasters, wrapping papers, greeting cards, gift bags, t-shirts etc) all were positively received.
webwxgetmsgimgHowever, she felt the need to deepen her academic knowledge of visual art to get a firm foundation as an artist. So, she enlisted for a Masters degree course in Visual Arts at the prestigious Hong Kong Baptist University. This course gave her a deeper understanding of the art world and increased her knowledge of and passion for contemporary art. Through this course, she was able to experiment with different mediums including those from her heritage and personal life. This period in Hong Kong gave her many experiences to widen her horizons and hone her skills. She was able to visit various museums, art galleries, and attend talks of and interact with experienced artists. She was also able to intern at Osage Gallery in Hong Kong, which helped her gain some insights into and get hands-on experience of the operations of an art gallery.

591908219In every experience she encountered, her love for art seemed to deepen further, and she became sure that visual art was the career path she wanted to pursue in her life. Gurm says that she feels her life is a beautiful tapestry, just like the beautiful intricate patterns she creates, with elements from her homeland India, her adopted home China and all kinds of international elements from her friends from all over the world and from her travels with her family and friends. She always thinks that she did not find art, but rather, art has found her. For her, art is not only a way to express herself, but also a therapy and a path for self-discovery. She is thankful that she grew up in an international environment, immersed throughout in a multi-cultural atmosphere which has made her what she is and her art what it is. She鈥檚 always been fascinated by the unique cultural elements and stories from various parts of the world.She is thankful to grow up as a Third Culture Kid (TCK).

webwxgetmsgimg1She hopes that people see her art as a discovery of themselves and their place in the universe. She wants them to experience the same feeling that she has, while creating the artworks 鈥 freedom, satisfaction, living in the moment, and an inward journey.

webwxgetmsgimg2This extraordinary young artist now creates and sells her art creations under the banner 鈥淕urm鈥檚 Art鈥 that provides all kinds of artistic services, whether they are unique gifts (hand drawn/hand painted) for special occasions, or art pieces in her inimitable style incorporating zodiac signs, cultural symbols, or company logos etc. Her paintings and drawings are all for sale and come in a range of sizes, from very small to very large (name your size).

WeChat Image 20190729173523Do not limit your options and settle for something ordinary; she can transform your simple idea into an extraordinary masterpiece. So, don鈥檛 hesitate to buy a special artwork: drawing, painting or other product from her! You can contact her at +8618222107402 or email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and experience a new piece of art that is customized only for you.

All images used are copyright of Gurm and may not be used without permission.

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