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Tips to Achieve Fuller Lips Naturally

Tips to Achieve Fuller Lips Naturally
By Barbara Ross

TP 201908 FASHION 08 2Beauty standards have changed a lot over the years. Thanks to a good number of sensible beauty influencers, we are moving towards a more inclusive and healthier beauty community now. But, of course, we still have a long way to go.


One of the biggest recent trends that literally broke the internet when it came out was popularized by none other than Kylie Jenner. You all know what we鈥檙e talking about right now; big and pouty, full looking lips.


Ever since then, the likes of high profile beauty brands, including Kylie鈥檚 own brand and Kat Von D beauty, have been coming out with products that help enhance our facial features.


So let鈥檚 face it, we all want full lips. And for a majority of us, going under the knife like Kylie is not exactly a feasible option for a number of reasons. So what can we do about it?


Thankfully, there are lots of lazy-girl-hacks to achieving fuller lips in just a few minutes. You can get the same level of pout, if you take a few simple steps at home, with the help of a few easily available products.


So here are some sure shot ways to achieve fuller lips, naturally.



TP 201908 FASHION 02Exfoliation
One of the most effective and rather important steps you can take is to exfoliate your lips. We all know that dry and flaky lips are unflattering in every way. They also reflect less light, which would actually make your lips appear smaller. So what you need to do is apply a good quality lip balm and then use a toothbrush to gently buff your lips to get rid of the flaky dead cells. By doing so, you not only remove the flakes, but you also generate more blood circulation on your lips, which would also give you a nice rosy tint. Alternatively, you can also use a nice sugar scrub instead of a brush.




TP 201908 FASHION 03Peppermint oil
Peppermint oil is a well-known circulation enhancer by itself. Hence, it will bring more fullness and colour to your lips. It is also known to have a soothing effect on your lips. You may use the essential oil directly on your lips, or you may use any lip balm that contains a good amount of peppermint oil. When using the oil directly, be sure to use a light hand.




TP 201908 FASHION 04Plumping lip balms
There are a number of cosmetic brands that have come out with lip balms with plumping properties. They contain potent ingredients that give a noticeable boost of hydration to the lips. When stepping out, or when staying in, you can always have these lip balms on. They are also good for your lips as such.




TP 201908 FASHION 05Laying the base
After exfoliating and hydrating your lips, you can now start with a little makeup. You can use a concealer or a medium coverage foundation to even out your lips. Not only would it help your lipstick apply smoothly, but it would also make the colour of the lipstick pop, since the base is even. When applying the base, be sure to go slightly beyond the lip lines, in order to make the illusion of a bigger canvas.




TP 201908 FASHION 06Overdraw your lip line
This is, perhaps, the age old trick of achieving bigger lips. Apparently, Kylie Jenner used this method before she surgically enhanced her lips. When using a lip liner, you can draw slightly beyond your natural lip lines to fake bigger lips. Afterwards, you can fill in with a lipstick or a lip pencil, and you鈥檙e good to go.




TP 201908 FASHION 07Highlighter
Now let鈥檚 not forget the power of a good highlighter. As famous beauty influencer, Patrick Starr, does it, you can use a blinding highlighter on your cupid鈥檚 bow to reflect light and give the appearance of much bigger lips.





Keep this guide as a cheat sheet to prep your lips before stepping out. Your friends will be asking you for your secret in no time.

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