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Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Kill Two Birds with One Stone
By May Clay

TP 201906 slang bang 01鈥淎lright, class. As you know, our library has a new program to attract more young readers in our school. We welcome all volunteers to help and we have something exciting especially planned for you, eighth graders. Those who are interested, please approach our librarian, Ms Davis, after class.鈥


鈥淢ikey, do you want to join me volunteer at the library?鈥


鈥淵ou are out of your mind, Max! Why would you spend your time helping in some enrichment programs? Don鈥檛 you want to hang out and play basketball instead?鈥


Mikey and Max have been the best friends since they were five, nonetheless, they are total opposites of each other. Max is studious and hardworking, while Mikey is artistic and easy going.


鈥淵ou know I love basketball more than anything! And you know that you are my best bud, Mikey! But鈥ou also know how my parents have been putting pressure on me to build up my university application.鈥


鈥淲hat are you talking about? Your grades are twice higher than mine!鈥


鈥淎 little extra work never hurts鈥攂esides, I heard the new girl also volunteered鈥"


鈥淒o you mean Alexis? Oh, you are brilliant, Max! Killing two birds with one stone!鈥


Of course, Max is not a brutal boy! He didn鈥檛 really kill birds, nor did he throw stones. We use the phrase 鈥渒ill two birds with one stone鈥 when someone achieves two things with one action. As Max does, he not only gets to earn extracurricular points by volunteering, but he is also going to grab this chance to talk to the new student whom he is interested in.


Do you kill two birds with one stone? Say when you work out and listen to audiobooks at the same time? Or if you replace your office chair with a yoga ball, you can get rid of any back pain and focus better at work! There are a few idioms in Chinese that mean the same: 涓鐭充簩楦焬墨sh铆'猫rni菐o, 涓涓句袱寰 y墨j菙li菐ngd茅, and 涓绠弻闆 y墨ji脿nshu膩ngdi膩o.

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