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Peking Duck Glory!

Peking Duck Glory!

TP 201907 Art 02 2Back in the Yuan dynasty, the recipe of a royal dietary physician named Hu Shui was recorded in a cookbook, where the duck is put inside the sheep鈥檚 stomach while being roasted. When the imperial court of the first capital moved to Beijing in the Ming dynasty, this recipe was brought along and became a fundamental dish of the royalties. This tender, roasted to perfection duck meat with crispy skin wrapped in a crepe is a mouthwatering, palatable, and flavoursome dish no one can ever resist!



TP 201906 ART 01 2Today, Peking duck remains to be a certified great dish of all time. The extensive and lengthy preparation is enough to describe why choosing only the best ducks is important. It goes through the whole process of raising the duck from a free-range environment, and once it reached 65 days, it is ready for slaughter. The cleaning process includes plucking, guttering, washing, and boiling before pumping the air under the skin and hung to dry. Then it will be seasoned and put with a malted syrup coating, which makes the extra skin crispy and gives its skin a vibrant colour. In Beijing, the famous Bianyifang Restaurant cooks the duck by the closed oven method where it gets roasted by the heat radiating from the walls of the oven. On the other hand, the prestigious Quanjude Restaurant hangs the duck from a hook attached to the ceiling and gets roasted over burning wood.



TP 201907 Art 03TP 201907 Art 05Beijing Roast Duck is the signature dish of Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant, which is not only popular, but a gratifyingly top-hole menu for diners. In the Peking Duck Gala Dinner held on June 8th at Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin, Peking Duck Maestro Chef, Yuan Chao Ying, graced the event with his best-mastered skill of preparing the roast duck. This dinner of six-course and five wines set made the gala a spectacular event.



TP 201907 Art 04Chef Yuan specializes in traditional Peking duck roasting. The two notable ways of cooking it are "Men lu 鐒栫倝" (cooked in the close oven), and "Gua Lu 鎸傜倝" (cooked in open oven or hanging furnace). Men lu has been going on for 603 years to date, while Gua lu is now on its 155th year. The Peking duck that he serves in Shangri-La Hotel Tianjin is premium, since they only choose special ducks that weigh around 4.5 to 5 kilograms. The meticulous process of preparing it is fault-free. Otherwise, the duck will not taste perfect. If it gets over roasted or still bleeding, even the best cutting skill won鈥檛 cover up the flaw.

AVA 2409In his desire to carry forward the Peking roast duck tradition, Chef Yuan innovates, while keeping the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine. In fact, he is renowned as the Peking Duck Master. In 2015, when he visited Shangri-La Manila in the Philippines, the Filipinos were amazed and agreed that he is certainly not called a Peking Duck Maestro for nothing. His decades of training have proven he knows his Peking duck very well! His contribution in the world of fine dining has been highly recognized even in other countries, such as Japan and Germany.

AVA 2424The Peking Duck serving will not be complete without the side dishes like ch奴n b菒ng, spring onions, cucumber sticks, and sweet bean sauce. While you savour the goodness of the meat, you will surely feel how it鈥檚 like to be royalty! No wonder the imperial families of the old eras have embraced it with enthusiasm and warmth. Up to now, this menu is still as unique as it has become known for. Its glory has created a legacy that can never go out of mind and will never be forgotten in history.



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