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Sanjiang - The Hidden Treasures

Sanjiang - The Hidden Treasures
By Nikita Jaeger

TP 201907 China 02Sanjiang is known as a Dong Autonomous County, located in the Southern part of China. Having a subtropical climate throughout the year, many tourists do randomly go to Sanjiang to visit the famous tourist destinations, like Mapang Drum Tower and the Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge. Other than these tourist destinations, there are many different hidden locations in and around Sanjiang, that being a local Chinese, you must try to witness them once in your lifetime.




Breathe fresh air in Danzhou town

TP 201907 China 09Danzhou, located very nearby to Sanjiang, is a small islet (holm) on Liujiang River. It has multiple hidden spots you can explore around, and we got amazed while seeing the magnificent ancient residential houses and other historical relics at Danzhou. It takes only an hour to reach this town from Sanjiang, and the access routes are excellent.


Being a local, many of you might not have noticed the beauty of this small town. Taking a pit stop here shall completely change your perspective about the town. The peaceful environment and the fresh air shall blow out the stress away from your body and make it a perfect spot to relax and get close to nature.


Even if you are not a photographer, you will be tempted to capture the mesmerizing landscapes spread all across the area. Go for a brisk walk around the town and get to know more about the local people and their four hundred years of history and relentless efforts in developing the holm into a township.

TP 201907 China 08

Dong Hundred Feast




Walk through the Ethnic villages


There are many ethnic villages to explore in and around Sanjiang. The tourists less explore these ethnic villages, as many people are not aware of their existence. Once we got to know about the historical importance of these minority villages, we had a visit to the ethnic village and were blown entirely by their architectural brilliance. The Dong people are known for wearing white, blue, purple, green and black colored clothes, along with silver jewelry as daily wear. Their dressing sense naturally raises the curiosity of any visitors. It is one of the unique characters that would attract visitors to the ethnic village.


The locals of these ethnic villages are known for building their houses on the slopes of the valleys, carved beautifully with wooden materials. Watching these houses lying around the mountains is itself a bliss.

TP 201907 China 03

Tangshui Village in Bajiang Town of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region




Hidden treasures in the local market


Travelling is not only about visiting famous attractions and taking pictures of landscapes, but also getting to know about the local life and their cultural practices. One such place, where you can learn the culture and business of Sanjiang, is the local market, where the dusty streets shall teach you more about the richness the local people hold.

TP 201907 China 12Sanjiang markets are fresh in terms of sightseeing and offer a great smell that shall indeed touch your inner soul. We decided to take a walk around the market, and it was quite interesting to watch the trading of fresh vegetables, chickens, live decks and many more. Tempting snacks are another attraction, which you will never want to avoid.


The vegetables are not only fresh, but are neatly arranged, colorful and shall make you purchase them, even if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian.

TP 201907 China 10One more thing that you should never miss to try out at the local market are the tasty and mouth-watering snacks being sold on every corner. These 鈥渢ake away鈥 treats not only teased my taste buds, but also gave me the energy to walk around the busy market. The snacks are set up in a small table and served with small bags. You can keep walking around, while munching the tasty snacks at the same time.

Tourists try Camellia oleifera a specialty tea in Sanjiang Dong autonomous county

Tourists try Camellia oleifera, a specialty tea, in Sanjiang Dong autonomous county




How to reach the ethnic villages


Sanjiang has excellent road and rail network connectivity.



TP 201907 China 04

The Guilin-Sanjiang highway in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


From Guilin, it is easy to reach to Sajiang by train, as well as bus. Many high-speed trains are operating from Guilin to Sajinag on a daily basis. The high-speed train journey will take about less than an hour to reach Sajiang from Guilin. The nearest transit point for passengers from Bejing and other northern cities of China in Guilin. Four trains are operating through Sanjiang from Zhanjiang, Liuzhou, Xiangfan, and Huaihua.


You can find direct bus services to Guilin and Liuzhou to Sanjian with two bus stations at the north and south Sanjian. The distance from Guilin to Sanjiang is 160 kilometres. The best possible way to reach these ethnic villages is by taking a bus from the Sanjiang Drum Tower. Alternatively, you can even board a bus from the Guilin Bus Station (located nearby the Guiling Railway station) to these ethnic villages any day. The bus departs from these places, starting from 6 AM to 4 PM. It takes about four hours to reach the villages.

 TP 201907 China 13



The bustling atmosphere and pleasing aroma of the market gave me a lovely welcome to the daily life of locals in Sanjiang. Still, there are many things that I could have missed capturing during my visit to the local markets. There are tons of hidden treasures to explore around, and you will never regret visiting these local markets, the ethnic villages and other places in Sanjiang town. Visit any of these hidden locations at least once in your lifetime, and get immersed in everlasting memories.



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