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International Sports Clubs

International Sports Clubs
By Jordan Snyder

TP 201907 BEIJING 06 2Beijing has a number of International Sports Clubs located across the city, a wide range of sports and activities to keep you fit and active, both indoor and outdoor. Most of these sports clubs welcome new members or visitors from across the world and now living in Beijing. With one or two exceptions, any level of ability is accepted, where participating and having fun are more important than winning. Here is a list of some of the international sports clubs in Beijing that you might want to pay a visit to.




The Elite Squash Academy


If you are looking for a new activity to fill some of your free time each weekend, then you might want to pop along to the Elite Squash Academy. They meet up every Sunday at 10am for three hours and welcome new members anytime. Squash is a sport that is slowly gaining in popularity in China. However, a lack of Squash courts makes the sports expansion a slow and somewhat difficult task. You can join the recreational classes, network with others and have fun learning a new hobby. Weekly meetings and games take place at the Hilton Beijing, 1 Dongfang Lu, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District, 鏈濋槼鍖轰笢涓夌幆鍖楄矾涓滄柟璺1鍙.


Each session costs just 75 yuan per person.

TP 201907 BEIJING 01绮捐嫳澹佺悆瀛﹂櫌锛澹佺悆鍦ㄤ腑鍥芥閫愭笎鍙樺緱娴佽銆傛偍鍙互鍙傚姞姣忓懆鏃ヤ笂鍗10鏃跺紑濮嬫寔缁3灏忔椂鐨勪紤闂茶绋嬶紝骞朵笌鍚屼即杩涜浜ゆ祦锛屼韩鍙楀涔犱竴椤规柊杩愬姩鐨勪箰瓒c


Forbidden City Football Club - Training


If you want to play football (soccer) during your time in Beijing, then you should go along to one of the training sessions held at the Forbidden City FC. They have two teams that play in the 11 a-side IFFC, the top amateur league in Beijing. They also have a 5 a-side team that plays in the CIFL 5鈥檚 league, if you prefer the faster paced game played on a smaller pitch. Each of the teams that represent Forbidden City FC play football to a good level and are regularly seen as one of the leading challengers for trophies within the divisions they participate in.


Training is held every Wednesday, from 8pm until 10pm at Lido S矛d茅 G艒ngyu谩n, Xiaoyun Qiao, F膩ngyu谩n X墨l霉 鍥涘痉鍏洯; 闇勪簯妗;鑺冲洯瑗胯矾6鍙 and costs 30 yuan for each training session.


When not training, they are a club based on having fun with a lively social scene. If you would like to go training or have an interest in playing for the Forbidden City FC, then you can contact them at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

TP 201907 BEIJING 02绱鍩庤冻鐞冧勘涔愰儴锛鎮ㄥ彲鍔犲叆绱鍩庤冻鐞冧勘涔愰儴鐨勮缁冭绋嬶紝鍙傚姞鍖椾含涓氫綑瓒崇悆鑱旇禌鎴5浜哄埗瓒崇悆姣旇禌銆傝缁冩椂闂翠负姣忓懆涓夋櫄8鐐硅嚦10鐐广傚湪闈炶缁冩椂闂翠篃鍙笌鍚屼即浜彈绀句氦鐢熸椿鐨勪箰瓒c


Beijing International Badminton Club


The Beijing International Badminton Club or BIBC is a non-profit organization that requires its members to contribute towards the expense of playing and enjoying badminton. The fee for each session is 80 yuan per person. This fee is purely to cover the cost of renting the number of badminton courts required and the use of shuttlecocks. Anyone wishing to attend is required to book their space at least 24 hours in advance. BIBC organizes four badminton sessions each week on Monday and Sunday evenings, in addition to Wednesday and Friday mornings.


The BIBC meets at the Xiaoweji Recreation Centre, which is located close to the 4th East Ring Road. This centre is not within walking distance of a subway station, so transport is available from Dawanglu Station, exit E on Line 14. Contact WeChat ID: 18301069591 for more details. You can also contact club organizers through:


There are about a dozen regular members that turn up for every session with others attending periodically. You will need to provide your own insurance against injury and play at your own risk. You are required to be in a good physical condition as badminton can be an intense demanding sport. Before each session we undertake an intense session of warm up exercises prior to beginning a game.

TP 201907 BEIJING 03鍖椾含鍥介檯缇芥瘺鐞冧勘涔愰儴锛鎮ㄩ渶瑕佹敮浠樹竴瀹氳垂鐢ㄧ敤浠ョ鐢ㄧ窘姣涚悆鍦哄拰浣跨敤鐩稿叧杩愬姩鍣ㄦ潗銆傞绾﹂』鎻愬墠24灏忔椂銆傛瘡娆¤缁冨ぇ绾︽湁鍗佷綑鍚嶆垚鍛樺弬鍔犮傛偍闇瑕佽喘涔颁繚闄╋紝骞朵繚鎸佽壇濂界殑浣撹兘鐘跺喌銆


Boxing and Sparring


On Friday evenings from 8pm, Champion Boxing hosts free open sparring and training classes. These one hour sessions are free to anyone who wishes to attend. You are invited to come along to the boxing gym in Sanlitun SOHO, step into the ring for some sparring practice or to hit some heavy punch bags or just to use the gym for an hour鈥檚 personal training. For more information add on WeChat: championboxing or go to


The membership rates are very reasonable; a free trial class costs you nothing, but your time. A Drop-in class costs 150 yuan and a block of ten classes costs 1200 yuan.


There are a number of classes available:


-Fitness Boxing is working out and getting into shape through the use of the tried and tested methods of boxing. You will be punching bags, punching hand pads and take exercise sessions, including push ups, squats and ab work.


-The technical boxing classes are focused on sharpening your techniques required when boxing. You will learn how to hone your defensive and offensive techniques in a safe and controlled environment, fully supervised by an expert coach. Sparring classes are where students practice full contact boxing under the guidance of a coach.

TP 201907 BEIJING 04鍖椾含鎷冲嚮棣嗭細姣忓懆浜旀櫄8鐐瑰湪涓夐噷灞疭OHO涓惧姙鍏嶈垂鍏紑鎷冲嚮鍜岃缁冭绋嬶紝鎮ㄥ彲鍏嶈垂鍙傚姞銆傚仴韬嫵鍑荤被鍖呮嫭閫氳繃鎷冲嚮鏂瑰紡鏉ラ敾鐐艰韩浣撳拰淇濇寔韬潗锛涙妧鏈嫵鍑昏绋嬬潃閲嶄簬鎻愰珮鎷冲嚮姣旇禌鎵搴旂敤鐨勬妧宸с


鈥婽he Ultimate Dance Workout


PartyFit is the ultimate hour long dance workout session that is designed to be fun, social and make you laugh. It is designed to bring people together to enjoy the choreography of Latin dance, aerobics, and squats and lunges, so you will be sweating while every muscle in your body is fully engaged along with your pumping heart. During one of our sessions you can forget all your worries, sing along and you need no dance experience to feel right at home here. The benefits of a total workout combine cardio with muscle conditioning, while improving your balance and flexibility, all completed with a smile on your face.


These sessions take place on Wednesday evenings at 7pm or Saturday mornings from 10.30am on the 4th floor of Destination Club, located at 7 Gongti West Road and cost 100 yuan.


Contact WeChat: AJSONG520 (Please Note PartyFit when you add) or Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information about these dance classes.

TP 201907 BEIJING 05PartyFit鑸炶箞璁粌锛姣忓懆涓夋櫄7鐐规垨鍛ㄥ叚涓婂崍10鐐逛妇琛屼竴灏忔椂鐨勮垶韫堥敾鐐艰绋嬶紝璁捐鐩殑鏄鍙傚姞鐨勪汉浠韩鍙椾箰瓒c佸弬涓庣ぞ浜ゅ苟寮鎬澶х瑧銆傛偍灏嗗弬涓庢媺涓佽垶銆佸仴韬搷銆佽共璧峰拰寮撶姝ョ瓑璁粌銆

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