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Why Laptops should not be banned in classroom

Why Laptops should not be banned in classroom
By Nina Mitchell

TP 201907 EDUCATION 01 鍓湰2In such a digital age, it is impossible to stay away from its perks. Whether it is a simple android mobile or an iPad or MacBook, literally no one is naive to this digital age. People are using gadgets for quite some time now; either to stay connected to their loved ones, to study or for doing work. Humans have become so much dependent on gadgets, that their entire world is limited to it.

But, there has always been a debate about - should laptop be allowed or banned in classrooms. There is no denial to the fact that students get exposed to all kinds of gadgets, like a laptop, at a very tender age, but is allowing them even in the classrooms worth?

Well, if the school authorities make sure of the fact that students use it for all kinds of positive and progressive work, then there is no harm in allowing laptops to the classroom. There are so many advantages of allowing laptop to schools and some of them are mentioned below:


TP 201907 EDUCATION 04Laptops can be used by students to take notes while studying

There are so many apps, either built-in or which can be easily downloaded from the app store, which can be used to take down notes, with a single touch. Students can also record, while the teachers are teaching and then make extensive notes at home or in their spare time that they get in school.

Some students find it easier to type on laptop rather than making physical notes on a notebook. Thus, electronic note making is more flexible and easier.



TP 201907 EDUCATION 05Editing, re-writing and all is very convenient on laptops

It is a lot easier and convenient to edit or make other changes on the notes present on your laptop. You can edit them anytime, and make sure that their grammar and spellings are correct. WPS office or MS office enables you with various tools, like spell check and the likes, which can be used effectively to make the notes error free.

Digital notes allow students to organize their study materials with a single click, which they are unable to do with hand written notes, because the teachers can be fast while dictating notes.



TP 201907 EDUCATION 06

Allowing laptops in classrooms proves to be beneficial for all the physically-challenged students

One of the greatest perks of allowing laptops in classrooms is that they are capable of assisting physically challenged students pretty well. It is easier for them to not only write notes, but read and understand the lessons when the teacher is unable to pay special attention to individual student. They won't need anyone else to their work, it empowers them by letting them be self-dependent.



TP 201907 EDUCATION 02The use of digital books and the Internet expose each student to world class knowledge

At times, Internet and digital books available online can teach students better as compared to physical books. Students can have access to world class knowledge, while being in the four walls of their classroom. Just few clicks and they will have the best of everything.


Happy learning!

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