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Love for Food and Cooking

Love for Food and Cooking

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IMG 9831 Copy 鍓湰 2Pan Pacific Tianjin is a 5-star hotel that brings unmatched comfort and convenience.


It has a diverse culinary experience with their award-winning restaurants in China and all over the world. The grandiose ambience of this hotel enthrals everyone to experience luxury stay and at the same time, to discover authentic local and regional flavours at its best.

IMG 9704Chef Narong Kuakoon

IMG 0107Chef Wong Chong Foo


Since they only hire top calibre chefs with great experience and love for cooking, let us know the humble beginnings of Pan Pacific Tianjin鈥檚 renowned chefs, Chef Narong Kuakoon and Chef Wong Chong Foo, who are busy cooking your favourite dishes from Thai foods to Malaysian cuisine.

IMG 0202oth chefs started their journey in early 1990's at Parkway Restaurant in Tianjin. While Chef Narong's inspiration to cooking was his passion and love for it, Chef Wong pursued this dream to give him roof over his head, because he thought that when you work at a restaurant, food and accommodation is already served.

QQ鍥剧墖20190613191332What keeps them passionate about their work is their love for food and cooking. Chef Narong believes that food uses 101 percent of the heart to make a 99-point taste, while the two percent is left to every chef to learn and explore and to give more enticing food to his customers. Chef Wong, on the other hand, believes that the more knowledge you earn, the more experience you can obtain. He also loves trying other foods at different restaurants to get inspiration and infuse what he already has.

IMG 9996 鍓湰 2Chef Narong specializes in Thai food and his signature dishes are Thai-style curry seafood, Thai-style Tom Yum Goong, Thai Red Curry Chicken and Hainanese Chicken Rice. While Chef Wong is a traditional Malay, he has more than 20 years of experience cooking Malaysian cuisines and he was able to create and infuse new taste out of his work.

鍥剧墖2While both have been for more than a decade at Tianjin, their craft has never changed. Through the years, they were able to hone their expertise and provide quality food and comfort to everyone coming at the restaurant. The main dishes that are offered at Pan Pacific Hotel were Thai Curry Seafood, Malaysia Bak-Kut-Teh, Singapore Laksa, Thai Tom Yum Kung, Malay Chicken Satay, and Hainanese Chicken Rice. Using only the fresh and special ingredients, these top menu choices can ignite one's senses because of its fine dining qualifications that would satisfy one's higher expectation!

QQ鍥剧墖20190613190844QQ鍥剧墖20190613190826QQ鍥剧墖20190613191139When both were asked about how the Southeast Asian food tastes like, they both agreed to sweet, sour, and spicy delicacy. The reason is that these flavours will create a unique taste after these three merged. As the world evolves, these chefs also compete with other restaurants in the area. New dishes are being created to surprise their guests with what their talent can give. Guests can look forward to festivities every year, as they celebrate their anniversary.


Here's the sneak peak of the new menu we've been waiting for:

QQ鍥剧墖20190613191018Thai Yellow Curry Seafood

QQ鍥剧墖20190613191315Malaysian Pandan Leaf Rice

UntitledSingapore Fried Noodle-Char Kuey Teow


What we can learn from Chef Narong and Chef Wong is that cooking is also a never-ending process. Learning new things, exploring different cuisines, inventing new flavours to fit with every generation. Even if you are a Chef, you should not be afraid to do something you haven鈥檛 done before. You must work hard and learn as much as possible.

甯曡タ鑿插槈瑗块鍘So, if you want to become like Chef Narong or Chef Wong, you must not stop learning. Explore every city and learn about their culture. Know their values. Experience their food and infuse something from your own city to give in something new. Have fun and enjoy every journey while you're still young and able. Creating something wonderful for everyone will let them appreciate you even more, as a chef.

甯曡タ鑿插槈瑗块鍘呭崟闂碢acifica Private Room

Pacifica Restaurant


A: 1F, Pan Pacific Tianjin

No. 1 Zhang Zi Zhong Road,

Hong Qiao District, Tianjin



T: +86 22 5863 8888 ext. 8718

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