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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son
By May Clay

TP 201906 slang 01鏈夊叾鐖跺繀鏈夊叾瀛







TP 201906 slang 02Carter is thrifty and practical. He worked part time in fast food restaurants after school to save up for his dream. Now that he has finished high school, he is taking a year off to travel around the world before starting university.


His first stop is Hong Kong, where his Uncle Jason lives. He will be staying with him for a few days before his itinerary brings him to China. Uncle Jason works during the day, so Carter has to go around the city by himself.


That night, in the dim sum restaurant, Carter asks, 鈥淲hy do the malls and the restaurants turn their air conditioning on full blast? It feels like winter indoors! The weather here is lovely and yet, once I enter somewhere inside, winter is here!鈥


His uncle chuckles and answers, 鈥淚t is humid in Hong Kong and becomes especially unpleasant when people have to commute with the crowd on trains and buses. Locals enjoy AC indoors for comfort and hygiene.鈥


鈥淏ut it鈥檚 such a waste to use so much energy. Too much, I鈥檇 say!鈥


Uncle Jason laughs out louder this time. 鈥淟ike father, like son! You really do take after my brother! Your dad used to scold me when we were young. He would get panicky when he catches me open the window, while the AC is still on. He鈥檇 school me about electricity wastage, and鈥攐h my, it still cracks me up when he freaks out saying `I see dollars flying out the window麓. Carter, you resemble your father in so many ways!鈥


鈥淢y mother says the same, `Like father, like Carter鈥!鈥


As you have probably guessed, the phrase 鈥渓ike father, like son鈥 simply means that the son is very similar to his father, could be in terms of appearance, behaviour, or even conduct. Sometimes, we find some Chinese idioms that perfectly match a saying in English. The Chinese equivalent of 鈥渓ike father, like son鈥 is exactly so. 鏈夊叾鐖跺繀鏈夊叾瀛 Y菕u q铆 f霉 b矛 y菕u q铆 zi. It鈥檚 almost like a translation of the phrase!

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