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Get Your House Summer-Ready With These Easy Home Improvement Tips

Get Your House Summer-Ready
With These Easy Home Improvement Tips
By Anastasia Chapman

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The warmer months are already upon us teasing with balmy temps and longer days! While you might be ready for the summertime madness, your home may not be in the best of shape to take on the sunny days ahead. Swapping the flannelette sheets or giving your garden a new look is a great starting point. But you need to step up your plan, if you want to have a refreshing home for the summer season.


So throw on your ball cap and slather on some sunblock, because it's time to foray in some sweat equity to ramp up your humble abode's curb appeal. Although, the scorching months are not ideal for tackling a full-blown outdoor overhaul or repainting your garage door, snag these top tips to crank up a new look for your home this summer.


Upgrade your Furniture Upholstery

The warmer months are the best time to let loose your home designing inhibitions! Upholstery for the spring and summer season represents a time to run the risk going against the conventional rules. You may be more accustomed to switching accents or home d茅cor or playing up with different colour schemes. So why not up the ante by upgrading your upholstery for the sunny season? You can go from being whimsical to subtle in choosing your furniture upholstery ranging from vivid florals, elaborate patterns, pop culture, vintage and more that will instantly elevate your summer interiors from drab to fab. Here are some specimens that go well with the mood of the season.

TP 201906 INTERIOR DESIGN 02Refresh all the Light Fixtures and Fan Accessories

Cut out the gloom of the winter months by getting in enough light and air in your home. You can achieve that easily by taking off the blinders and switching out the home fixtures. Updating the lighting fixtures, bulbs and fan accessories around your house offers a quick way to refresh the living space. Be it a chandelier, table lamp, pendant light, a fixture on a wall or the age-old ceiling fan model, switching up the home fixtures can really bring an instant zing to the ambience of any room. So, if you still have not tossed those dull, dusty builder-grade light and fan fixtures out of your home and out of your life forever, now is the time! Simply replace them with sleek and modern-looking alternatives or something that is more suited to your interior and individual style. Doing so will make your interior feel equal parts polished and personal and super-ready for the summer months.

TP 201906 INTERIOR DESIGN 03Add Greenery to your Living Space

Plants are definitely a sight for sore eyes, and adding some is definitely going to add some vibrancy to your home space. Especially after the prolonged gloom of the freezing months. Plus, this is probably the best way to usher in the sunny days. Besides, there are actually a lot of other benefits to keeping plants inside your home, apart from making everything look fresh instantly. There are endless ways to showcase plant life within the four walls, right from hanging ceiling pots in the patio, installing a lush corner in your living room or placing a mini herb garden in the kitchen, your home will turn into a plant paradise before you know it. So wait no longer, bring in these inexpensive beauties to add instant glamour and colour to your home decor this summer.

TP 201906 INTERIOR DESIGN 04Add Summer-Themed Wallpapers for that Breathe of Fresh Air

Each of the seasons has its pros and cons, but summer is the most cheerful of all and is synonymous with all things lively. It鈥檚 bright, sunny and full of energy. Imagine transferring these attributes onto your home鈥檚 interior design! Consider adorning the walls of your living space with summer-themed wallpapers this season. It's exactly what your interior needs, if you want it to be inviting and fresh. If you have apprehensions about taking on this leap, start small by covering an unused or a lesser visible space in your home. Our top picks - the laundry room, closet interiors, or that occasionally-used powder room in the basement. Recreate the magic by picking a tiny spot first to plaster some lovely printed wallpaper and once you are convinced, go for the living room or the bedroom.

TP 201906 INTERIOR DESIGN 05Fa莽ade Facelift

Want to give your house a whole new look this summer? Get your outdoor space in order. It鈥檚 not as hard as you think. Adding a simple table top, a bench seating, lovely plants to decorate the patio are few things to get started. Painting the exterior of your home is also a good idea when it comes to spring refresh! In our books too, there are very few homes that would not benefit from a nice power-wash. Love of colour? Dip your hands in a coat of crisp white, mint or lemon yellow paint, or feeling bold? How about some soft baby blue hue or teal green to match up to the season's splendour?

TP 201906 INTERIOR DESIGN 06Renew Your Kitchen Cabinets

Tired of your old kitchen cabinets, but don't feel like spending an arm and a leg to replace them? We say, grab a paintbrush and paint them in your favourite summer hues. It is the most cost-effective way to give your kitchen a whole new look. If you have money to spare, transform the space by swapping out the old hardware too.TP 201906 INTERIOR DESIGN 07

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