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Facts About Chinese Kids’ Culture

Facts About Chinese Kids’ Culture
By Rose Salas

TP 201906 art 01关于中国儿童文化的一些事实




中国父母教育孩子不要与劣于自己的人比较,即“人往高处走,水往低处流。” 父母们告诫孩子,在保持公正的同时,要保持努力向上的进取意识。



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In a culture where having only one or two children is strictly imposed, particularly in urban areas, a married couple preciously treasures a child. The way they raise them shows an influence of the culture and traditions that have been passed on from the old generation. However, modern parenting styles are now mixed with the old ways. Despite the mix, there are still notable things about the Chinese kids’ culture that remain steadfast. How many of these facts do you still practice at home?

TP 201906 art 02Children are motivated for excellence

Kids are always encouraged to excel, even at a very young age. Education is a top priority of parents to their child or children. While it is common that there is only one child in most families, parents who have two (or more) are still meticulous and strict when choosing a school to send their kids. The belief that education is a gateway to success and prosperity make parents work very hard so they can afford to have them enrolled in the best schools. Aside from proper education, the children are encouraged by most parents to join after-school activities, so they can hone their talents and develop additional skills. Children are mostly taking extra classes in music, language or art school.

TP 201906 art 03Children are taught proper dining etiquette

Kids are reminded to eat whatever is served on the table. Even if some kids grow up to be picky when it comes to food, parents teach them to respect and cherish the food on the table. At an early age, they are trained to eat without making annoying noise or crunching food. In the Chinese’ tradition, elders go first in eating, followed by the younger siblings. So, the teens would need to give way to their grandparents, parents and younger siblings before they take their turns. Lastly, food must be eaten while it’s hot.

TP 201906 art 04Children are reminded not to compare themselves with others

One of the famous sayings that parents do not forget to explain to their children is “Man struggles upwards; Water flows downwards.” It is essential to learn how to not compare themselves mainly to those who are inferior or lousy. As they go and strive to reach their goals, they must remember to do things right, without harming other people and avoid looking down at others, while trying to go up. They must be fair, while being competitive.

TP 201906 art 05Children receive red envelopes rather than wrapped gifts

Though the kids receive money during the Chinese New Year, the money is spent wisely for the child’s welfare. They are not expecting wrapped gifts nor request for a specific present. The amount given depends on the age and the relationship of the giver, and kids should not open it in front of the one who gave it. As they grow up, they learn the importance of giving and appreciating what has been shared or given to them. When it comes to money, they are taught to earn and save, instead of spending for enjoyment. Most kids, even though how well-of their parents are, do not receive or get when they ask for money from them.

TP 201906 art 06Children are entrusted to grandparents than a baby-sitter or day care

Parents, who go to work, do not entrust their kids to anyone, except the grandparents. This is the reason why they are adequately trained and grow up with respect. The influence of grandparents to the kids is evident as they age. They become attached to grandparents; thus they return the favour by taking care of them in their old age. Peace of mind is something that money can’t buy for those parents who are busy with their careers. Their parents help them very well in this area.

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