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Why Students Must Be Taught Kindness in Schools

Why Students Must Be Taught Kindness in Schools
By Nina Mitchell

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TP 201906 EDUCATION 03School is the institution where every individual learns the most elementary ethics of his/her life, which in turn creates the base of his/her character and a bright future, as well. Thus, obtaining the right kind of ethics and morals is one of the major things one learns during his/her school life or elementary education.

One of the most important morals, which is very necessary and should be taught to every student in his/her school life, is kindness. In today's time, where there is so much of a chaos all around, fast lifestyle is dominant - kindness is one thing which can keep us grounded and happy in the long run.

Doing well to anyone or being kind to one another can make this world a better place to live in.

Well, following are some of the reasons as to why teaching kindness in school is of extreme importance:

TP 201906 EDUCATION 04Kindness helps to enhance the feeling of gratitude in students

For example, when children get to be a part of activities where they have to help poor people, who are less fortunate than them, then they surely get some perception towards life. They learn to respect what they have got in life and they try to work hard to have a decent life ahead. They learn to appreciate what they have, which the others might not.

TP 201906 EDUCATION 05Doing good to anyone, in any sense, gives you that rush of endorphins

This rush gives them a sense of pride and a sense of belongingness also. Even small acts of kindness, which children often are exposed to and learn in their school life, help them to realize their self-worth and ultimately increase their happiness quotient, as well.

TP 201906 EDUCATION 06Students learn to be kind right from the school years

When you learn to be kind during your school years or from the very initial stage of life, then your personality gets shaped up in that direction only. Recent study on pro-social behaviour among adolescents showed that children, who are kind by nature, become popular in their friend-circle and even among others. Doing good deeds leads to greater peer acceptance and a good social circle during your school life and in future also.

TP 201906 EDUCATION02Students learn the importance of community

Being human, we all need support and sense of belongingness during our tough and happy times. Being supportive and kind to each other helps children/students to understand the importance of community. They learn how to cooperate with one another, so that no one is at loss in areas like studies, group activities, competition, etc., conducted in school.

This ultimately teaches them the real value and purpose of life.

TP 201906 education 07Kindness has its own health benefits

One of the greatest benefits of teaching kindness lessons to students at school is its health benefits. In a study, it was observed that altruistic actions trigger the release of a hormone in body, known as oxytocin. This hormone is known to increase the happiness, and above all reduces the stress level. Oxytocin is also known to keep our blood pressure under control, thus protects heart.

So, we can conclude that teaching kindness lessons to students in school is of prime importance. It always helps them to be a better person and citizen in life.

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