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International Food Festivals in China

International Food Festivals in China

By Angel Logan




1. 鎴愰兘鍥介檯缇庨鑺傦細閫氬父浜庡崄浜屾湀鍦ㄤ腑鍥借タ鍗楅儴鍥涘窛鎴愰兘鐨勫浗闄呴潪鐗╄川鏂囧寲閬椾骇鍏洯涓惧姙锛屼綋鐜扮潃浼犳壙鍜屽寘瀹圭殑缇庨鐞嗗康銆傛父瀹細鍝佸皾鍒版潵鑷嵃灏笺佹嘲鍥姐佸湡鑰冲叾銆佹剰澶у埄绛夊浗鐨勭編椋熴

2. 骞垮窞鍥介檯缇庨鑺傦細姣忓勾鍗佷竴鏈堝湪骞垮窞闆勫嘲鍥介檯缇庨鍩庝妇鍔炪3涓囦綑骞虫柟绫筹紝275涓睍浣嶇殑缇庡懗浣宠偞涓烘父瀹㈡彁渚涙潵鑷娲插拰浜氭床鐨勭編椋熶綋楠屻傚悓鏃朵妇鍔炰竴浜涚簿褰╁埡婵鐨勬娊濂栨椿鍔ㄣ

3. 涓浗鍖椾含鍥闄呭挅鍟″睍锛氬皢浜2019骞9鏈4鏃ヨ嚦6鏃ュ湪鏈濋槼鍖哄浗闄呭睍瑙堜腑蹇冧妇鍔炪傚寳浜挅鍟″睍鏃ㄥ湪鍙戝睍鍜栧暋涓氬姟锛屽悓鏃朵績杩涘挅鍟℃枃鍖栦氦娴併傚睍瑙堝悓鏃朵妇鍔炰竴浜涙湁瓒g殑姣旇禌銆


4. 鍥介檯鑼舵枃鍖栬妭锛氫簬2019骞5鏈9鏃ヨ嚦12鏃ュ湪涓婃捣涓栧崥浼氬睍瑙堜腑蹇冧妇琛岋紝鍚稿紩鍏ㄧ悆800澶氬鍙傚睍鍟嗭紝浠ュ強鍥介檯鐑归オ瀛︽牎銆佸垱鏂板叕鍙哥瓑鍓嶆潵浜浉銆


China is one of the world鈥檚 largest countries. This means it has many international residents who have brought their culinary ideas and adapted them to China鈥檚 style. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of festivals, where many international categories of food are available to the public.

If you are currently living in China or you are going on a visit, you should definitely stop by some of the international food and drink festivals that are held in this city. Keep reading and learn about International Food Festivals you can鈥檛 miss.


1. International Food Festival of Chengdu

TP 201906 FEATURE CHENGDU 01Enjoy the cultural exchange with the international food festival of Chengdu. According to its sponsor, the Chengdu Municipal People鈥檚 Government, the event allows gastronomic innovation among the 50 representatives. The event is celebrated in Chengdu, which is the capital of south-western China's Sichuan province.

Visitors will be able to taste meals from U.S., Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Colombia and much more!

Inheritance and inclusiveness are the words that describe this festival of culinary cultures, so prepare to experience authentic world鈥檚 culture within China鈥檚.


It is usually celebrated in December. Date to be announced.


Western Chengdu
International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park


2. The Guangzhou International Food Festival

TP 201906 FEATURE GUANGZHOU 01Visitors will be able to enjoy more than 30,000 square metres of delicious food at the Guangzhou Xiongfeng International Food Festival. The entry to the festival is free and it is celebrated in Panyu district, the capital of Guangdong province in southern China. This is a great option for those who are looking for new and interesting delights. For instance, 275 booths will bring you great tasting experiences from Europe and Asia鈥檚 culture. Enjoy with your family novel food specialties on food trucks and trailers.

TP 201906 FEATURE GUANGZHOU 04Moreover, everything you eat is going to be live cooked in front of you! The festival includes activities, such as the photo contest of a 3,000 yeans award and 鈥渢he lucky draw鈥, where you might be able to win a brand-new Trumpchi car.

It is celebrated in November every year. Date to be announced.


Panyu district
Xiongfeng International Food and Culture City
More information on WeChat account "gzgjms鈥


3. China International Cafe Show Beijing

TP 201906 FEATURE BEIJING 02China International Cafe Show is coming to Beijing this year! It is also known as 鈥渢he cup of the World鈥, because it works as a platform for developing new coffee businesses that want to promote their coffee culture.

TP 201906 FEATURE BEIJING 03After at least a decade of successful history in the coffee world, Seoul Int鈥檒 Caf茅 show shares its brand with this festival in China. You want to have new kinds of coffee or you want to launch your own brand, this festival gives you the opportunity to participate in seminars about how the franchise of coffee works.

TP 201906 FEATURE BEIJING 05There will be interesting competitions, such as coffee boys鈥 latte art competition, as well as the National Barista Championship. Prepare to find the most incredible coffee machines, coffee powder, coffee beans and much more!

04-06 September, 2019

China International Exhibition Centre
Chaoyang District, Beijing


4. International Tea Culture Festival

TP 201906 FEATURE TEA 02Tea is the essence of China. In fact, it is indispensable for many people, so what if there was an entire international festival that focuses on the best tea? That鈥檚 the International Tea Culture Festival.

TP 201906 FEATURE TEA 03The event is held in Shanghai and it welcomes more than 800 exhibitors around the world. Prepare to feel delighted by the taste and variety of many different cultures and cities in China. It is usually celebrated in May or April every year.

TP 201906 FEATURE TEA 04You will learn about new tea products. Moreover, international culinary schools, innovative companies and other modern exhibitions will be present at the fair, but now, what about you? Be part of it!

TP 201906 FEATURE TEA 01When?
May 9 - May 12, 2019


Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre
Zhabei District, Shanghai

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