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Summer Fashion Trends 2019

Summer Fashion Trends 2019
By Barbara Ross

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The Spring and Summer collections of all major high fashion brands have been revealed. The runways have spoken and so have the streets. All that鈥檚 left for us to do is embrace the styles that we are going to see more of this season, and let go of the ones that we are done with.


Suffice it to say, it is time for our regular and seasonal wardrobe update. Putting away our knits and trench coats, replacing our thigh high boots with sandals and making room for new and colourful pieces; the fun is just getting started.


So, here are some of the biggest fashion trends to look out for this Spring and Summer 2019.

TP 201906 FASHION 11Lavender

If violet was the pantone colour of the year in 2018, the lighter shade caught up as a seasonal favourite this Spring/Summer. Well, we all already know that summer is the time for pastel shades. Hence, lavender has stolen the hearts of high fashion and street fashion enthusiasts and we鈥檒l be seeing the colour in all sorts of silhouettes, including dresses, pants, tops and what not.

TP 201906 FASHION 04Animal prints

Animal prints never really go out of fashion for the record. But, they did seem to fade in popularity a few seasons back. Well, guess what, they鈥檙e back again. Everyone鈥檚 going crazy over bold and wild animal prints, leopard prints in particular. And with colours; they鈥檙e going all wild too. The thing to remember though is not to overdo it. For example, it鈥檚 best not to have leopard prints all over your outfit and your accessories too.

TP 201906 FASHION 06Cycling shorts

We owe this trend to the whole athleisure trend and concept that we grew in to over the past few years. Cycling shorts have apparently graduated from being just 鈥渃ycling鈥 shorts. The surprising combination this season is with blazers! That鈥檚 right; cycling shorts and blazers. And we must admit they are not as weird as we expected them to be. Celebrities can get you thinking for real!

TP 201906 FASHION 07New-age gothic

The all dark and black look has found its way back in fashion. You guessed it right, it is the street style stars that love this trend. According to new age rules in fashion, you can go for all black pieces or use bold and dark colours, as well. The idea is to keep the overall mood dark and moody. Well, looks like we have a little more room this season for our creativity.

TP 201906 FASHION 08Hair accessories

You can go all out on this trend for sure. Pick and choose any and all colours you like when it comes to hair accessories, including hair bands, scrunchies or even hair clips and hair scarves. Tie up your hair with the hair bands and scarves, or add a hint of colour with a few hair clips on the side. There really are no rules with this trend and we are all excited about it.

TP 201906 FASHION 09Bucket hats

A 90鈥檚 trend that is being welcomed back this year; bucket hats in all new shapes and sizes. From plain ones to printed and dramatic ones, bucket hats are excellent for summers, both in terms of fashion and protection. Their brims give you just the right amount of sun protection and style for you to pair with your gorgeous sun dresses and miniskirts.

Which of these trends are your favourites?

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