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Le Qiao Bar and Restaurant, TEDA

Le Qiao Bar and Restaurant, TEDA

By Dorothy Fourie

908419480 2As an expat here in TEDA, I have often experienced the longing for some good food shared with great company, in a place that reminds me of home.


One evening, not long ago, I was walking along the street in Teda, right underneath the Line 9 overhead close to Tai Hu Road Station. I was surrounded by the usual amount of people on their way home or on their way to do shopping.

1299903886Then I noticed it: a warm glow from a window, close to a well-known bicycle shop. I followed this light, as if it was a glow-worm in a dark forest. I peered inside and saw it: there was a real restaurant within! This was a place where I could find Western Style food, as the advertisement informed me overhead.


I had to believe it: magic still happens!

110728388Upon entering Le Qiao Bar, you are met by a friendly and welcoming lady, Judy, and her husband Tiger. There are soft and comfortable chairs and lovely music. An ambience with soft light and music bounces off the interesting pictures throughout the area.


Judy spoils all her guests with a friendly chat and some fresh lemon water, while you peruse the menu, in which all the mouth-watering dishes are inviting you to choose them.

198048514Upon my first visit to this delightful restaurant, I ordered the Chicken Schnitzel with fresh garden vegetables steamed just to perfection. Since then, I have tried many of the other healthy and MSG-free dishes.


Sometimes, when I am not too hungry, I order some hearty, nutritious soup and each time I receive a generous portion at a very fair price.

323322506鈥淥h, I love this restaurant,鈥 a friend says happily. 鈥淚 especially like the bangers and mash; it makes me miss the UK less. And the portions are quite generous and well-priced.鈥


鈥淪ometimes I enjoy just sitting there at the window, enjoying a foamy cappuccino. No-one disturbs me and I can relax,鈥 another regular customer says.


I spoke with a few regulars and they all agreed: Judy and her husband have something special going with this small, cosy restaurant of theirs. They are always accommodating, trying to make your eating experience with them unique.

675200573Paying RMB16 for a home-made hamburger (even the buns are home-made!) with anything from a beef to a chicken patty, egg and bacon and some tasty sauces to go, is a gift. Apart from the fact that it tastes delicious, it will remind you of hamburger evenings at home, where family and friends鈥 laughter fills the room.


There are many more dishes, appetizers, main dishes and snacks, but I have to mention the pizzas with their perfect, thin bases topped with lots of cheese and tomato paste. You could also choose extra toppings like olives, chicken, salami and extra cheese.

1017907591Sometimes when I look out of the window, I don鈥檛 see cars and people anymore, but the soft glow of a sunrise over many beautiful orange trees with big, round and fresh fruit. I see the amazing view of a farm, where people are picking these oranges and squeezing them into glasses, which are then served to the guests, so fresh, so real. Judy gets these oranges from a family farm in the countryside, adding flavour to the unique menu.

1771781018Different drinks are served, like beer, wine and many more. You will certainly find something you enjoy.


All too soon, after good, fresh homemade food with friends, lots of laughter and fun, it becomes time to go back home.


Thank you, Judy and Tiger, for a lovely place to come home to for a meal. Le Qiao delivers in this area.


Le Qiao Bar


A: Tianbo Gold Coast Hua Yu Xuan, No. 61 Hongda Street, TEDA


T: 022-66616898; 15022507541 (Judy)

WeChat ID: judy_enjoyqr

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