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Entertainment May 2019


Avengers: Endgame

Date: 2019.04.24 - 2019.05.22

TP 201905 entertainment 01After the devastating end of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe, as we know it, lays in ruins. The Avengers assemble, once more, to overcome the destruction wrought by Thanos and bring to a close the 22-movie long Marvel series.


And, because, for once, the cinematic gods have turned their benevolent eye towards China (and the rather lucrative box office that exists here), Endgame will open here at the same time as the rest of the world 鈥 and a whole two days before the North American release.



Marina Abramovi膰

Venue: Light Society, No.56, 12 Zhuyuan Lu Shunyi Beijing
绔哄洯璺12鍙烽櫌56鍙锋ゼ 椤轰箟鍖 鍖椾含 鍖椾含
Date: 2019.03.15 - 2019.06.15 (Every day, except Monday)

TP 201905 entertainment 02Marina Abramovi膰, a Serbian performance artist who works with video, photographs, sculpture and more, has been exploring feminist and body art for over 40 years. Her pieces challenge the relationship between artist and viewer, calling for her audiences to reinterpret the possibilities and limitations of the body and mind. This exhibition will showcase new and key works 鈥 some of which have never been shown in China before.


Tradition, Present and Future

Venue: Light Society, No.56, 12 Zhuyuan Lu Shunyi Beijing
绔哄洯璺12鍙烽櫌56鍙锋ゼ 椤轰箟鍖 鍖椾含 鍖椾含
Date: 2019.03.31 - 2019.05.29

TP 201905 entertainment 03Tradition, Present and Future is a journey into modern art and the desire to preserve traditional artistic values. The exhibition illustrates two artistic realities that clash, a personal mythology coming from the mix of students and teachers. The works and symbols in the artist's exhibition mix old eras and current meanings projected by the artists' imagination. During this event, visitors will be able to learn more about the traditional and modern techniques used by the artist. Art-Des will prepare some wine and snacks for you to spend a lovely Sunday indulging yourself in arts.





Venue: Sir Teen, 2/F 6 Gongti Xi Lu, Chaoyang district, Beijing
鏈濋槼鍖 宸ヤ綋瑗胯矾6鍙2灞,鍖椾含
Date: 2019.05.02

TP 201905 entertainment 04Love him or hate him, California's dubstep mastermind is not only an eight-time Grammy winner (and thus has the most Grammys of any EDM artist, ever), but he's also something of an icon, worldwide, for most people. There is something strangely captivating about a guy with a stupid haircut at the centre of an ostentatious dance party. Get in on what is sure to be a night to remember.


Sophie Zelmani - Sunrise Tour

Venue: Tianjin Grand Theatre, 58-1 Pingjiang Rd, Hexi District Tianjin
Date: 2019.05.19

Sophie Zelmani Sunrise Tour 2019 in TianjinSophie Zelmani (born Sophie Edkvist; 12th February, 1972) is a Swedish singer-songwriter, who released her first single in 1995, called "Always You".


Zelmani was born in the suburbs of Stockholm in 1972. Her father bought the family a guitar when Zelmani was 14. Despite no professional music training, Zelmani became a songwriter and recorded some songs at a local studio. After she mailed the demos to three record companies, Zelmani was offered a record deal by Sony Music Sweden.




Antonio Andrade: Mi Carmen Flamenco

Venue: Century Theatre, 40 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Date: 2019.05.03

TP 201905 entertainment 05The story trembles with southern passion: Carmen, a flirtatious working-class girl, pays with her life for her quest for the ultimate freedom. A dozen flamenco dancers, accompanied by an authentic flamenco ensemble with typical guitar and percussion in the lead, take the legendary Carmen from the opera stage back to its Spanish roots. A feast of dance for the eyes and ears in a shimmering Floralies Hall!


Film songs in concert

Venue: Rulun Lecture Hall of Renmin University, 59 Zhongguan Cun, Haidian Beijing
涓叧鏉59鍙蜂腑鍥戒汉姘戝ぇ瀛﹀唴 娴锋穩鍖 鍖椾含
Date: 2019.05.18

TP 201905 entertainment 08

Star Sky Chamber Orchestra, led by conductor Zhengyu Zhu, performs a special night of all the best movie scores. Hear your favourite theme tunes, from Game of Thrones and Star Wars to Transformers and Jurassic Park.


Alexandro Quereval煤: The Last of the Mohicans

Venue: Tianjin Grand Theatre, 58-1 Pingjiang Rd, Hexi Qu, , Tianjin
Date: 2019.05.28

TP 201905 entertainment 07Alexandro Quereval煤 is a brilliant performer, one of the best of his kind, and the one whose popularity has spread more than that of any other performer by means of social networks worldwide to the United States, Europe, Asia, the Arab countries and Australia. This is due to the unique way that he plays these indigenous instruments of both North and South America. The versatility, the eloquence, the sadness and the happiness, which he expresses in his musical interpretations, are felt deep within the soul, which is why he says to himself 鈥渢his song makes me cry鈥.

He plays a wide variety of wind instruments, such as the Quena, Quenacho, Antara, Basto Zampona and Malta Zampona, among others. He has a large repertoire, including The Last of the Mohicans, El Condor Pasa, and many other favourites. His live performances dressed in different Native American costumes are truly breath-taking.

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