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Top Summer Floral Decoration Ideas

Top Summer Floral Decoration Ideas
To Instantly Enliven Your Home Space!
By Anastasia Chapman

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Every one of us loves flowers, no matter the season! And with the rising temps, we are feeling the floral love even more! After all, spring is all about fresh starts. And adding some colourful blooms to your home space can bring that one small, but mighty refresh. Putting them in vintage vases, recyclable bottles, jars and bowls, are common ways of showcasing summer blooms, and everybody does it.


How about placing floral decorations into quirky pots, wicker baskets or in the form of door wreaths with a rustic touch! Sounds interesting, right? Here we have rounded some beautiful floral centrepieces using summer blooms to decorate your home space. Put them together to impress guests and beautify your interiors without having to make any major home d茅cor changes.


Fruit Lined Floral Centrepiece

Backyard party season is just around the corner! If you are looking to add a little flair to your outdoor party this summer, here's a little secret- use fruits in your floral centrepieces to create that summer vibrancy in your backyard party decorations. Let this simple and easy DIY project take your summer floral decorations to the next level. Decorate your floral arrangements with various types of fruits - from lemons to melons - to add a unique accent, while reminding everyone of summertime fun.

TP 201905 interior 05Fruit not only lend itself a summer aesthetic, but it can also accentuate the attributes of a floral arrangement through colour choice. A super easy and fun way to attain this is by lining your vase with citrus slices. Grapefruits, limes, lemons, or oranges - all will work to create a pop in decor! The trick to achieving this is by placing a slightly smaller vase within the main container to keep everything in place.


But this is not the only way to use citrus fruit in your floral decoration! You can also incorporate halves of the fruits into any floral arrangement to highlight pops of colours for a subtle, yet elegant display. Besides citrus fruits, pineapples and melons can also be used to create eclectic floral displays - for instance, this makeshift vase made by hollowing out a pineapple can add a fruity touch to your backyard bashes.

TP 201905 interior 04

Delicate Hanging Flower Displays For Those Unused Walls Or Doors

Woven wicker baskets or lightweight flowerpots are great options to decorate empty spaces in simple, yet unexpected ways. Think bare walls or unused doors in your home, where you can hang delicate floral decorations. It will look just as beautiful, whether you set it against timber, concrete or brick. Throw together a mix of zinnias, begonias and English ivy in a lightweight hanging container. To add that extra dose of drama, add some golden lantana or lush green shrubs for a delicate, cascading decorative piece to showcase on your main door or any empty wall inside your house.

TP 201905 interior 06Rustic Adornment with Pampas Grass and Dried Flowers

Dried flower arrangements in summer? Yes, that sounds more like a fall decorating idea, but fresh flowers lose its freshness in a day or two. Honestly, dried flowers are not always the first choice for many. Then again, we are here to look for unique floral decorations and not the usual ones. From a practical viewpoint, dried flowers and plants also make for a low-maintenance choice - no water necessary. So, here we have a great decorating option with dried plants and flowers, instead. This rustic floral adornment includes Pampas grass, which is a lovely option exuding that signature California-cool vibe, while still fitting in with a modern, neutral colour palette and it makes for the perfect subtle spring decorative piece. Or picture a dried floral wreath with amaranth, wheat, native white sagebrush, rose hips, and a number of other native grasses into a dogwood frame that can easily be a classic accent for your main entrance.

TP 201905 interior 07Teacup Vases Loaded With Fresh Flowers

Here鈥檚 a great flower decoration idea that costs next to nothing! A dainty flower presentation that will work great for kid's parties, but still a sophisticated decoration for your high-tea gatherings. Turn all your unused teacups into mini vases and fill them up with blooms of your choice for a cute-looking table decoration. This works well with flowers that have shorter stems. Instead of trashing them, display them in teacups (brownie points if the teacups are also floral!) for a Pinterest-worthy presentation! Picture pink ranunculus, lavender, and wildflowers celosia and muscari - in case that these exotic blooms are not available, go with rosebuds, lilies, zinnias and other flowers available at hand for a dramatic look.

TP 201905 interior 08Whimsical Floral Butterfly Display

Adding some butterfly stickers to colourful blooms or a simple bouquet of baby's breath makes for one eclectic table centrepiece. This fluttering butterfly decoration screams summer and is an enlivening addition for a spring refresh! Unique flower arrangements, like this, will always deliver vivid colour and intrigue, while bringing in some grandiosity, even when perched on a media cabinet or low console table.

TP 201905 interior 09Display Succulents in Pretty Dessert Bowls

Here's a great idea to display those favourite succulents of yours! We think dessert bowls make chic pots for these beauties! Simply fill them to the brim with potting soil, sprinkle some water to moisten the soil and then place the succulent into the top layer of the soil. With time, it will begin to grow roots. These work well for both indoor and outdoor decoration bringing in so much more texture to any surrounding.

TP 201905 interior 10Country Fresh Appeal with Rustic Watering can display

If you love to incorporate country house elements into your interiors, this floral decoration is for you! Liven up your kitchen countertop or a breakfast buffet table with this dramatic bright floral display, plopped into a rustic watering can. While adding a vintage feel to your home space, this floral arrangement is all your country-inspired interior needs to go from low-key to photo-ready.TP 201905 interior 11

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