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Beijing鈥檚 Best Theme Parks

Beijing鈥檚 Best Theme Parks
Pros and Cons
By Jordan Snyder

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Beijing has quite a good selection of theme parks to cater for all tastes and ages. Whether you prefer to loop the loop, throw yourself down the water slides or stick to the serenity of the kiddy rides, each park has their good and bad points. Read on to discover the pros and cons of Beijing鈥檚 theme parks.


Happy Valley

Happy Valley, with over 40 rides spread over several themed zones, is the biggest theme park in and around Beijing. They do offer a hint of Disneyland even down to the parade through the park.

201905 BEIJING 01Pros
It is definitely the best park for thrill seekers, people flock here in large numbers because of the thrill and adrenalin of the rides. The 鈥楨xtreme Rusher鈥 is a roller coaster that somehow defies gravity to remain on its tracks, as it hurtles through twists and turns at 135 km/h.


Expect to spend a big part of your day waiting in line for the top rides. You may have to wait over an hour for less than one minute of high adrenalin. At the entrance, the staff will be very exact about height restrictions. 1.4 meters means an adult ticket and if your child is close to this height expect to pay an adult ticket. Some rides close as early as 1pm, so plan your visit carefully.

201905 BEIJING 03Verdict
There are plenty of rides for kids or adults without nerves of steel. The gentler rides generally mean shorter queues. For smaller children there are activities, such as face painting or cruising around the park on a train. It is an extremely popular attraction, particularly at weekends and on holidays, expect a large crowd.


Adults/children over 1.4m tall; 260 RMB
Children 1.1- 1.4m tall and adults aged 65-69; 195 RMB
Children under 1.1m tall and adults aged over 70; free entry
Night ticket, 5.30 pm-10pm 195 RMB (several rides are closed in the evening).


How to get there
Subway line 7 to Happy Valley Station, use exit C.



Shijingshan does not have a problem with crowds, and the theme park has seen better days. It is, however, a great place to introduce your kids to the thrills of roller coasters.

201905 BEIJING 05Pros
The shortage of people means you do not have the problems of Happy Valley in waiting a long time between rides. One advantage of this is that you may be able to get premium spot on each ride.


Lots of the rides will not operate until there are enough people gathered at the ride. Operators will say the ride is not in operation because there are not enough people, stand your ground and they may open the ride for you. You have to pay individually for each ride, this could lead to a more expensive day than paying an inclusive price, such as at Happy Valley.

201905 BEIJING 06Verdict
There are some good roller coasters, just not on the same level of intensity as at Happy Valley. There are, however, plenty of lesser rides, so it is a good place to take younger children.


The entry fee is 10RMB for adults and 5 RMB for students and seniors (60-64). Children smaller than 1.2m are free. Once you are inside the park there is a fee for each ride from 20-50 RMB.


How to get there
Take the subway line 1 to Bajiao Amusement Park Station. Use exit A1 and walk below the 5th ring road, then take the first right to the entrance to the park. The park entrance is 450m from the subway.


Happy Magic Water Cube

The Happy Magic Water Cube is Beijing鈥檚 largest outdoor water park, although it is located a little way out from the city centre in Fengtai district. It should not be confused with the Olympic Water Cube and has twice as many rides as that attraction.

201905 BEIJING 07Pros
Although the water park will appear to be packed, it is not a problem as most people choose to go to the fake beach and wave pool. If you head to the thrills of the chutes, then you will find virtually no waiting to take your place, as you hurtle down vertical drops and flumes.


The water park is set in an unappealing environment of industry. That, and the changing rooms resembling a prison, are the only drawbacks I could find here.

201905 BEIJING 08Verdict
Prepare yourself for a day or afternoon of fun, as you move from one waterslide to the next. The best ride is possibly the 鈥極ctopus Race鈥, an 8 lane slide, as you race head first against other thrill seekers. One tip is to take flip flops; they are needed as you walk from one attraction to the next.


Adult tickets cost 244 RMB and 160 RMB for children 1.2-1.5m tall, children shorter than 1.2m are free. A night pass from 6-10pm costs 120 RMB and a one-month unlimited pass costs 400 RMB.


How to get there
A taxi from the city centre will take about 40 minutes and you should expect to pay about 60-70 RMB.


Crab Island

Crab Island is best known for its fake beach and former location of a music festival. There is also an amusement park with 17 rides, from water flumes for the kids to some thrilling coasters for bigger kids and adults.

201905 BEIJING 09Pros
Although the park may be full of screaming kids (particularly during the weekends and holidays), there are generally no queues for the scarier rides, such as the 880m long roller coaster and the spinning 鈥楧isc of Death鈥.


Some of the rides can appear to be a little basic without the glamour of some theme parks. There is a fake German beer hall and a Mongolian eatery; you might prefer to take your own food.


Entry costs 88 RMB or 68 RMB for kids. With that you get to try all 17 rides once. However, you can exchange entry for two rides if you prefer a second go on one of your favoured rides.

You can also opt for free entry and then pay individually for each ride.


How to get there
The nearest subway station is Cuigezhuang on line 15.

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