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Hair Colouring at Home

Hair Colouring at Home
Essentials to Know
By Barbara Ross

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You鈥檝e seen it in the movies. You鈥檝e seen it in the ads. And nowadays you can see it all over Youku and YouTube, too.


They start off with a pair of gloves in their hands, they go in to the shower and they are back with beautifully coloured shiny hair after a few minutes!


Well, if only hair colouring was as easy as that!


Yes! Truth be told, colouring is not exactly a cake walk, at least for people who are not used to it. Of course, the process is simple, the instructions are fairly easy to follow given on the back of the hair colour box. But there are hundred, albeit tiny things that can go wrong, which makes the whole thing a tricky affair.


Even if you have those instructions at hand, sometimes the result you get may be entirely different from what you expected. For example, what if the color doesn鈥檛 look even everywhere? What if you can spot your natural color here and there? All this, even when you have followed all the steps to the dot!


So let鈥檚 face it. It can be a challenge. But don鈥檛 worry! We鈥檝e got you covered.


Here are some essential pointers to have in mind, whenever you set out with your hand gloves.


Do a strand test

Just like you do a patch test with any other skin care product, with hair colour, you need to start off with a strand test. Pull out a few strands and apply the colour as instructed on the box. This way you can also know what could go wrong when doing your whole hair. Additionally, you can work out the duration, as well. It can vary depending on your hair texture.

201905 FASHION 04Use your third-day hair to colour

Your third-day hair is probably starting to get a bit greasy, because of all the natural oils produced by your scalp. You want these oils to protect your hair from any irritation or dryness that the hair colour may cause. Almost all brands of hair colour contain Ammonia, unless mentioned otherwise. And Ammonia definitely has drying effects. So, let your natural oils balance it out.


Start applying a little away from the scalp

This mostly applies for when you鈥檙e colouring your entire hair. You want to start applying a little away from the roots and go down towards the ends. This is because the surface of your scalp would be a little warm and it can cause the colour at the roots to develop a little faster. Hence, you need to apply at the roots around halfway through the whole processing time.

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Go for asymmetrical strands for highlights

When you鈥檙e going for highlights, start off pulling strands from the front portion of your hair. Then gradually work towards the crown. You want to pull out about quarter inch strands. You can pull them asymmetrically; that is, the distance between each coloured section doesn鈥檛 have to be even. In fact, the most natural looking highlights are uneven.


Use a colouring brush

A hair colouring brush was invented to serve a purpose. And that purpose wasn鈥檛 an easy one. You鈥檝e decided to do the colouring at home anyway. You know it involves a little risk. So, you might as well get your equipment right. Invest in a good colouring brush, which helps spread colour evenly and effectively.

201905 FASHION 06Add a sweetener for sensitive skin

Yes, you read that right. According to celebrity hair stylist, Kiyah Wright, adding a pinch of artificial sweetener to your hair dye help reduce the drying effects of Ammonia.


Always choose one shade lighter

This is especially true when getting highlights. Choose a colour that鈥檚 only one shade lighter than your natural hair colour. It will help you achieve that beautiful sultry look. When you鈥檙e colouring your whole hair too, you want to stick to a colour that is only one shade lighter. You want to keep it safe.

201905 FASHION 07Use lip balm to protect your skin from spills

There is nothing uglier than patches of spilled hair colour on your forehead once you鈥檙e done. You can apply a simple lip balm along your hairline to protect that space. If you happen to spill even otherwise, you can use cleansing wipes immediately to wipe off the patches.

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