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Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
By Karen Wang

TP 201904 slang 02Mary and her family originally lived in Beijing. However, her family recently moved to Tianjin, as her Dad had gotten a better job offer here. Since moving to Tianjin, Mary had to adjust to her new international school. So far, she鈥檚 only been at her new school for a week and has made one new friend 鈥 Tom. As Mary is a relatively shy individual, she鈥檚 been keeping a low profile and has not been socialising with the rest of the school. On Monday, Mary heads to school per normal and ends up meeting Tom in the hallway.

TP 201904 SLANG 01鈥淲hat classes do you have today?鈥 Tom casually asks Mary, as he places his books in the locker.


鈥淚 have math in the morning, and then chemistry in the afternoon鈥 Mary responds.


鈥淎lright then, do you want to have lunch together?鈥 Tom asks.


Just as Mary was about to respond, she accidentally bumps into a girl in the hallway.


鈥淓xcuse me, you should watch where you鈥檙e going鈥 the girl lashes out at Mary.


While Mary had only bumped into one girl in the group, the others start to chime in.


鈥淓xactly, you should look at where you鈥檙e going!鈥 Another girl exclaims.


鈥淓asy Lucy, Mary just transferred here, there鈥檚 no need for you and the other girls to be so mean.鈥 Tom jumps in.


鈥淲ell, she should look at where she鈥檚 going. After all, she is the new girl here.鈥 Lucy responds, as she glares at Mary. The rest of the girls in her group nod along with Lucy, and glare at Mary as well, before walking away.


鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about them Mary, they鈥檙e just a group of mean girls in school. I mean, birds of a feather flock together, right?鈥 Tom comforts Mary.


While Lucy and the group of girls aren鈥檛 actually birds, what Tom is trying to say is that these girls have some similarities within them and, thus, end up sticking together. In this case, these girls who think they鈥檙e better than everyone else, and are condescending and unfriendly.


There is a similar Chinese phrase that goes like this: 銆鐗╀互绫昏仛锛屼汉浠ョ兢鍒銆峸霉y菒l猫ij霉, r茅ny菒q煤nf膿n. This phrase is very similar to 鈥birds of a feather flock together鈥, and essentially means that similar individuals tend to stick together.

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