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Top Decoration Tips To Turn Your Kid鈥檚 Birthday Bash into a Festive Fete!

Top Decoration Tips To Turn Your Kid鈥檚
Birthday Bash into a Festive Fete!
By Anastasia Chapman

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So, it is your little one's birthday, and you want to organise a fun and exciting bash to see their big bright smile on this occasion? For every parent, their child鈥檚 birthday is the best time to create and capture lasting memories.


Similarly, kids grow up eagerly looking forward to their birthdays. Even before the current year's celebrations are over, they anticipate the next one to be a bigger and better affair! Well, this adds a lot of pressure on parents, as they try to make sure everything goes perfectly fine on their child's birthday, and they get what they expected from their parents.

No wonder it takes a great deal of parenting to satisfy the whims and fancies of kids. But not all birthday celebrations have to be opulent and extravagant! In case you wish to spend less on your kid鈥檚 birthday decorations saving it all for an amazing birthday present, we鈥檝e some of the simplest, yet splendid tips to make things easier for you.


It won't cost a bomb to turn your home into a party space. Plus, with such easy-to-incorporate decorations, you can add your personal touch to the celebration and also get your kids involved in the process of picking, arranging and assembling items for the decoration. Pick a few of these simple ideas to add a festive flair to your kid鈥檚 next birthday bash.


Put An Unique Twist To The Run-Of-The-Mill Balloon Decorations

Your kid鈥檚 birthday and no balloon decorations? Hell no! Here is an easy way to dress up ordinary helium balloons. It's way more cost-effective and a fun way to spruce up your kid's birthday decorations. Draw animal faces, limbs and other features on lightweight papers that won't flop and paste them on helium-filled balloons, placing them on one corner of the room for an amusing display.

TP 201904 interior 03Garlands Galore

Homemade garlands or banners made from scratch can pack a big decorative punch to your munchkin's birthday bash! Go out all creative, while preparing these decorative pieces that can be easily hung on walls, right at the main door, at the edge of the dining table, in the cake cutting area, and wherever you think they would look good. The best part is, these garlands can be reused year after year. Prepare a photo garland with the face of your little one, or adhere strings to cardboard circles with letter stickers to spell a message, or create a neon animal garland (let's say a dinosaur themed garland) of your kid's dream, or a bright and colourful wall flower garland - the possibilities are endless! Time to put on your thinking cap, right?

TP 201904 interior 04Turn The Snack Table Into An Edible Landscape

Be it your honeybun or the guest kids, snacking remains one of the most exciting aspects of any birthday bash. Kids really look forward to having yummy, scrumptious fares on a birthday party. So, why not make the most of it? No, we are not advising you to order anything fancy, but you can make the dining table come alive with a few decorative tips and of course, delicious treats! Put a butcher paper on the table and paint it into the cutest buffet spread ever. You can plan out the decorations and designs as per the platters and bowls. Think Pizzas as giant wheels, silicone cupcake liners look great as caterpillar cookie stands, and small snack bowls containing macaroons can be arranged to create colourful blooms, the list goes on.

TP 201904 interior 05Put In Some Pretty Paper Flower Decorations

With a few folds and snips coupled with a little imagination, you can turn simple papers into perfect party decorations! Check out this burst of colourful tissue-paper poms-poms, pretty paper flowers made from cupcake liners or a vibrant backdrop, or corner decorated with paper blooms made in the size and colour of your choice. It is a great way to add charm to your kid's birthday party.

TP 201904 interior 06Get Crafty With Streamers

Curl, twist, braid or wind with leftover papers and give it a fresh look to create decorative pieces for your child's birthday! Crepe, metallic or any other decorative papers, have fun with creating these pieces. Use metallic paper to make streamers of shimmering circles hung from above, stripe the doorway with streamers of few different colours, or decorate a table with some colourful fringe. Streamers are a lot of bang for your buck, as an affordable and versatile birthday party material.

TP 201904 interior 07Make The Dining Table Pop With Themed Decorations

Deem your kid鈥檚 birthday gala incomplete without an incredibly decorated party table setup! A Barbie party table setting for your priceless baby girl, a Unicorn d茅cor for your fantasy lover kid, or a sunshine-themed buffet spread for your outdoorsy tot, you can turn the birthday decorations magical in an instant with these ideas!

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