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Chic Interior Design Ideas

Chic Interior Design Ideas
Every Modern Woman Would Love!
By Anastasia Chapman

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Traditionally, women have always been portrayed as the creators and nurturers of households. For centuries, the home has been a woman's domain, and interior designing often tagged as a women stuff. But in present times, things have changed and so has the social status of women, who are now more demanding, successful and determined to live their dreams personally, professionally and beyond.


Women, these days, be it work or home, like to express their tastes, preferences and personalities through their choices. In a modern woman's home, this freedom of expression transcends into a sense of harmony and beauty, where everything from furniture, lighting to accessories exudes a contemporary lifestyle that best defines this new-age brigade's attributes and nature.


This confident and fearless generation likes to experiment and take risks. They believe home decor ideas don鈥檛 always have to be a safe bet, involving a lot of expensive purchases or matchy-matchy stuff! Sounds intriguing, right? Well, let鈥檚 have a look at some of the coolest interior designing ideas that would appeal to the woman of today.

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Turn That Unused Ladder Into A Functional Piece!

Women these days are more budget conscious and believe in the fact that home decor should not only look pretty. But it also should solve a problem - that one issue that plagues most of the tiny space dwellers today - space crunch. So why not recycle old and unused stuff? Like this ladder that you often plan to throw away can be turned into a perfect shoe rack, a mini tiered garden or just for shelving household items. With minimal effort, repurpose this old piece into a functional essential. If you want, you can paint it to give it a quirky look. Otherwise, just put it in the desired spot, arrange the items accordingly that you wish to put on display, and there you have it - some really genius ladder decorating ideas with zero investment!

Chic Interior design ideas every modern woman would love Pic 2Extra Baggage As Home Accents

This one would appeal to single ladies putting up with no place to store their extra baggage at a matchbox apartment. We have some smart DIY arrangements for you! Big baggage - especially trunks and old suitcases, are a great way to spice up tiny space. Place your old trunk on the floor near the bed or couch and use it as low coffee table-top. You can also pile multiple suitcases on top of each other to add height, or even attach legs or casters to make them more functional as storage systems.

Chic Interior Design Ideas Every Modern Woman Would Love Pic 3Turn Trashes Into Designing Treasures

Here's another interior designing tip for women living in small apartments. Living in a tiny space doesn't mean you can't experiment with unique decorating ideas! Yes ladies, let your creative juices flow and observe this opportunity to come up with the quirkiest skills to make your lovely space stand out. Repurpose your old stuff to create something brand new and useful. For instance - upcycle old mugs, bottles and bowls into light fixtures to decorate an empty corner of your apartment. Similarly, disassemble your old bike and coffee table and turn it into a decorative accent. Use it as a storage shelf if you have an empty wall in your kitchen that needs filling up.

Chic Interior design ideas every modern woman would love Pic 4Decorate Flower Vases With Pennies

Wondering what to do with all the pennies piling up in your kid鈥檚 piggy bank? Why not use them to decorate some flower vases? Yes, you heard that right! Who would have thought you could use pennies to decorate home accents, other than using them as currency! Well, here鈥檚 a great way to finally put those coins to use. All you need is some hot glue and enough coins to get started.

Chic Interior design ideas every modern woman would love Pic 5Use Your Old Neckpieces As Curtain Tiebacks

Have old dainty pieces of jewellery to throw away? Don鈥檛 discard them already as your jewellery box is a treasure trove with resources to add a glamorous touch to your home d茅cor! Before clearing up your jewellery box, look for any old necklaces, chokers, bangle bracelets and brooches that you no longer wish to wear. You can turn these chunky pieces into tiebacks for your curtains, adding instant sparkle to the drapes and interiors at the same time!

Chic Interior design ideas every modern woman would love Pic 6Turn A Shallow Corner Into An Accessories Closet

For ladies who face constant struggle storing their accessories in an orderly manner, here's a brilliant tip that you'll love in no time! Many houses have narrow alcoves behind the door or on hallways. You can turn such shallow nooks and corners into closets for your shoes, jewellery and other accessories that you use on a daily basis. Place racks or attach curtain stands or hooks to store your accessories, and after arranging them properly, hang a curtain over the items. Isn't it a smart, functional and fuss-free way to store all your daily essentials?

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