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Shangfang National Forest Park, Beijing

Shangfang National Forest Park, Beijing
The massive national forest park in China
By Nikita Jaeger

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Entry fee: RMB 30
Visiting time: 8:00 鈥 16:00

Travelling is all about exploring new destinations and getting a closer look at nature, historical reminiscent, engaging with modern culture and, thus, being part of the history. Such practical experiences can be felt at a higher notch when you visit Shangfang National Forest Park, located at Beijing. If you are one among the most realistic and peace lovers, then this travel guide shall help you experience the wonders of nature and various untold, virgin hinterlands in and around the National Forest Park.


The Shangfang National Forest Park is the largest national park located in North China, which is well-known for the Nine Caves, Twelve Peaks and Seventy Two thatched cottages. The heavenly ladders from the mountains shall lead us to the breath-taking view at the peak. The highest peak is 860 metres above sea level. Other than mountain exploration, there are seventy-two ancient religious temples scattered around the mountains, depicting the cultural and architectural brilliance of people who ruled Beijing in the past. The entire park covers about 3.293 million square metres, and 95% of the park is forest. It is a treasure of different plant life, consisting of 89 families, about 300 different types of pine trees, lush meadows, and fruit garden.

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How to reach Shangfang National Forest Park, Beijing?

Shangfang Mountain Forest Park has excellent road and railway connectivity. Also, the transportation charges are quite affordable, and because of the easy accessibility and low-cost transport facilities, it is an ideal tourist location for budget friendly travel plans. The park is about 72 kilometres distance from Beijing.


If you love traveling by train, then you need to catch Train 7 from Beijing South Station and step down at Gushankou Station. From Gushankou, you can either take a small walk, relax your muscles before trekking over the mountains, or even board a local bus and reach the place in a few minutes of time.


There are quite a few buses that connect the park and Beijing; Bus No. 917 is one among them. Catch it at the Fangshan Bus Station and then transfer to Bus No. 15, which is a minibus, and land directly in front of the National Forest Park.


You can even take the road by driving your car, and it takes about an hour of time to reach the park from the town. Before hitting the road, make sure it's not a public holiday in China, as you already know the traffic happens to be the worst on such occasions.


Beijing Tour operators can help you reach the forest park, by booking local transportation tickets, and even get you the entry pass, which is much needed to enter the park.

TP 201903 CHina 06Things to do at Shangfang National Forest Park

There are many exhilarating things one can do at Shangfang National Forest Park, and in this article, you can find a few 鈥渕ust do鈥 things during your visit to the gorgeous mountain park. The park is open for public every day, starting from 8 AM till 6 PM, and the entry fee is RMB 30 per person.


If you are planning the tour with a Beijing Tour operator, then they can arrange entrance tickets as part of the tour package.

TP 201903 CHina 04Trek around Yunshui Cave

The Yunshui cave, which is also known as the Cloud Water Caves, is a natural wonder located on the Shangfang Mountain. It is one of the best Beijing tourist attractions one should never miss while visiting the Shangfang National Forest Park. If you take a closer look at the rock formations, you can find it representing the past Buddha dynasties and the rich cultural heritage. Carry a camera to capture the stalagmites, stone curtains and the stone pillars. The cave also has a mysteriously hidden pit holding valuable fossils of plants and animals for years.


With the help of experienced Beijing Tour Guides, you can explore the Yunshui cave by trekking or using a cable car service. Hiking to the top of the mountain is a thrilling experience and will give you the adrenaline rush. The Yunshui Cave consists of seven caves. The largest cave is 60 meters tall, and its base spreads over 2000 square metres. Various formation of stalagmite is an exhilarating experience to watch, consisting of many human made structures, like illuminated Buddhas, a replica of Great Wall, bridges, vividly coloured illuminations and cement lily pads other than the natural formations.

TP 201903 CHina 05Take a walk through the Scaled stairs of Doul Temple

There are many temples to explore around Shangfang Mountain Forest Park, and the Doul is one temple that takes leadership of the 72 temples you can find in the forest park. To reach the temple, you have to take the unique stairs, carved out of perpendicular cliffs. It takes only 262 stone steps to reach the temple, and the architectural brilliance of the Ming Dynasty is visible in every segment of the construction.


Ancient trees, like cypress, ginkgo, pine, and pagoda, etc., are spread over the park, besides exotic plants that are facing near extinction. You can find plenty of such plants preserved in this part of the natural forest.


Other than trekking and wandering through the dense forest, you can creatively explore the forest with the help of a Beijing Travel agent, who can meticulously plan your trip and other possible tour options, while visiting Shangfang National Park. Natural charm characterized by the presence of dense forest, including carefully nurtured near extinction trees, ancient temples, stalagmites of different sizes, and many other natural flora and fauna make Shangfang National Park an inevitable tourist spot in China. History and natural beauty play their role hand in glove, laying out a plethora of never ending tourism possibilities.

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