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Theaters and best plays coming soon!

Theaters and best plays coming soon!


TP 201904 Beijing 011. 钂欑壒鍗℃礇鑺暰鑸炲洟銆婄伆濮戝銆


2. 鑰佽垗璇濆墽銆婅タ鏈涢暱瀹夈


3. 浼樼灏忓墽鍦鸿瘽鍓ч個璇峰睍锛氶粍鐩堝伐浣滃鏂板浗鍓с婇粍绮变竴姊︺


4. 鑻卞浗涔﹀眿鍓ч櫌缁忓吀绯诲垪銆婂皬濡囦汉銆



Theaters in Beijing can be as important as any other cultural or touristic place, therefore, if you are planning to stay in the capital for a while, going to one of these amazing plays is a must!


Why Theater?

Theater helps in self-discovery and expression, even as a spectator, it teaches you history and culture right in front of you. According to American Theatre, Beijing has the highest concentration of performances, which sometimes are similar to opera productions in the US. Beijing can register more than 9,000 performances of plays per year. Furthermore, most of these plays appeal to young populations in the city.


What鈥檚 coming soon?


1. Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo Cendrillon

TP 201903 beijing 02Looking for something more classic? You can鈥檛 miss NCPA鈥橲 ballet performance in March. The play has more than 13 artists on stage; moreover, it was choreographed by Jean-Christophe Maillot and music by Sergue茂 Prokofiev. The play is about a prince who marries a girl from a farm without knowing where she was from at first. This ballet performance creates a new Cinderella in an artificial world through choreographic art.

Dates: March 14th 鈥 16th, 2019.
Venue: Opera House NCPA, Beijing
You can book your tickets on NCPA website:


2. Looking West to Chang鈥檃n

TP 201903 beijing 03Looking West to Chang鈥檃n is a comedy written by Lao She and directed by Yuan Jinhong that includes five acts of an absurd tale about the events of 1954 鈥渢he First Political Fraud Case of the New China鈥.


This historical satire will show you irony through at least 13 talented artists on stage. Will you miss it?


Dates: February 28th - March 10th, 2019.
Venue: Multi-functional Theatre NCPA, Beijing

You can book your tickets on NCPA website:


3. A Pipe Dream

TP 201903 beijing 04This play has staged at least 24 times around the world, and it鈥檚 one of the most well-known dramatic plays in Beijing. A pipe dream鈥檚 director, Huang Ying, has been recognized for his traditional art fundamentals on stage, such as using classical and avant-garde elements. A pipe dream is about a farmer who falls asleep on a magic pillow that makes him experience a whole life for a moment.


Dates: March 14th-17th, 2019.
Venue: Multi-functional Theatre of NCPA, Beijing

You can book your tickets on Theatre Beijing website:


4. Little Woman

TP 201903 beijing 05Chapterhouse Theatre Company presents the story of Little Women, which is based on the novel written by Louisa May Alcott. The play tells the story of four sisters helping each other to follow their dreams during the civil war in America.


Dates: March 24th, 2019.
Venue: Rulun Lecture Hall of Renmin University, Beijing

You can book your tickets on Damai:


5. Opera II Un Ballo in Maschera

TP 201903 beijing 06Britain's TNT Theatre returned to Beijing this January, along with its play Romeo and Juliet. Now, the NCPA brings new plays of well-known directors.


Hugo de Ana is the stage director of this adapted story based on the assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden. Lighting design was made by Vinicio Cheli, Sergio Metalli was the Projection Designer and the Choreographer, Marco Pelle.


This dramatic opera tells the story of Amalie, who tries to pursue extramarital love, while dealing with the real high life of the 18th century. Un Ballo in Maschera brings a different view of drama and music content. There are many romantic events and funny farces that make this opera both entertaining and interesting. Moreover, it is known to be one of Verdi鈥檚 finniest masterpieces.


Dates: April 10th-14th, 2019
Venue: Opera House, Beijing

You can book your tickets on NCPA website:

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