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Ways to Increase Concentration

Ways to Increase Concentration

By Frida Clark

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Our ability to concentrate while keeping attention on tasks at hand could be a challenge in this era loaded with information and technology. Endless distractions are the main culprits behind this. When attention is maintained, it facilitates the build-up of our internal world to allow our thoughts, emotions, and motivations most appropriate to our goals, to have precedence in our brains. The capability of sustaining attention starts at a very early age and takes part in promoting success throughout later years.


Many factors during adolescence and childhood can impair or enhance the growth of skills that allow you to concentrate for longer periods of time.


Studies have indicated that farsighted kindergartners and pre-schoolers often find it difficult to pay attention, thereby increasing their chances of performing poor at school. Now, let us look at some of the effective ways to increase concentration.

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Getting frequent 鈥榞reen time鈥

Studies show that exposure to green surroundings may benefit the brain development of children. According to a research, children between the ages of 4 to 7 with more greenery around their homes ended up scoring higher in attention tests. Such results highlight the importance of green expansions in city areas to facilitate students鈥 brain and health development. Though you may not possess a rooftop garden, spending some time having your meals in the park or someplace green could certainly make a big difference in your concentration levels.

TP 201903 education 04Have a break

Daily digital distractions, such as emails, mobile phone notifications and social media, have become unavoidable factors that decrease our ability to concentrate. Taking frequent breaks from these could reduce stress and enhance your attention skills, rendering the ability to focus properly. Though notifications have a short duration, a team had discovered that they trigger mind wandering and irrelevant, unrelated thoughts that destroy your task performances.


Taking a mid-morning break could help replenish your concentration. You could also make use of the break to engage in something that you truly enjoy, given that it provides a restful, calm mind for good recovery and help you learn with focus.

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Train your brain

A recent study has claimed that people often engaged in word puzzles, like crosswords, exhibit better brain activity in later years of their lives. A research has indicated that the type of brain training you are involved with has an impact on your memory and attention. In fact, direct relationships are found between the frequency of word puzzle usage and the accuracy, and the speed of performance on activities that assess attention, memory and reasoning. Sudoku is a Japanese puzzle that requires logic and reasoning. This is a great mental exercise to train your mind for clear focus.


Watch your health

Dietary choices, physical activity and weight are factors that contribute towards your levels of concentration and functioning capacity. For instance, when breakfast is skipped, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to perform well at school by lunchtime, because of hunger pangs. Hence, being conscious of your health, consuming concentration-enhancing food and staying active could help contribute towards increasing your concentration.

TP 201903 education 06Make sure to consume walnuts and avocados, which are great for cognitive functions that improve performances related to attention and focus. Engaging in exercise, sports and yoga are also proven to increase attention levels.

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