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Preparing for a Surfing Safari

Preparing for a Surfing Safari
By Linda Perry

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If you decided to go surfing with your friends, you have to prepare well for getting the most of it. If you are experienced surfer, then you know all the needed things, but if you are a beginner, you should follow our instructions for having the funniest and the most beautiful trip.


Surfing is a serious sports activity, so you can鈥檛 go just with your summer clothes and a little food. Consider the fact that you have to take your surfing equipment and, if it is damaged, keep in mind that you have to replace it with a new one. We created a list of things that you should pay attention to. Follow our instructions and create unforgettable moments together with your company.

TP 201903 global 04Before going to the beach

You have to know that surfing is a very demanding sport, so you have to be in a good shape. Before going to the beach have some training for staying in a good shape. Keep in mind that surfing will not come overnight, so you have to train hard for obtaining results and easily stand on the surfboard. Swimming skills are another required option. We advise you to visit your local pool to relax and prepare your muscles. Consider the fact that, if you want to have a decent level of surfing, you have to take training lessons in a few sessions.


When deciding to go surfing, make sure that you have all the needed surfing gear. You can find many different surfboards, wetsuits, and another gear that is suitable for you. If you are a beginner, you would have a different equipment, so choose wisely.


If you don鈥檛 have enough amount of money, you could save yourself from additional costs. You can find on the internet how to paddle or pop-up, and also lessons for catching waves. Visit some forums if you have specific questions. Remember, the forums are created by experienced surfers. You can find a lot of people who want to share their opinion and their experience, too. When you decide to pay for a good trainer, remember to choose the most reputable one. This way you would be trained alone and you would see if this sports action is for you.

TP 201903 global 07On the beach

When you prepare and take all your gear, try to find a perfect spot for your beginning. Choose small and gentle waves. Find a beach break, because it would be an ideal choice. See if the beach has a patrol, because in this way you will feel safe, if something bad happens. Keep in mind that, as a beginner, you don鈥檛 have to pick a place where there are many experienced surfers and swimmers. You need a calm and empty place. Another thing to consider is checking the weather. There is no point going on surfing if there are no waves.

TP 201903 global 06Summary

The most adventurous roads are the ones that connect the persons with nature. The quality of the vacation depends on the wildlife combined with the magnificent sunrises with the smell of the sea, and these seem to be the best ingredients that everyone owes to their inner self. Preparing for your surfing safari would be a refreshing experience that one will fall in love with the simplicity of a safari holiday.


Here is what a person can do to get in shape before impending overseas surf trip:


- Surf and just surf: The best training for this sport is only the surfing. No matter if it is not the best surf, you should try to get into the water in most of the days.


- Hit the pool: You think that the surf is terrible? There is no excuse; you have to stay in the water. Hit the local pool and get your cardio fitness up.


- Surfercise: If you are not a gym person, you should definitely benefit from a surf workout.


There is no doubt that a person would be super excited if he plans on going on a surf trip. Keep in mind to watch a surf movie before your trip, because soon you will be in the place with perfect waves, where you can practice everything. Enjoy your surfing time by improving yourself each time.

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