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Top 5 Beard Grooming Tips For The Modern Man

Top 5 Beard Grooming Tips For The Modern Man
By Anastasia Chapman

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TP 201903 beauty 03For years, the clean-shaven look ruled every woman鈥檚 heart, until the rough and gritty guy rolled in and changed the game forever for the rest of the brigade. With it came the beard invasion and, honestly, there's never been a better time than the 21st century for modern men to rock the hot facial stubble look!


No, we are not talking about shabby, 'hung-over-for-eternity' facial fuzz that makes a guy looks more like a homeless person. But stylish beards that are reigning the pyramid for male rites of passage.


The journey of growing and maintaining a stylish beard is not easy. It is the product of immense patience and thorough grooming. If you have just grown the beard of your dreams paired with a great-looking moustache, here's the reality, caring for the fuzz is going to need a whole new level of dedication and determination from your end.


You can say, it鈥檚 like owning a swanky car, once you have it, you can鈥檛 neglect it or go on for days without washing it, or leave it looking like an absolute wreck! Would you? No, right! So whether you want to sprout a little stubble or up your beard game with eclectic styles, here's everything you need to know to keep your facial fuzz in check.

TP 201903 beauty 04Be Patient and Let Your Beard Grow

The key mantra to having a truly epic beard is to keep calm and let it grow on its own. Resist the urge to style or trim it, at least for around 4-6 weeks, and also steer clear of snipping at any odd growing hair. Give it time to grow evenly, and then pick a style that suits your beard鈥檚 thickness, length and the shape of your face.

TP 201903 beauty 05Cleaning your Beard

Growing and having an awesome beard revolves around properly taking care of it. This is important, especially in the early stages of growth. You don鈥檛 need to wash your beard every single day, as that might dry out your facial hair. But two to three times a week beard cleaning routine is recommended, depending on your body chemistry and how active you are. As beard hair has a unique structure with a coarser texture than rest of your body hair, you would want to use products specially designed to keep those facial fuzz healthy and clean. Keep your whiskers clean to eliminate dead skin cells, trapped food that can exacerbate itchiness, and ensure the skin underneath is clean and hydrated, so that you don鈥檛 end up having beard dandruff. Cleansers by Dove and Neutrimetics effectively clean the beard without leaving the skin dry and scaly. Scrubbing two to three times a week with a specialised exfoliator is also necessary.

TP 201903 beauty 06Invest in Beard Care Products

Want to have a statement beard? Loosen up your pockets lad and invest in some beard care products! Nothing tames and grooms facial hair like regular use of beard oils, balms and waxes. You can care for your beard throughout the day with these products. There are many varieties to choose from in a range of fragrances that are sure to appeal your machismo. The right application of a beard oil, balm or wax made from natural ingredients can effectively turn those wild and unruly facial fuzz into soft, smooth and radiant whiskers.

TP 201903 beauty 07Train your Beard

If you think regular trims are enough to keep your beard in line, here's the reality! Although pruning helps in maintaining a certain beard style and shape, you need to follow a daily smoothing technique using the right kind of beard tools. While a daily rubdown with a high-quality beard brush or comb will help in wrangling out stubborn hair knots, it will also train your beard to grow in a downward direction. You can even up the ante with a soft-hold styling brush to get that extra sculpting power to tame any wild flyaway. Select a fine tooth comb to do the job here, keeping it slick and simple!

TP 201903 beauty 08Don鈥檛 Forget the Moustache

Well, this is a no-brainer, an epic beard is not going to look good without a well-grown moustache! To keep the ensemble looking neat and stylish, trim the area under your nose with grooming scissors, while giving it a naturally sculpted look with a medium-hold wax, like Beardbrand Moustache Wax.

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