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Cut to the Chase

Cut to the Chase
By Caroline Lane

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褰撴湁浜鸿璇濆お涔呰屼綘甯屾湜浠栦滑鐩村垏涓婚鏃讹紝浼氫娇鐢ㄢ滃紑闂ㄨ灞扁濊繖涓鐭銆傝纭繚鍙閭d簺涓庝綘鐩稿悓鎴栬緝浣庡湴浣嶇殑浜轰娇鐢ㄨ繖鍙ヨ瘽 - 瀵逛綘鐨勮佹澘鎴栨暀鎺堣繖鏍疯鍙兘浼氳浣犻櫡鍏ュ洶澧冦傚彧璋堥噸瑕佺殑鍐呭锛屽苟蹇界暐涓浜涚粏鑺傘

TP 201902 slang 02

Every Monday is a meeting day at Tony鈥檚 accounting firm. This Monday, the agenda was long and each manager was only given five minutes to report how their team was doing. No one had extra time for a longer meeting; the longer it dragged for, the more work would be waiting. That became a big problem when it was Tony鈥檚 turn to speak. Known by everyone to be a verbose and windy guy, Tony simply cannot stop speaking once he starts. And this Monday wasn鈥檛 an exception. Tony knew that he only had five minutes to speak, but for some reason he thought that everyone was enjoying his talk, so he went on and on, making jokes that no one laughed at and used difficult vocabulary as he talked.


As the clock passed the seven-minute mark, Tony鈥檚 boss couldn鈥檛 stand it anymore so he interrupted and said, 鈥淭ony, you gotta cut to the chase, we ain鈥檛 got all day here.鈥


Tony was slightly confused, because he thought he had been saying important things the whole time. He tried to hurry up a bit and get to the main part of his report, with his brain telling him to 鈥渃ut to the chase鈥 every five seconds.


Eventually, Tony鈥檚 talk finished at the 15-minute mark. He talked three times longer than anyone else did in the meeting. Everyone looked slightly annoyed and the meeting didn鈥檛 end on time, but Tony tried his best to 鈥渃ut to the chase.鈥


The phrase 鈥渃ut to the chase鈥 is used when someone is talking for too long and you want them to get to the point. Make sure to only use this phrase to people of the same or lower status than you - saying this to your boss or professor could get you in trouble. Another way to say this is 鈥淚 am going to cut to the chase鈥, when you are not given a lot of time to talk and so you鈥檙e going to leave out unimportant details. Some Chinese phrases that have similar meanings are 涓嶇粫鍦堝瓙 b霉 r脿o qu膩n z菒锛屽紑闂ㄨ灞 k膩i m茅n ji脿n sh膩n锛屽崟鍒鐩村叆 d膩n d膩o zh铆 r霉.

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