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How to Excel At Math?

How to Excel At Math?
By Nina Mitchell

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Math is one of the trickiest and most interesting subjects of a class. Some find it tough, while the others take it as a fun. Why is it so? If the subject is not your skill and you are struggling and finding hard to cope with it, then you should read this one.

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Pay attention
Math is all about formulas, equations, and methods adopted to solve a particular problem. Memorize all the formulas and follow the given strategy to solve the equations. Learn how and where to apply the formulas to solve the problems, doing this you shall easily cope up with the subject.

TP 201902 education 04Ask for help
If you are not able to understand the concept being taught in class, stand up and ask for help again and again, till you get clear with it. If it is still not clear in class, ask for help from your elders or from your tuition or coaching teacher. Don鈥檛 jump to the next, because ignoring it and staying quiet can make the problem many times bigger in future.

TP 201902 education 05Work hard
Of course, working hard is the greatest requirement to excel in the subject. Hard working students always do their work and assessments easily, and also get better grades in comparison to those who do not work hard.

TP 201902 education 06Focus on the areas that you find tough
Do not focus on what you already know, focus on those areas that you find difficult to solve. Practice the tough ones many times, make sure that you do it daily so that it becomes you routine, because practicing does not allow you to forget things easily.

TP 201902 education 08Work on examples
Don鈥檛 skip examples, practice them thoroughly. Take on additional examples and try to construct more out of them, it helps to discover new relationships between math objects.

TP 201902 education 07Enjoy working with math

Do not take the subject as a burden, enjoy every part of it, as you do more you鈥檒l become better and this will force you to do more with excellence.

TP 201902 education 09Preview
Before attending the class, go through the section that your teacher is going to teach you in the class. This will help in better understanding and shall also help to frame good queries.


Be organized
Keep yourself organized, try to do quality work, take initiative to solve problems in front of your teacher/instructor as this will help you to gain confidence.

TP 201902 education 10Work on your homework yourself
Do not skip your home assessments, try solving them and on your own. This will help you to be clearer with the subject.


Believe in yourself
Do not lose confidence because this might make you weaker in the subject. Make good friends, this shall boost your confidence and help you excel in the subject too.


Math is not a subject to fear with, it鈥檚 all about practice, hard work, and attention.

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