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To Look Like A Million Dollars

To Look Like A Million Dollars
By Caroline Lane

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For the past couple of weeks, Sarah had been going shopping with her mother to look for a suitable dress for her school prom. They had probably walked around more than twenty stores before something caught Sarah鈥檚 eyes. It was a purple silky maxi dress that fitted Sarah perfectly and showed off the shape of her body. Sarah took a long time and put a lot of thought into the dress, because she really wanted to impress her date, Brian.


Sarah and Brian have been good friends for a few years, and while it looks like the two have romantic feelings for each other, no one has said anything yet. The prom seemed like a perfect chance for Sarah to impress Brian, who may ask her out then.


On the day of the prom, Sarah spent three hours with makeup and hairstyle professionals to make sure that she looked absolutely flawless. Finally, at 6 p.m., Brian came to Sarah鈥檚 house to pick her up. Sarah鈥檚 mom answered the door, and when Sarah came out to the door, Brian鈥檚 jaw dropped and his eyes wide open, 鈥淪arah! My goodness, you look like a million dollars. I鈥檓 the luckiest guy tonight!鈥


Obviously, this comment made Sarah blush a lot. The two set off and made their way to the prom. Perhaps not a necessary detail, but later on during the night, Brian did ask Sarah if she would like to be his girlfriend. The effort paid off--after so long!


Right, Sarah鈥檚 dress was amazing, but it certainly didn鈥檛 cost a million dollars. Though, imagine how attractive a million dollars would look to most people, and that鈥檚 exactly how attractive Sarah looked to Brian on prom night. This idiom is mostly used to compliment females, but who doesn鈥檛 like being complimented as a million dollars?

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