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How the Right Time and Place Affect Your Study?

How the Right Time and Place Affect Your Study?
By Nina Mitchell

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A lot of students complain that they find it a bit difficult to grasp new concepts. Well, undoubtedly, we all learn at our own speeds. But what could not be ignored is the fact that the right place and various other external factors play an important role in learning and retaining information.


Let鈥檚 understand it better in this section.



Various students listen to music while reading, writing and learning. So, will music help you in studying? Well, the answer varies from individual to individual.


Recent research revealed that studying with headphones interferes with your ability to learn and retain the information. However, background music can actually prove to be beneficial.

It should only be loud enough to cancel the background chaotic noises, so that you can study properly.

TP 201901 education 02Lighting

Studying in improper lighting is difficult. Dim or harsh artificial lights will not only harm your eyes, but will also make it almost impossible for you to focus.


A tube light that goes on and off is annoying, and it is equally frustrating when someone blocks your light while you are studying. Thus, to have a great study session, make sure that you study in an area with proper lighting.


Avoid studying in the balcony when the sun is about to set. It is highly recommended to study in full-spectrum fluorescent lights to be able to study without getting distracted. However, if it is midday and bright outside, studying in natural light or beside a large window is recommended.

TP 201901 education 03Getting too comfortable

The ideal solution here is to keep a check on how you feel. If you are feeling a bit sleepy, avoid sitting on that overstuffed couch, and study on your study table instead.


Look for a spot which is comfortable, but not too comfortable. Further, take a walk every few minutes to refresh yourself.

TP 201901 education 04Study Spaces
Even the layout and physical arrangement of your room can govern your study effectiveness. A crowded room with a cluttered desk, a pile of clothes, and something like that is definitely not a perfect environment to learn.


It is highly recommended to keep your study space well-organized and clean.

TP 201901 education 05Time

For decades, scientists and researchers have agreed that the ability to retain information is connected to the time of the day.


Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the best time to study is also influenced by your individual preferences.


Being a morning person has its own perks. You get to study in the natural sunlight, which provides the right spectrum of light to maintain optimal eyesight and also helps you in focusing better without tiring your eyes.


Further, since you have woken up fresh from the last night鈥檚 sound sleep, you are better positioned to retain information.


But this doesn鈥檛 mean that night owls are at a loss here. Studying at night comes with its own set of advantages as well. The most obvious advantage is the peace and quiet that nighttime has to offer. Since your family members are sleeping, there is minor disturbance around.

TP 201901 education 06Morning
8 am - 12 pm is the best time of the day for problem-solving and math-oriented work. Thus, you can choose to study Math and solve Physics and Chemistry numerical during this time of the day.


12 pm to 2 pm, if you are a night person, you can choose to take rest and nap during this time. Or else, you can focus on doing mock tests and other light errands.


2 pm - night is the best time for reading chemistry, learning equations, formula and other theoretical concepts.


Depending on whether you are a morning person or a night owl, you can introduce a 2-3 hour variance based on your bandwidth.

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