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School of Athens Painting by Raphael

School of Athens Painting by Raphael

TP 201901 art 02銆婇泤鍏稿闄€嬫槸鎰忓ぇ鍒╃敾瀹舵媺鏂愬皵鈥㈡瑗夸簬1510锝1511骞村垱浣滅殑涓骞呭鐢讳綔鍝併傜幇鏀惰棌浜庢剰澶у埄姊佃拏鍐堝崥鐗╅銆傝鐢讳互鍙ゅ笇鑵婂摬瀛﹀鏌忔媺鍥句妇鍔為泤鍏稿闄箣閫镐簨涓洪鏉愶紝浠ユ瀬涓哄吋瀹瑰苟钃勩佽嚜鐢卞紑鏀剧殑鎬濇兂锛屾墦鐮存椂绌虹晫闄愶紝鎶婁唬琛ㄧ潃鍝插銆佹暟瀛︺侀煶涔愩佸ぉ鏂囩瓑涓嶅悓瀛︾棰嗗煙鐨勬枃鍖栧悕浜轰細鑱氫竴鍫傦紝浠ュ洖蹇嗗巻鍙蹭笂榛勯噾鏃朵唬鐨勫舰寮忥紝瀵勬墭浜嗕綔鑰呭缇庡ソ鏈潵鐨勫悜寰锛岃〃杈句簡瀵逛汉绫讳腑杩芥眰鏅烘収鍜岀湡鐞嗚呯殑闆嗕腑璧炴壃銆


濡傛灉鎴戜滑鎯冲埌鏌忔媺鍥惧拰浜氶噷澹寰凤紝涓夊ぇ鍝插瀹朵腑鏈浼熷ぇ鐨勫叾涓袱浣嶏紝璇疯浣忚繕鏈夎嫃鏍兼媺搴曘備粬浠瘡涓汉閮芥暀鑲蹭簡鍙︿竴涓汉銆傛煆鎷夊浘鏄嫃鏍兼媺搴曠殑瀛︾敓,涔熸槸浜氶噷澹寰风殑鑰佸笀銆傜幇鍦紝濡傛灉鎴戜滑鎯宠瀵规瘮鏌忔媺鍥惧拰浜氶噷澹寰凤紝閭e氨鍍忕湅鎷夋枑灏旂殑缁忓吀浣滃搧鈥滈泤鍏稿娲锯濅竴鏍风畝鍗曪紝杩欐槸鏈缇庝附鐨勮壓鏈箣涓銆 灏卞摬瀛﹁岃█锛屾垜浠湪缁樼敾鐨勪腑鐪嬪埌鏌忔媺鍥惧拰浠栫殑瀛︾敓浜氶噷澹寰蜂竴璧锋暎姝ワ紝浠栨鎸囧悜涓婃柟銆傛煆鎷夊浘鏄悊鎯充富涔夎咃紝杩欑鍚堜粬鐨勬墍鏈夊摬瀛︺


鈥淭he School of Athens鈥 is one of the most famous frescoes by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael. The painting illustrates the greatest philosophers ever. It was painted between 1509 and 1511, as a part of Raphael's commission to decorate the rooms, now known as the Stanze di Raffaello, in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican.

TP 201901 art 07

Room of the Segnatura


The Stanza della Segnatura was the first of the rooms to be decorated, and 鈥淭he School of Athens鈥, representing Philosophy, was probably the second painting to be finished there after 鈥淟a Disputa鈥 (Theology).


So, if we were thinking about Plato and Aristotle, two of the biggest three philosophers, keep in mind we鈥檝e got Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Each one of them taught the other. Plato was Socrates鈥 student, but never said he was his teacher. Aristotle was Plato鈥檚 student. Now if we want to contrast Plato and Aristotle, it is just as easy as looking at Raphael鈥檚 classic painting 鈥楾he school of Athens鈥, which was one of the most beautiful arts produced. As far as philosophy goes, we see in the middle of the painting Plato walking with his student Aristotle and he is pointing up. Plato is the idealist and that goes in all of his philosophies. The only thing real to Plato was an Idea.

TP 201901 art 08

We notice Plato pointing up and Aristotle is putting his hand over the ground. Aristotle is a realist, while Plato is an idealist. It seems in the painting that Aristotle is saying, 鈥淲ait a minute鈥, which means the only real thing to him is something real and that this physical world we live in is a real place. Aristotle鈥檚 realism was a rejection of Plato鈥檚 idealism. Plato produced the republic, and Aristotle produced the politics.


From the painting we can see Plato holding his book 鈥淭he Timeous鈥, pointing up to show his ideal forms and that mankind should focus intellectual energy on things which can be comprehensible by the human mind. A triangle built in the physical world cannot be perfect and it is destined to crumble. The idea triangle is however has property patterns true as for the Egyptian as us. This is why the entrance of Plato鈥檚 school academy had the warning 鈥渓et none ignorant of geometry enter here鈥.


Aristotle is seen holding his book 鈥淭he ethics鈥 pointing towards the earth. Aristotle was more concerned on the real physical world and ability to categorize huge amounts of information which can be easily understood.

TP 201901 art 09These two enter a room with many philosophers from many time periods. Most of these philosophers were mathematicians. We can see Pythagoras and Euclid who wrote one of the greatest text books on geometry ever. There is a picture of a woman, Alexandria, who died in 15 C. One of the most interesting things in this painting which Raphael had used is that in real model of Plato isn鈥檛 just him, but also Leonardo da Vinci.


In the painting we notice that they are wearing different colors according to their division. Plato is wearing red referring to fire, and purple referring to 鈥榯he ether鈥 meaning air, neither of which have weight. Aristotle is seen wearing brown which refers to earth and blue as water.

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