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To Twist Someone鈥檚 Arm

To Twist Someone鈥檚 Arm
By Caroline Lane

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For the past few months, Roger has been extremely busy at work. Perhaps not surprising as he is an investment banker, but Roger is feeling quite burnt out from long hours of work. One day, he got an invite to a gathering to be held next week but he is ambivalent about whether or not he should go. The event is going to be held next Thursday night, and Roger has got to attend multiple meetings next Friday, on top of a couple of projects that have Friday as a deadline. Thursday night, naturally, is when Roger should be working the hardest in the office alongside his coworkers. No one is supposed to go out and have fun that night.


However, the gathering holds a very important meaning for Roger. It鈥檚 a bachelor鈥檚 party for one of his college fraternity brothers and more than ten brothers are going to fly from various states to celebrate this occasion. Roger, living right in the same city with the bachelor, has no excuse to skip it. He is really on the fence about whether or not to go: Is work more important, or a once in a lifetime occasion for one of his brothers?


While he was debating in his head, he got a call from a fraternity brother, 鈥淗ey Roger, you coming to the party next week, right? I鈥檝e got your name down already.鈥 Roger鈥檚 best friend, Charlie, said on the phone.


鈥淐harlie, I鈥檓 really on the fence. I鈥檇 love to go to Sam鈥檚 party but I鈥檇 probably be fired if I left the company tonight,鈥 Roger disappointingly said.


鈥淐ome on mate, your brother is getting married! And all of us are going to be there. How many years has it been since we last had a gathering like this? I鈥檓 going to drag you from your company no matter what. Your coworkers can blame me for your absence,鈥 Charlie replied.


鈥淵ou鈥檙e just as persistent as you have always been, Char. Alright, you鈥檝e twisted my arm. I鈥檒l be there, but probably can鈥檛 stay past midnight!鈥


Of course, Charlie didn鈥檛 physically twist Roger鈥檚 arm, but he successfully convinced Roger to come to the party, which Roger was originally reluctant to attend. Next time you get convinced to do something that you didn鈥檛 want to do in the beginning, make sure to say that your arm鈥檚 been twisted!

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