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Tiny dining space? Follow these tips to make the most of your space!

Tiny dining space?
Follow these tips to make the most of your space!

By Anastasia Chapman

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How to make the most of your tiny dining space Cover Pic

Matchbox homeowners know the pain of living in tiny, cramped spaces! More so is the pain of having a compact dining area. For many small-space dwellers, having a dedicated dining room is more than just a dream. It is desirable to have a spacious dining zone-especially for families that don't get much time to spend during the daytime with each other. And what better way to bond with family than dinnertime! A well-crafted dining area not just allow people to enjoy their meals but also helps in reconnecting with family members.


However, don't let the compactness of your dining space bug you down from creating your dream scheme. Even the tiniest of dining spaces can be transformed into the most fun and practical eating corners. With a little creativity, there are still loads of potential of your small dining room, and there are lots of things you can do to turn each of your meal times the best part of the day. From cute bistro setups, breakfast nooks to eat-in kitchens to multifunctional areas here's how to make the most of tiny dining spaces for maximum style and use.

How to make the most of your tiny dining space Pic 1

Invest in Functional Furniture

If you have a cramped dining area, investing in some quality yet, functional furniture will mean you can have your dining table ready in minutes as and when required. For instance, a multi-purpose foldable table is ideal whether you are hosting full-fledged dinner parties at home, having a quiet dinner with family or just looking for a setup for two. Such furniture could also be made smaller to save space when not needed and doubled up as a working desk in smaller homes. Similarly, stackable dining chairs are also great additions for smaller dining spaces.

How to make the most of your tiny dining space Pic 2

Unify your Dining Room with the Surrounding Spaces


If you can鈥檛 expand your dining room, unify it with the rest of your interior. Tie it in with the surrounding spaces by incorporating similar design themes throughout, and instead of compartmentalizing and treating it as just a place to sit and dine, turn it into a multipurpose space. Small houses where a formal dining room may seem like a utopia, smart arrangements like a pass-through dining area or a dual-purpose dining room are great ways to maximize dining options within a space-challenged home. Use backless and armless benches that can be conveniently tucked under a table when not in use. Such flexibility is apt for every dining situation, and it saves on valuable floor space too!

How to make the most of your tiny dining space Pic 3

Carve out a Cozy Corner in your Kitchen

No space for separate dining area? No problem, even if you don鈥檛 have a dedicated dining space in your house, you can still create a cozy corner to sit and eat in your kitchen. Mark the area with a rug to define the eating space. Be creative with the furniture, a suspended shelf or a table coupled with high-bar stools can be doubled up as a cozy kitchen eat-in or a breakfast bar.

How to make the most of your tiny dining space Pic 4

Anchor your Tiny Dining Room with Art Pieces

Don鈥檛 let a small dining room limit your creativity of decorating it! Utilize every inch of it to add character to the eating zone. A great concept to spruce up an open-plan abode is to incorporate statement paintings, photographs or vintage art pieces to anchor your small dining area. Designing the cramped space will not only define it as a dedicated eating zone, but it will also add visual interest and cohesion to the look of the room.

How to make the most of your tiny dining space Pic 5

Mix Up the Seating

If your teeny-weeny dining room isn鈥檛 leaving you enough space for your daily legwork, get the seating out in the living room and mix it up with the couch to make things work more practically for you and your family. A lot of people hate chowing down on the sofa, but when space is tight and cluttered, it is a big no-no. This is the best hybrid solution; move the couch by the window side, place a large table, add a couple of chairs to lend a relaxed yet refined feel. To make the arrangement even more special, hang an oversized metal or rattan pendant light above, making it a practical yet chic choice for smaller families and couples.

How to make the most of your tiny dining space Pic 6

Utilize Tight Corners with Bistro-like Seating

Is your dining corner too small to place your large dining table? No worries, swap your large table for a small, round table to get a bistro style seating. It鈥檚 common to not have a dedicated dining room in smaller homes or studio apartments. However, limited spaces can be easily transformed into something quirky or out-of-the-box with a little creativity. Create your very own bistro-like seating against one corner of the dining room and tuck chairs under the table when not in use. Enliven the corner by adding some punchy artwork, or furniture or top the walls with fresh plants, flowers, and other home accents.

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