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Which Type of Skirt Suits Me?

Styling Skirt Types
Which Type of Skirt Suits Me?
By Barbara Ross

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It鈥檚 the era of inclusivity and we have all learned one important lesson from the fashion influencers of the world - there is no such thing as an 鈥渁ppropriate female figure鈥. Every single woman has a unique body size and shape and they are all beautiful in their own way. Gone are the days when women were required to have a certain shape or size in order to be accepted in society. Now women can wear pretty much anything they want and they will be complimented nevertheless.


Considering the diversity in terms of body sizes and shapes, there are just as many clothing silhouettes as well. Whether it is a skirt or a dress, there are a hundred silhouettes to suit everyone and look beautiful in.


You can render any look flattering if you pair the outfits well.


That being said, skirts are very feminine and popular outfits that most women love wearing. It is when you try to follow a certain celebrity style that you realize it doesn鈥檛 look as good on you as it does on the celebrity.


Not to worry; all you need to do is choose a silhouette that enhances your beautiful body shape.


Here is the ultimate guide to styling skirts for different body types.

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Since you鈥檙e blessed with a slim and cute figure, you have the advantage of having slim and slender legs and a slim waist which you can totally show off. Hence, you are best off wearing cute short mini and micro miniskirts that will help you flaunt your legs and make them look longer. Wear them with tank tops or button down shirts or anything you like. And feel free to experiment with the fabric and the prints as well.

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Apple Shape

If you have a fairly slimmer lower body with a slightly heavy midsection then you鈥檙e probably an apple shape. Your best feature is your waist and you want to accentuate it along with your slender legs. Hence, high-waist, short and flouncy or flowing skirts are what you should be wearing. The skirt will embrace you at the slimmest part of your upper body and also expose your slim legs, making you appear more proportionate. Additionally, plaids and checks are prints that will help hide your midsection, as they create an illusionary effect.

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Tall and Lean

Your lean frame is definitely your best feature and you want to flaunt that. Hence, maxi skirts are your best friends. Long, lacy boho skirts can make you look like an angel. High slits on skirts are even better for a sexy look. You can also go for formal gore skirts and pleated skirts for a more dressed-up look.


You can also wear asymmetrical flowing skirts in case you don鈥檛 want the focus to be on your height.

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Hourglass Shape

If you own the quintessential hourglass shape, then you can wear pencil skirts and midi skirts that perfectly hug your curvy figure. It also smoothens out the thighs and highlights your shape like no other silhouette.

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Pear Shape

If your hips are the widest part of your body with all other parts being slimmer, then you have a pear shape. A-line skirts are your best bet as they help accentuate the smallest point of your waist and flare out below the waistline without hugging your thighs or legs. This will perfectly hide the heavy part of your hips and give the appearance of a smaller bottom portion.


Follow this simple guide to pick the most flattering skirt type and you can make any look work for you.

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