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Bansky and the Art of Graffiti

Bansky and the Art of Graffiti
By Fanny Bates

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First graffiti were found on Egyptian monuments and on walls on Pompeii. Graffiti are usually associated with drawings, patterns and scribbles which are connected with slogans, slurs or political statements. To draw graffiti on a private or public property is usually regarded as being vandalism. However, there is one artist in Great Britain who does that and manages to keep his identity secret, namely famous graffiti artist Bansky.

In 2005 he got in and out of New York Metropolitan Museum hanging on a wall You have beautiful eyes a nineteenth century kind of painting depicting a woman wearing a ga

In 2005 he got in and out of New York Metropolitan Museum hanging on a wall.


The story about him is almost like a myth. It is believed that Bansky is a native of Yate, born in 1974. However, this is only an assumption. All we know is that his works are magnificent and are known to the whole world. Time magazine even wrote that he is one of 100 most influential people in the world. His works are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, he has left his artwork in cities from Vienna to San Francisco, Barcelona to Paris and Detroit. So why is Bansky so special? Why do people admire his works so greatly? Could it be that the entire story about his unknown identity is the most popular thing about him? Or his works are more important than he is himself?

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As a teenager, Bansky began doing graffiti in his home town, Bristol, as part of the DryBreadZ Crew. Under the influence of Blek le Rat he started painting with stencils, abandoning the usual technique of spray painting. He developed the anti-establishment views he grew up with in Bristol. Inspired with a new visual style, Banksy pursued more political targets with his work. He took his art outside the walls of galleries and replaced it on the walls of abandoned houses and tunnels, making them available to all people.

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Works of Bansky are based on arguments against mass media establishment. His works are not something that is "d茅j脿 vu", in fact, his works are commentaries that are inside of every human head. It is just that we all are afraid to say some things out loud. Some of his most famous works are THE SON OF A MIGRANT FROM SYRIA ( depicts Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs as the son of a Syrian migrant to the United States, emphasizing the satirical situation about migrants), MOBILE LOVERS (highlights the disconnection between lovers using mobile devices), THE MILD MILD WEST (depicts a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail at three riot police, showing the true face of the US), BOMB HUGGER (depicts a young girl, with a ponytail and a skirt, hugging a military bomb, emphasizing the true nature of war) etc. One of his most famous works, THE FLOWER THROWER, where he depicts a young man involved in a riot, throwing a bunch of flowers, is printed on T-shirts around the globe.

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Bansky sold great number of his works to Hollywood celebrities for over half a million dollars for a piece. He is all about breaking rules. He has managed to break into museums in United Kingdom and one in United States. After entering the museums, he added his works on walls of these major museums. The picture remained unnoticed for a few days but then was set as a piece of permanent collection.

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Bansky 's work is not just about politics. He has something to say even when it comes to music and celebrities. He once replaced five hundred of Paris Hilton CDs' with his own remix and her cover was replaced by his pictures. It is amazing that no one who has bought this CD returned it.

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Unfortunately some of Banksy麓s works were stolen or they just disappeared. However, most of his art can be found online. His art is now available all around the globe. He himself has become some kind of a brand for all graffiti writers. Undoubtly, the mischievous, anonymous outsider who paints beautiful, realistic pictures became an inevitable part of Britain's art scene.

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